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NextDoorTwink – Twister Twinks



Christian Collins visits Max Flint for a round of the classic game, Twister. Max is a shy boy, and it’s his first semester at a new school. He’s glad to have made a friend like Christian. As he balances himself in a funny position on the mat after taking his turn first, Christian stoops down and contorts himself in a way that doesn’t allow much stability for long. The two crash together on the floor, giggling and tossing back their heads without care. (more…)

TXXXM – Lewis Romeo Loves Sucking Dick


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Lewis is getting a real treat in this video. He has a juicy cock to lick and suck, and he loves nothing more than truly worshiping a throbbing erection. With expect skill the horny twink works that tool between his lips, stroking the shaft and licking the swollen head, savoring the juices leaking from the tip until his thick and warm reward is ready!

Eurocreme – British Twinks Lloyd and Aaron Flip Fuck

19 Eurocreme - British Twinks Lloyd and Aaron Flip Fuck

Cute twink Lloyd Adams gets a gift from God in the form of everyone’s favourite DreamBoy delivery boy Aaron Samuels. Waking up in the middle of the night with no porn, no GPS apps helping him out, he gets a knock on the door and there’s Aaron with a heavy box, full of porn DVDs! Thanking the Heavens, Lloyd is pushed back onto the porn-covered bed and gets the blowjob of his life! The devilishly handsome Aaron enjoys Lloyd’s dick with a vengeance, almost making him cum at the very beginning, but he’s got all night to get attention. As they share each other’s dicks, Aaron is soon pulled up over Lloyd and his waiting dick, letting his fuck-mate pound him from below, letting us in on the action as his hole is stretched wide, the tanned Lloyd and the milky white Aaron looking perfect together, especially when his gaping hole is fingered in great close-up, ready for yet another position over the bed! Turning tables on us, this horned up pair flips it around and Lloyd is fucked by Aaron until both lads spunk!

FrenchTwinks – Bryce Evans fucks Camille Kenzo

During our “US Tour 2015” we stopped a few days in Florida with our twink star Camille Kenzo to film with Dominic Ford Studios. Its here we discover Bryce Evans, a beast of muscles with biceps and abs ready to explode. Camille, despite his sporty appearance, looks like a “little chicken” next to this giant. This unique French – American meeting is very much like the story of “David against Goliath”.
Bryce and Camille first get to sucking each other and once he’s hard as wood Bryce, starts to fuck the twink giving all his energy in different positions; including a beautiful “pile driver” which allows us to admire the sculptural body of the US Porn Star contracting to deeply fuck the ass of our Frenchie. The fuck is intensifying and Camille keeps moaning louder until he comes while still being fucked. Bryce ends with a plentiful cum-shot on the face of Camille!
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Gay Teen Studio – GTS – Roma


Have you ever noticed how some boys only want to hang-out inside the house all day, no matter how nice the day is, nor how many bicycles and skateboards you’ve bought for them? It’s almost enough to drive a guy crazy, but…since Roma usually decides to hang out naked…and since he has an almost perpetual hard-on, this ‘Daddy’ is inclined to over-‘lick’ it..!! (more…)

VideoBoys – Skyler Dallon: Up Close


A lot of people have written to us wanting to know more about little Skyler Dallon. We can all see that he’s young looking, cute and that he really loves his sex but it’s about time we take a more in-depth look at what Skyer is all about.
Despite living in a small town, Skyler leads a very liberated sex life. He came out of the closet at an early age and wasted no time getting into dating boys. But after trying monogamy for a few years, Skyler found that playing the field was much more his style and satisfied his appetites more easily. He’s set his weekly minimum to 3 sexual encounters and he makes every effort to meet and exceed that minimum. Usually he succeeds but on the rare occasions that he doesn’t, he grudgingly turns to jerking off to get through the lonely nights. For Skyler, jerking off means watching porn, twink porn in particular. And occasionally he’ll spice things up by fingering himself.
But Skyler has never before used any toys when jerking off. Not because he didn’t like the idea but because he didn’t have any dildos and there weren’t any places in his small town that sold them. For this scene we offered Skyler a special dildo and he was more than eager to give it a ride. But only on one condition: After pleasuring himself with that big plastic cock, Skyler really wanted to finish it off by cumming in his own face. Such a little show off. Watch The Video at!

VideoBoys – Dominic + Jimmy: The Balcony Scene


“Why is my best sex always with guys who have girlfriends?” That’s what Dominic Couture had to say after he finished getting fucked by Jimmy Little. Yes, Jimmy does have a girlfriend now but that just makes him all the more excited to get a little variety into his sex life. And he seemed particularly interested in Dominic’s little bubble butt.
It all started with a cigarette. They were sitting out on the balcony sharing a smoke and some conversation when the topic turned to Jimmy’s juicy cock. Something about being outside and almost visible to people passing by got Dominic excited and he just had to reach over and suck Jimmy’s cock right there under the sunshine. The sound of the traffic and people passing just below was just as exciting for Jimmy so he pushed Dominic to the balcony floor and sucked cock like he was eating a popsicle.
The space was a bit too cramped to go all the way so the boys came back inside so that Jimmy could use the extra space (and privacy) to bury his face in Dominic’s ass. Once Dominic’s hole was all wet and slippery, Jimmy shoved his big cock in and Dominic got one of the best fuckings he’s had in years.
So how do we answer Dominic’s initial question, “Why is my best sex always with guys who have girlfriends?” Considering that they say straight women don’t dress to impress men but rather to impress (or compete with) other women, well just maybe when a guy who usually fucks women is with another guy he fucks his heart out to prove himself to his peers. Sex is just like another Xbox game. Watch The Video at!