Newbie Calms Boxer With A Pert, Tight Ass To Cream!

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Vitali Kutcher is angry, at some guy who’s fucked his boyfriend behind his back, in the start of this boxing-inspired escapade with new boy, Pyotr Valentine. However, the newbie calms him down by diving down onto Kutcher’s stiff dick, before the roles are reversed and Kutcher gets his first taste of the new boy’s meat.
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Kutcher then bundles his mate onto his back so that he can rim that fresh, tight ass; before forcing his meaty shaft up inside, with Valentine’s legs still restrained by his jeans.
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It’s not long before every stitch of clothing is finally removed; marking the start of a stupendous rout of hardcore fucking, which culminates with Valentine spewing mid-fuck cowboy-style, prior to Kutcher coating the new boy’s butt with an ass-load of spunk!

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