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Eurocreme – 3-Way With A Straight Boy

14 Eurocreme - 3-Way With A Straight Boy


Bailey sneaks out, away from his boyfriend and jumps down to meet up with two of his fuck buddies from work. Dying to get serviced, all three are at it from the very beginning, stripping naked and getting Jordan bent double. Bailey shoves his already solid meat into his mouth as Justin kneels to taste that peachy smooth ass, licking his tight young hole and getting it ready to be stretched out by his thick throbbing cock. (more…)

FrenchTwinks – Camping Twinks tent fucking

Anthony Sollis and Jeremy Martin, two little twinks aged 18, are lost in the forest, thirsty and tired. They are surprised by Vincent who is about to piss from the top of the hill nearly spraying them! Vincent appears as their savior and invites them to follow him to the campsite where they meet up with Vincent’s mates Baptist and Yoan.
Jeremy and Anthony, acting totally exhausted, put up their tent and go to bed. Under the cover of night, the two youths start kissing and caressing in the tent, licking each others nipples, kissing deeply, and wanking each other. Jeremy starts sucking Anthony while continuing to masturbate. Anthony now playing with Jeremy’s tight little hole, leads on to some heavy fingering, eating out his ass and fucking with power.
Jeremy groans like a virgin as he gets his bum blasted by Anthony, but Anthony forces his cock deeper and deeper with every thrust. The boys finish up with some facial cum-shots! A sensual scene, passionate and intense between two guys of 18 years.
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Gay Teen Studio – Marat – 3


Sweet Mother Of Fuck, Marat! If this boy was my boy, this ‘Daddy’ would be teaching him a new game ‘Daddy’ just thought up. The game is called ‘Family Food’, and the rules are simple: ‘Daddy’ gets to taste Marat’s dick, eat Marat’s asshole, and swallow Marat’s cum…then its only fair that ‘Daddy’ gets to feed his Baby-Boy some stiff ‘Daddy-Dick’! Best thing about this game? Everybody wins, ’cause everybody cums! (more…)

VideoBoys – Axel Goes All The Way With Dominic


Carpe Diem says the tattoo on Axel Ducharme’s hand. Seize the Day! And that’s exactly what he did. Axel is straight… well, I mean most of his sex is with girls but he’s done some experimenting with guys and seems to be a bit curious. What would you call that? Montreal straight? Well anyway, this scene with Dominic Couture was Axel’s chance to explore a bit more of that gay side and he wasn’t about to let it pass without trying everything he could think of just to know if it felt good.
So they started off with a passionate kissing session, which predictably led them further south. And when Axel popped open Dominic’s pants, Dominic’s hard cock jumped out of the blocks like an olympic sprinter. Some power sucking by both parties really got them in the mood. But it was Axel who would assert his straight-boy, masculine status first by having Dominic sit right down on his rock hard, 8 inch pole. It was obvious Axel has plenty of experience pounding a hole and that Dominic has at least as much experience taking it.
But after a few minutes of proving he was alfa male, Axel heeded the call of Carpe Diem and decided it was now or never to take another boy’s cock in his own ass. At first he still had to maintain control of the situation, by sitting down on Dominic’s hardon, letting it slide in little by little until his ass became accustomed. Then when it was time to cum, when he really needed to feel that special sensation, Axel flipped over on to his back and let Dominic take the power position. Is that look on his face pain or pleasure? You be the judge. Watch The Video at!

AsiaBoy – A and Jib

10 AsiaBoy - A and Jib

Twinks A and Jib have the hots for each other and these cute Asian boys finally do something about it. Once they get into the bedroom the guys strip each other naked and suck their uncut cocks hard. The dick sucking is just a prelude to what these young studs want, and it isn’t long before rock hard and raw cock meets smooth and tight Asian ass. The boys bareback fuck in a variety of positions, until they can’t hold back any more and the cum starts flying.