Student Life Proves Ball-Busting For These Hot Buddies!

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Chad Johnstone is trying to study, but Mike Cole has other ideas. It doesn’t take very long before their relatively innocent smooching has been eclipsed by a mindless desire to slurp on each other’s hard cocks. Ever-horny student Johnstone soon pushes Cole onto his side and thrusts his thick, meaty schlong deep into his mate’s tight little fuck-hole.
The handsome Spaniard is like a dog in heat; getting into a succession of positions for his long-dicked buddy so that he can savor every inch of his rock-hard cock! His tight ass is soon gaping wide open in response; and his own shaft is yielding a fine wad of hot cream as he rides Johnstone like the total bitch he is. Leaving the lad the final pleasure of stretching his mouth to its breaking point, as he blows his mate to a much-deserved climax!