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80Gays – Jack & Toni Fuck


Toni is a tall lean black twink who meets up with cute young Jack. The two Africans waste no time making out and sucking dick, right there in the hallway. Needless to say, the boys have some chemistry flowing and move inside their sparsely furnished hotel room to fuck. An ottoman makes the perfect platform for some bareback sex. With such a huge black cock, Toni takes it slow and easy on little Jack. The horny couple spend the entire time fucking on the ottoman, until the cum starts pumping.

80Gays – Tremain & Daquan Fuck


Black African twinks Daquan and Tremain are boyfriends. Daquan especially loves mornings when he can roll over onto Tremain and relieve his morning boner. The two are enjoying this morning wake up with some dick sucking and bareback fucking. Daquan likes to rim his boyfriend’s ass, in between fucking, because he gets turned on listening to the sweet sounds he makes. Daquan fucks Tremain in a few more positions, until he blows his load. Then he cuddles up to him and helps his lover stroke out his cum load.

80Gays – Twinks Rony, Andrew & Jay


Andrew and Jay invite Rony over, wanting a taste of his cock and ass. Andrew releases Rony’s big black dick and goes down on it. Then Jay sucks Rony, while he services Andrew’s big cock. Jay wants to get fucked and lowers himself onto Rony, while Andrew licks his nipples, and Rony strokes his dick. Then Andrew takes his turn riding Rony bareback, as Jay strokes his meat. Andrew bends over the sofa and Rony’s balls slap his ass, as he pounds deep into that black ass. Jay sucks on Andrew, while he bounces on Rony’s black cock. Then he lies on his side and Rony fucks him raw. Andrew shoots his cum all over Jay’s fingers and Jay licks it up. The smell of cum makes Rony unload on Andrew, and Jay licks his dripping dick clean. Finally, Jay strokes himself off, adding his own jizz to the mess.

80Gays – Rayshon & Dubaku Fuck


Dubaku is a sexually active black twink. Unfortunately, it’s been mostly with himself lately. But he has his eyes on Rayshon, a cute young man staying in a hotel room near his. The eye contact and smiles they have been sharing has removed any apprehension about approaching him. In fact, Dubaku is so confident, he simply let’s himself into his hotel room and finds Rayshon sleeping. Dubaku climbs in bed with Rayshon and is greeted with a kissing session, which leads to stripping off the clothes. Once the boys are naked, the gay sex begins without a word spoken. Dubaku is delighted to feel Rayshon’s huge black dick swell up and looks forward to the bareback fucking that he is about to receive.

80Gays – Kalamagi & Mukowu Fuck


Young African Kalamagi is chilling out on the couch, while his young ebony friend Mukowu is doing his homework. He’s horny and asks Mukowu to come over and play with him. As they make out, Kalamagi and Mukowu quickly get hard. Then Kalamagi decides to bareback fuck his cute friend. For young guys, who don’t have sex very often, these two black twinks can hold their load quite a while. Eventually, Mukowu receives a load of warm Kenyan cum from his young fuck buddy.

80Gays – Christopher & Frank Fuck


Christopher walks in on Frank sleeping and begins fondling his smooth ebony ass. When Frank wakes the two sexy Africans start kissing tenderly and sucking each other’s big cock. Christopher knows his huge dick can be painful, so he takes it easy at first. When Frank’s ass loosens up, things take on a rhythm and the bareback fucking marathon begins. Ready to blow, Frank spills his load first, dripping his cum all over the bed sheets. Christopher follows, shooting his warm load onto Frank’s balls.

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