MormonBoyz – Elder Stewart – Disciplinary Action

All young mormon men who enter into the true order of the priesthood are subjected to corporal punishment to atone for any past transgressions that are not in line with the standards of the order. This is also called, “Mandated Disciplinary Action.” By the time a young Mormon man is old enough to be a missionary, even the purest of them has committed more transgressions than he can possibly remember. Every lustful thought, every lingering glance at a naked guy in the locker room, every sexual fantasy is considered a “sin.”
And then on top of the evil thoughts, there are all the sinful acts: every time he masturbates, every time he looks at porn, and (for many, if not all Mormon missionaries) every covert sexual encounter with another boy. These are acts so sinful that they must be confessed to a priesthood authority before a boy can serve a mission. And it is up to the discretion of that particular priesthood leader how to proceed…
Please Note: Mormon Boyz is a Fantasy site featuring fictional Daddy/Son Sex scenarios.