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Eurocreme – The Sins of The Father and His Choirboy

11 Eurocreme - The Sins of The Father and His Choirboy

Called to the Deacon’s office, the church itself takes on a darker atmosphere, and the office itself seems to call out to darkness. Danny is there on his knees, but not in prayer, a worship of another kind.. With the Deacon Dolan standing over him, the man’s dick is clearly seen in the boys mouth and we all know what’s going on here. Bearded Dolan is taking full control of Danny, giving him the lead means getting something back, and Danny’s irresistible ass is just that. Pulling the lad up onto his desk and holding his legs apart, exposing that hot pink hole for his pleasure, Dolan pushes into it with his throbbing cock, desperate for more action from his boy. Danny, with a face of pleasure once more, he knows what’s happening and what he’s getting out of it, loving every moment and feeling in total control. As they move to the sofa, Dolan’s muscled body is given to us and to Danny, as they fuck harder, Danny’s body tensing perfectly against his masters dick as it plunges inside him. They both shoot, Danny first and then Dolan, leaving his boy coated in his trust, and the deal that’s been made!

FrenchTwinks – Four 18 year old cocks for Yoan

Five adorable 18 year old twinks, Baptiste, Anthony, Jérémy, Vincent and Yoan, are having breakfast at their campsite. The boys joke about the greedy way Yoan eats his banana. Anthony then makes sexual allusions towards Yoan and throws jam on him, and he leaves offended. Anthony tries to catch up with him and puts him on his knees, inviting him to suck. Yoan accepts and the other three boys, watching the the blowjob, begin jacking themselves off.
Yoan delights at being the center of this outdoor bukakke event and sucks each of the four boys’ beautiful cocks with passion. The blond passes from one dick to another taking each one in deep while being impatient to get the loads of the four boys on his face. Vincent, Anthony, Jeremy and Baptiste fuck Yoan’s mouth more and more vigorously until they all cum almost simultaneously, giving him a full cum facial.
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VideoBoys – Domination and Submission Twink-Style


For a pair of uber-twinks, Zac Wilder and Etienne Kidd have an unusual relationship to say the least. They met at some sort of fetish event that involved costumes, a lot of drinking and Zac getting his genitals slapped. Keep in mind that Zac likes a bit of abuse in his sex if it’s done with respect. And Etienne takes real pleasure in dishing it out. In fact, despite his shorter stature, Etienne takes to dominating Zac quite naturally. And the fact that he has a “monster dick” really seals the deal as to who’s on top.
Etienne starts off with a few slaps, some hair pulling and both boys are on their way to the kind of sexual experience that they love. Every time Etienne pushes his big dick a bit too far or a bit too fast into Zac’s eager little hole, Zac shrieks with pleasure/pain and Etienne smiles in the knowledge that he’s making that happen. Finally it’s Etienne’s long, hard strokes and his intermittent facial slaps that give Zac the explosive orgasm he really needed. Etienne follows right after and can’t resist rubbing it in, literally.
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Caught In The Act – hx108 – scene27



Bastian finds Max watching some porn on his phone and decides to watch with him. The sexy boys get so turned on by the video that their tight pants can’t contain their swelling boners anymore. Soon Bastian is going down on Max and sucking his big hard cock down his throat, as Max moans and groans with pleasure.

Enigmatic Boys – Anton 2


Cute boy Anton posing nude and climbing all over that couch of his. I sure wish he’d let me climb on him…I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be long until I had him ‘climbing the walls’!
Enigmatic Boys: Handsome, beautiful, barely legal teen boys (18 to 22 y.o.) from Europe and the Mediterranean in high quality photos and videos.

Neighborhood Watch – hx111 scene61



As many fans of Helix Studios can most likely agree, privacy is something that is very important. Laying in bed like young Blake Mitchell, eyes closed, biting your lip, fist full of massive, engorged & uncut flesh-pipe and tugging away. If only all peeping toms looked, felt and tasted like the little prince Greco Rai. (more…)