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Eurocreme – Hotel Manager Bangs Delivery Twink In The Lobby

22 Eurocreme - Hotel Manager Bangs Delivery Twink In The Lobby

Taking delivery of the brand spanking new DreamBoy Hotel sign, twink-in-charge Freddie is a little annoyed they were so late, and who better to take his frustration out than tiny little twink Aaron Aurora! Left to get the paperwork, Freddie takes Aaron to the sofa, stripping off swiftly; leaving Freddie’s pale torso gleaming against Aaron’s tiny but tanned frame. Aaron truly is a beautifully young looking lad, piercing blue eyes and a young cheeky face, skinny but toned frame and hot cock – but it’s his butt that steal the show totally! Getting fucked by Freddie’s thick dick and saggy balls, Aaron squats over then gets it doggy, with some close-ups on his face that will make you wanna squirt there and then, it’s amazing how long Freddie lasts when he’s the one there getting it in person, the lucky guy – especially when Aaron turns the tables on the man in charge and gets him on all fours and then spunked over… however, in this tale of flip-reverse, Aaron leaves with his beautiful face covered in the boss man’s cum, not that he really minds as he sucks it dry straight after!

FrenchTwinks – I wanna ride your Joystick

Yoan and Vincent, both 18, are playing games and competing with joysticks. When their eyes meet for a second, their desires flare and the two friends start kissing each other. After a sensual kissing session the teens undress quickly and Vincent starts sucking Yoan’s cock. Then the roles are reversed with Yoan enjoying every inch of Vincent’s stiff dick in his mouth.
Very excited by their cocksucking foreplay, Vincent’s long cock impales Yoan’s ass. Yoan straddles Vincent’s cock while moaning for several minutes before breaking to get a good ass licking. Yoan is now ready for Vincent’s long cock in his sweet boy hole. Vincent finishes by ejaculating on Yoan’s ass just before Yoan blows his load!
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Gay Teen Studio – Gleb + Valentine




In my early teens, I had a Step-Brother. I loved sucking dick. My Step-Brother loved sucking dick. (I’m not sayin’ we did anything, I’m just sayin…)!!

If I had to choose which boys I consider to be the most beautiful on the planet, both Gleb and Valentine would rate right up there in my top-ten favorites. When I look at these photos of the two of them sucking and fucking each other, words like ‘Daddy’s Boys’ and ‘Brother-Fuckers’ dance naked across the innermost ‘secret’ recesses of my oh-so-dirty little mind… I wanna suck ’em, I wanna fuck ’em, I wanna be their ‘Daddy’!! (more…)

VideoBoys – Bulging Speedos: Beni + Colby


Sure, sex with your long-time lover is sweet and comfortable. But sex with a sexy stranger, that’s just plain hot! And that’s exactly what happened to Colby London on his trip to Quebec. He was up on the sun deck at the bed and breakfast where he was staying, when one of the other lodgers, a cute French-Canadian boy in a black speedo, appeared on the terrace. He and Colby exchanged furtive glances for a few minutes, not sure what the other was thinking. But you can’t hide those kind of feelings when you’re wearing a speedo. Once their mutual excitement was obvious, they went inside for some privacy.
Colby soon found out that this sexy stranger, Beni Rousseau, was a hot-blooded bottom boy. The instant Colby stuck his tongue in Beni’s ass, it was as though electricity surged through Beni’s body. And when Colby stuffed his fat cock in Beni’s hole there could be no doubt that Beni was in bottom-boy heaven. In fact, Beni was so excited by the fucking he got, he insisted that Colby give him a mouthful of love.
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Enigmatic Boys – Oliver: Yellow Beach – Pt. 1


enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-1-001 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-1-002 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-1-003 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-1-004 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-1-005 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-1-006 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-1-007 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-1-008 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-1-009 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-1-010
Imagine you are walking along a secluded beach on a warm summer day, so horny your stiff dick strains against your speedo, when around the next bend, you look up to see gorgeous young uncut boy Oliver frolicking naked on the rocks…Tell me, ‘Daddy’, what happens next..?? (Part 1) (more…)