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Freshmen.net – Nino Valens & Justin Saradon


freshmen.net-nino-valens-justin-saradon-001freshmen.net-nino-valens-justin-saradon-002freshmen.net-nino-valens-justin-saradon-003freshmen.net-nino-valens-justin-saradon-004We have chosen 2 of your favourite models from 2017 here with Justin Saradon and Nino Valens. Since the only common language spoken here is English, it is one of few clips we have that didn’t require translation. The sexual intensity in this clip is high and both boys reach climax together with Justin holing on just long enough to let Nino cum with Justin still inside him. (more…)

Eurocreme – Giant Dicked Duo


Back in the bunks, cute Lucas Phelps wakes up to a hot new guy in the bed below him. Playing with his bulge whilst watching something on his phone, Lucas springs into action and throws his sweaty pants down onto the tattooed twink, his giant dick bouncing hard as he watches porn, and Lucas jumps down from his top bunk and kneels in front of the scally looking lad, his olive skin and tight torso the perfect accompaniment to that thick giant dick of his, now being swallowed by the hungry Lucas. (more…)

Freshmen.net – Ben Radcliffe & Jeff Mirren


freshmen.net-ben-radcliffe-jeff-mirren-001freshmen.net-ben-radcliffe-jeff-mirren-002freshmen.net-ben-radcliffe-jeff-mirren-003freshmen.net-ben-radcliffe-jeff-mirren-004freshmen.net-ben-radcliffe-jeff-mirren-005Those averse to twinks should skip to the second video. Ben appears terrified at the scene’s beginning. His nerves were not due to the impending sex but were the result of the beginning interview. When the sex starts, and you see that he’s as intense as any “old” pro, it’s evident that he’s afraid of speaking, not fucking. While Ben may look very young, he is 19 years old. (more…)

LatinBoyz – Chico Valle


We ran into Chico Valle recently and almost didn’t recognize him because we had only seen him wearing a baseball cap before. We told him he looked even cuter this way and wanted to know why he hasn’t modeled for us like that. We also wanted to know why he has never bottomed for us before because we know he has a really hot ass. It turns out he doesn’t have much experience bottoming because when guys see his thick Latino cock they always want to bottom.latinboyz-horizontal-banner-2018