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Czech Hunter 306


It was a beautiful day so I decided to go on a little trip. I chose the part of Prague that is almost at the outskirts of the city. When I arrived, I spotted a beautiful rock that was overlooking the whole area. I decided to get there, I just had to find myself a guide. Luckily, I stumbled upon a young man who came there to visit his parents. He knew the area and was willing to take me to the rocky hill. Along the way we chatted about various things, then we got to relationships. The boy turned out to be bisexual with plenty of experience with both boys and girls. I thought he would be easy to talk into some nasties but he was incredibly greedy. He knew that I was horny and willing to pay a lot. In the end, that innocent looking boy cost me all my money. But the fun we had was worth it.

FrenchTwinks – Boxing Twinks


Enzo Lemercier and Robin Castel fight in a boxing match all the shots are allowed. That’s how Robin surprised Enzo by throwing himself on him to lower his shorts. The beautiful blond who finds himself in a jock-strap continues the fight and undress his opponent. The two boys are now in their underwear and they cannot hide their erections molded in their protective shell. Enzo and Robin look at each other, smile and come closer to kiss, caress and mutually jack off. For the Rest of the Story (at FrenchTwinks.com)…Click Here

FrenchTwinks – Sports Massage


Enzo Lemercier offers a more sensual than sporty massage to Ryan Marchal and the twink cannot hide his erection for long. Ryan lets himself be massaged and caressed by the expert hands of Enzo which move down gradually inside of Ryan’s underwear. Ryan’s huge cock is now released and hard as wood. Enzo applies to massage it with passion before undressing in turn and rubbing his body against Ryan’s.
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Czech Hunter 302


Today I walked around a bus station looking for boys. After a few minutes, a young good looking guy approached me and asked me politely for 100 Crowns. He didn’t look like a homeless person at all so I started talking to him. Apparently, he came to Prague to work on some antennas or something like that. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the story, I was more interested in his cute face and nice blond hair. The poor boy stayed overnight at a hostel, where someone stole his wallet. With all the money he made the previous day. That’s why he was wandering around the city begging for money. He just wanted to buy a bus ticket home. I offered him my help and much more. He just had to go for a little walk in a park with me.

Buddies Become Cock-In-Raw-Ass Fuckers!


Blond-haired beauty, Casey Flip, strolls through the countryside hand-in-hand with his luscious new beau, Greg Noll. New boy, Noll, is without doubt a very handsome fucker; and it’s even easier to understand the attraction when Flip pulls his mate’s handsome dick out of his shorts. After all, who could resist a curved wonder like that when it comes into play?
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Blond Buddies Enjoy A Flip-Flopping Fuck!

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Young Martin Rivers is secretly trying out a new dildo in anticipation of getting his tight ass banged raw by his mate, Bjorn Nykvist. Nykvist discovery of this gets him feeling horny as fuck; and it’s barely a moment before he’s dragged his mate out into the living room, pulled his shorts down, and is lubeing up the lad’s pert little ass. (more…)