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Jambo Africa – Helmut Huxley, Kieran Benning and Jerome Exupery – 11917


jambo-africa-helmut-kieran-jerome-belami-1_005jambo-africa-helmut-kieran-jerome-belami-1_006jambo-africa-helmut-kieran-jerome-belami-1_012jambo-africa-helmut-kieran-jerome-belami-1_014jambo-africa-helmut-kieran-jerome-belami-1_017jambo-africa-helmut-kieran-jerome-belami-1_019jambo-africa-helmut-kieran-jerome-belami-1_020jambo-africa-helmut-kieran-jerome-belami-1_022This is the concluding scene of our little competition between Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery for the affections of newcomer Kieran Benning. I think we can all understand the boy’s desire to have Kieran all to themselves, but in the end, the bonds of friendship are too strong and they end up deciding that sharing him is the best way to go. (more…)

Belami Online – Jeroen Mondrian, Dean Cooper – 11910


bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-002bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-004bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-005bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-007bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-008bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-009bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-011bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-016“This is Dean Cooper’s first scene here at BelAmi, although our Freshmen members will remember him from his introduction there earlier this year. As for Jeroen, we all know him well, but he lets us in on a little secret: his love of dumplings…. and the amount of exercise he has to do to keep the dumplings from showing. I’m sure that there will be no gym today though, as he gives Dean quite a good working out that probably burned through a weeks worth of dumpling calories.”belami-online-horizontal-banner

Jambo Africa – Justin Saradon, Steve Skarsgaard – 11904


jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_015jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_018jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_019jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_021jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_023jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_026Some of our boys naturally have bodies like gods, some achieve them through working out, and then there are some, like Justin, who can work out forever and still retain his youthful, even twinky physique. Since arriving in Cape Town, he has been working out every day, to try and match the chest size of the other boys, but when he goes to show them the results, they only seem interested in making fun of him, until he finds Steve, who offers to help him out…. and all he needs in return is a good fuck. (more…)

Belami Online – Ariel Vanean, Julien Hussey and Jim Kerouac – 11901


We are starting off this classics series today with a 3way between Ariel Vanean, Julien Hussey and Jim Kerouac. This scene marks the opening of another of our 25th anniversary series. As you all know GD is a collector, so for all our biggest name stars, we have been squirreling away some of their best scenes for a special occasion. Every month now we will be releasing one of these scenes featuring some of the brightest starts from the past few years. (more…)

Jambo Africa – Jerome Exupery, Christian Lundgren – 11900


jambo-africa-jeromee-christianl-belami-9jambo-africa-jeromee-christianl-belami-16jambo-africa-jeromee-christianl-belami-18jambo-africa-jeromee-christianl-belami-19jambo-africa-jeromee-christianl-belami-20jambo-africa-jeromee-christianl-belami-22jambo-africa-jeromee-christianl-belami-23jambo-africa-jeromee-christianl-belami-25jambo-africa-jeromee-christianl-belami-27jambo-africa-jeromee-christianl-belami-28There is nothing that Christian Lundgren likes more, than for someone to be playing with his ass. If he can’t find someone, he will even settle for his favorite dildo, as he thinks he must do this time when Hoyt runs off leaving him a bit frustrated. Luckily Jerome Exupery is around to lend a helping hand and make sure that both Christian and his ass are satisfied. (more…)

Belami Online – Nate Donaghy Fucks Sven Basquiat – 11809


right-to-the-point-belamionline-3right-to-the-point-belamionline-4right-to-the-point-belamionline-5right-to-the-point-belamionline-6right-to-the-point-belamionline-9right-to-the-point-belamionline-10right-to-the-point-belamionline-11right-to-the-point-belamionline-13right-to-the-point-belamionline-17right-to-the-point-belamionline-18right-to-the-point-belamionline-19It seems that for Sven Basquiat, sex is a magical gift that has to be accepted anytime it is offered…. even when you don’t have so much time. Today’s scene is Sven’s first proper outing here on BelAmiOnline and we are happy that it is such a firecracker of a scene. Director Lukas Ridgeston has tried hard to give us a break from our normal format here, so you should be prepared for something a little less traditional. His partner today is Nate Donaghy, and the chemistry between the 2 literally jumps off the screen. (more…)