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YoungPerps – Case No. 1801015-02


In case 1801015-02, two buddies head to the electronics store hoping to check out the post-holiday sales. But apparently, the only deal one of them is interested in is a five-finger discount. He doesn’t know his friend has already had a run-in with the pervy Loss Prevention Officer and tries to swipe a tiny camera for himself. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re caught on camera stealing cameras! Not wanting to end up in jail, the two agree to the officer’s own special deal: take his big, raw cock and avoid the slammer!

Pool Boys – hx117-scene8


Adorable all american apple pie cuties Cooper Steel and Nathan Reed decide to take a dip in the pool, only problem… Neither one brought their swim trunks! Lucky us, they make do with just their undies! There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful boy in wet underwear, except TWO sexy boys in wet underwear! Engorged, gorgeous and dripping wet the boys are nearly busting out of their tight dripping drawers. (more…)

Signature Seduction – hx106-scene82



Andy Taylor starts each day full of optimism and with a smile as big as his bleeding heart. Today the passionate college boy is out petitioning to save the local animal shelter but as the afternoon wears on he begins getting more and more desperate for signatures. Andy almost doesn’t know what to say when Davey Brooks agrees to sign his petition while slyly shooting him sexy glances. (more…)

Jambo Africa – Justin Saradon, Steve Skarsgaard – 11904


jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_015jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_018jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_019jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_021jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_023jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_026Some of our boys naturally have bodies like gods, some achieve them through working out, and then there are some, like Justin, who can work out forever and still retain his youthful, even twinky physique. Since arriving in Cape Town, he has been working out every day, to try and match the chest size of the other boys, but when he goes to show them the results, they only seem interested in making fun of him, until he finds Steve, who offers to help him out…. and all he needs in return is a good fuck. (more…)

Unloading – hx111-scene84


It’s another beautiful day in Twink-Town and Aiden Garcia & Andy Taylor just finished cleaning out their garage. Aiden is packing up the last bit of goodies for the yard sale when he’s summoned by Andy with just the right reward for a hard days work. In this scene, check out two of the hottest from Helix and find out just what these bulging boys are packing!

YoungPerps – Case No. 1710003-21


A teenage boy walks into a sex shop on a dare, hoping to steal something and score some cred for his bravery. Instead, his criminal behavior is sniffed out and he’s caught by the watchful loss prevention officer. He denies wrongdoing, but after a thorough search, the truth of his crime is quickly revealed. The young man is presented with a tough choice: suck off the officer or have the cops and his parents find out.

TXXXM – Friend Caught Jacking Off


Jaye is enjoying some private alone time in his room, his uncut cock out and in his fist as he strokes himself in his cute little onesie. It’s perfect timing for his friend Aaron, who arrives to catch him in the act! You would be jumping right in to join the boy too! Aaron offer his mouth for his friend, and soon his own uncut dick too. The boys swap their delicious young shafts as they take it all the way, with Aaron opening up his snug hole for his friend to ease into. Watch as Jaye fucks his friend all over the bed and leaves him dripping wet with their combined cum shots! It’s definitely better than a solo jerk off.

Jessie and Sage – hx105 scene45


Jessie Montgomery and Sage Porter give a lesson in love by reciprocating each other’s every sexy move in this dynamic fuckfest. A heated make out session allows Jessie to take charge and go down on Sage, getting the young boy’s cock hard and horny. Sage returns the favor by wrapping his lips around Jessie’s thick dick as the teen studs share a sweet 69. Jessie gets Sage’s ass in the air to rim his tight little tan hole until it’s ready to be fucked. Sage enjoys riding Jessie long and hard until he jumps off to return the rimming. Sage then takes his turn topping Jessie in a smooth flip fuck before the friends decide to flip back for Jessie to finish off the shared sex romp. Who said sexy chivalry is dead?