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NextDoorTwink – Bed Head



Brayden Michaels & Max McQueen need to make the bed and get on with their day, but it’s really not going very smoothly. Sure, the bed needs making, but it’s just so much more fun to make a mess. Tossing around pillows and rustling the sheets, it becomes obvious to Brayden that Max is less interested in neatness than he is in other things. So they begin to horseplay, pulling each other’s clothes off in the process. (more…)

VideoBoys – Seth Corrigan Gets Off


Meet Seth Corrigan, self-proclaimed twink with a big attitude and an even bigger dick. He has this beaming smile that’s guaranteed to make your heart melt, but his tattoos and piercings prove he’s a bad boy at heart. He works as an underwear model, but he’s known he’s wanted to do porn for a long time — just goes to show you how much ambition he’s got! He’s a huge Pierre fan and became all giggly when we asked him what he would do with Pierre on camera if given the chance. He said he’d probably work better being a bottom for Pierre, although he loves to switch it up every now and then and take control. With his big bubble butt and long, thick cock, we can see why! When it’s already sexy to watch a guy jerk off on his own, you know he’s got to be a pro at fucking.

TXXXM – Smooth Young British Twink Titus Shows Off


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Everyone loves a good wank, especially when it’s with a totally horny young man like Titus Snow. This sexy twink is a born performer, showing off his smooth young body and revealing all for the cameras in his photo shoot. That shaved tapered uncut cock is soon hard and wet, leaking juice as he wanks himself off and builds up the pleasure until his semen is flooding out of his hooded wet helmet! A smile for the cameras is a perfect finish.