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AsiaBoy – Mew and Jany

31 AsiaBoy - Mew and Jany

When these cute Thai twinks get to the room they don’t waste any time kissing and fondling each other. Soon their uncut cocks are rock hard and begging for release. The two get naked and Mew rims Jany’s ass, before sliding his hard cock in and bareback fucking him. Then the boys flip and Mew takes a deep pounding. The twinks fuck all over the bed and then Jany cums inside Mew.

AsiaBoy – Jacop Jerks Off

30 AsiaBoy - Jacop Jerks Off

Asian twink soldier Jacop is alone and horny, so he decides to get naked and jerk off. He strips out of his uniform and starts working up a boner and we enjoy some nice close-ups of this silky smooth Thai boy. Jacop is a bottom and needs some anal stimulation to get off, so he grabs a hug dildo and shoves it up has ass. You wouldn’t think something that big could fit inside such a small guy, but it does and he’s loving it. With a sex toy up his smooth butt and stroking his hard uncut dick, it isn’t long before this cute boy is pumping out his warm load of cum.

AsiaBoy – New and Pat

29 AsiaBoy - New and Pat

New and Pat are relaxing together and it isn’t long before the two are naked and sucking dick. New likes to take it up the ass and Pat is more than willing to fuck him bareback. His cock is quite big and he shoves it in all the way to the root, while he shows his bottom boy all four corners of the bed. Pat pulls out just in time to shoot is cum and breed his Asian twink bottom. New cums almost simultaneously.

Japan Boyz – Raw Romance

19 Japan Boyz - Raw Romance

Yuu, the bottom, is the quiet and shy one of the couple; Tsuyoshi, the top, is the opposite, aggressive and outgoing. It is not a surprise, when Tsuyoshi first grabs his boyfriend and begins to kiss and rub him. Removing their clothes and underwear, Tsuyoshi begins to suck on his boyfriend, followed by deep kissing. They explore each other’s bodies as Yuu now sits up to take every inch of Tsuyoshi, in his mouth. Within minutes, the top once again takes over and pushes Yuu back down. Stoking his lover’s penis, Tsuyoshi also fingers Yuu’s hole; Yuu starts to whimper with delight. Lubing up Yuu’s ass, his boyfriend begins with one, then two fingers deep, to gauge and excite both of them. Now ready for Tsuyoshi’s big cock, Yuu whimpers and moans as Tsuyoshi slides in balls deep. As the two stare at each other, Tsuyoshi continues to thrust in and out and Yuu, continues to moan and whimper. Smiling at each other, they then embrace sweetly.

AsiaBoy – Kim and Ray

28 AsiaBoy - Kim and Ray

Kim is a cute and slender gay Asian twink and he has a sex date with his friend Ray. The boys start their session with a bubble bath. Kim takes the lead, and sucks Ray’s cock. Ray is eager to fuck his friend, so he preps Kim’s ass with a good rim job. Then ray shoves his cock in and fucks Kim bareback hard and fast. Ray follows with a double headed dildo and pumps Kim’s tight ass with it. Next Ray alternates the dildo with his own cock and we see some great close-ups of the anal action. Kim is the first one to shoot his cum, while still getting fucked. Ray climaxes soon after and dumps it on Kim’s smooth Asian ass. Then he cum fucks the boy one more time, before it is time to say goodbye with a kiss.

AsianBoysxxx – Shosei & Takumi Deliver

16 AsianBoys

Ass-isting Takumi into our AsianBoys.XXX family, we paired him with Shosei. The tender and passionate manner of these boys shows instantly; Shosei’s body flares red as Takumi’s hands wander. Taking his time, Shosei tastes a bit of his bottoming boy before they grind. After further inspection, orally, Shosei strips and rubs their cocks together. While in the missionary position, Takumi is lubed and primed for fun. Working his thick cock in, Shosei goes slowly, allowing for the bottom to widen. As they move together, the arousing sounds of the headboard knocking is balanced with the muffled sounds of breath and kissing. Intertwined, the pair watches each other closely; it is Takumi who shoots first, up to his shoulder. Shosei’s blast has a bit more distance, and enthusiasm, as he lands his load onto his partner’s face and neck.

AsiaBoy – Benz and Oilver

27 AsiaBoy - Benz and Oilver

Oliver takes his friend Benz to an abandoned warehouse for an exciting session of hot and sweaty bareback sex. The two Asian twinks start fondling each other as soon as they arrive. The al fresco environment makes them very horny. After bareback fucking his friend, Oliver cannot control himself and he shoots his cum over Benz’s back. But that is not the end of this passionate adventure. Benz wants more cock in his ass, so the guys move outside for another round of bareback fucking in the sun. Benz leans against a papaya tree and Oliver fucks him hard. Benz shoots his cum on his pants with a big warm smile, marking the end of a sexy al fresco afternoon of hot bareback sex.

AsianBoysxxx – Seki + Takumi: Oral Friends – Part 2

15 AsianBoys

In this second-half of our AsianBoys.XXX video, Seki begins to work on Takumi; what else are oral friends for? Teasing his way down to his partner’s shaft, Seki has the boy hard and twitching with each lick after he arouses his partner’s nipples. Bending Takumi’s legs back, Seki works in a finger while his other hand strokes the boy’s thick meat. Adding some suck-tion to the fun, Takumi’s cock soon glistens with precum. Eyes on the prize, Seki tugs one out of Takumi and looks on while he blows up to his own neck. Even flaccid, Seki continues to take ahold of Takumi’s gorgeous cock.