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AsiaBoy – Benz and Oilver

27 AsiaBoy - Benz and Oilver

Oliver takes his friend Benz to an abandoned warehouse for an exciting session of hot and sweaty bareback sex. The two Asian twinks start fondling each other as soon as they arrive. The al fresco environment makes them very horny. After bareback fucking his friend, Oliver cannot control himself and he shoots his cum over Benz’s back. But that is not the end of this passionate adventure. Benz wants more cock in his ass, so the guys move outside for another round of bareback fucking in the sun. Benz leans against a papaya tree and Oliver fucks him hard. Benz shoots his cum on his pants with a big warm smile, marking the end of a sexy al fresco afternoon of hot bareback sex.

AsianBoysxxx – Seki + Takumi: Oral Friends – Part 2

15 AsianBoys

In this second-half of our AsianBoys.XXX video, Seki begins to work on Takumi; what else are oral friends for? Teasing his way down to his partner’s shaft, Seki has the boy hard and twitching with each lick after he arouses his partner’s nipples. Bending Takumi’s legs back, Seki works in a finger while his other hand strokes the boy’s thick meat. Adding some suck-tion to the fun, Takumi’s cock soon glistens with precum. Eyes on the prize, Seki tugs one out of Takumi and looks on while he blows up to his own neck. Even flaccid, Seki continues to take ahold of Takumi’s gorgeous cock.

AsiaBoy – Arther and Lee

26 AsiaBoy - Arther and Lee

Arther and Lee are a couple of reserved and very passionate Asian boys that give as much as they take in this warm and sexy encounter. The two slowly undress each other as the make out and run their hands all over each other’s smooth naked bodies. The ass licking and cock sucking is soft and seductive, all leading to that moment of passion filled penetration. The bareback fuck is slow and deliberate, with soft moans coming from the bottom, as the top gently works him to an orgasm. The sensual love making is off the charts in this erotic Asian twink union.

Japan Boyz – Barebacking the J-Boys

16 Japan Boyz - Barebacking the J-Boys

Yuu is on the phone with his boyfriend as Masaru starts to kiss and fondle him; I don’t know if Yuu’s boyfriend, Tsuyoshi, knows Yuu is not alone. One thing is for sure, Yuu does want to say “hello” to Masaru’s cock in this “Barebacking the J-Boys” video. Masaru starts with Yuu’s dick and quickly gets him named and sucked. Masaru works Yuu’s nipples while Yuu’s lips are in full contact with Masaru’s cock. Moving into a 69 position, both boys enjoy a hot wet tongue. Yuu continues on as Masaru works not only Yuu’s dick, but also his hole. As the boys suck, Yuu’s nice twink body shines in the light from a nearby window; the camera zooms in to watch Masaru’s mouth bounce on Yuu’s meat. Masaru found what he was after as he puts Yuu in a missionary position and thrusts.Yuu moans and finds his happy place as Masaru continues the pace. As Masaru pulls out, the camera goes in tight for a hot shot of Yuu’s puckered opening.

AsianBoysxxx – Tickle Me Yura

14 AsianBoys

Yura’s got his hands on a toy named Takumi, who’s on the right. Feeling what’s between the boy’s legs, Yura cums up with a bone-us. As they both strips and play, Takumi goes down for a taste before they move to the bed. Licking, tickling and kissing, the pair explores one another from top to bottom; Yura has his hands full as he teases Takumi’s hole. Intermingled, the twinks jerk and suck one another. Takumi is the first to blow as Yura does a full service job on the boy. The jizz sprays everywhere, he then has Takumi finish him off, oozing out a creamy load.

AsiaBoy – Joe and App

25 AsiaBoy - Joe and App

Young Joe absolutely loves to fuck other Asian boys, as App is about to find out. After getting his twink bottom naked the two suck dick and rim ass, before pulling out a large dildo. App takes that monster sex toy up his ass, showing Joe there’s nothing he can throw at him that he can’t take. And take he does, raw and hard. Joe gives this little guy a good bareback pounding and literally fuck the cum out of the boy.

Japan Boyz – Ryota Sato – New Japanese Gay Porn Star

15 Japan Boyz - Ryota Sato - New Japanese Gay Porn Star

Ryota Sato is a hot Japanese twink who is new to the gay porn star biz, a friend told him about it. He definitely has that nice, hairless look and, once you see the grower inside his pants, I think you will agree, he was born to do it; porn too. This Japanboyz model is about to have a hard time, and like it. Tsuyoshi, the talent scout, will help lend a mouth. Some people really are hands on; he totally blows Ryota away.

AsianBoysxxx – Loads of Boys & Loads of Cum!

13 AsianBoys

Pump along as we take a look at some of the best from AsianBoys.XXX thus far in this 3 part cum-pilation of twink and cream. The first pairing is Mirai and Sen; these two mouth more than just words and then prove their worth. For a trio, try Yura, Reiji and Yuki, what a tasty fuckin’ mess these boys make. Khan, Kinjiro and Riku toil on their multi-tasking skills; Kinjiro and Riku get it all worked out. Going the distance, Kiba and Toshiro trade hand jobs with an explosive ending. As a final blow, Hisoka fucks Reiji until he shoots all over the bottom boy.

AsiaBoy – Ray and Win

24 AsiaBoy - Ray and Win

Asian twink soldiers Ray and Win are painting the Commander’s office, when their lust for each other takes over, and it’s not long before the two are sucking dick. With Ray rock hard, Win takes a ride and the bareback fucking begins. After Ray shows no mercy, while fucking his young friend, they decide to flip. Win pushes his cock into Ray’s tight hole and fucks his Asian ass hard. Finally, Ray shoots his cum right on target, so Win can use it on his own cock to stroke out a warm load.