Pussy(cat) Loving Pals Switch Roles To Enjoy Sweaty Fuck Fun!


If we told you that Beno Eker and Navon Raffi display a fondness for pussy at the start of this splendid little escapade, you might be a tad concerned that we’d finally gone all hetero on you. Never fear, however. The pussy in question is a neighbour’s cat; and having taken time out to pet the creature, the two buddies have soon shot to their bedroom indoors in order to display animalistic qualities of their own.
Indeed, rest assured that the jockstraps they’re both supporting quickly get pulled aside; as each lad takes turn to gobble feverishly away on all the hard flesh on offer, before 69-ing each other on the bed like a pair of cheap whores!doing-what-cums-naturally-sc-2-07doing-what-cums-naturally-sc-2-08doing-what-cums-naturally-sc-2-09doing-what-cums-naturally-sc-2-11doing-what-cums-naturally-sc-2-12staxus-horizontal-banner-2019-9th