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FrenchTwinks – Alexis Tivoli Challenges Baptiste Garcia


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Alexis shows Baptiste the gifts he got for his birthday and drew his attention to a grenade shaped dildo which he doesn’t know what to do with. Alexis thinks this wide plug is only good for decoration, for his part, Baptiste seems very interested in this sex toy and then Alexis challenges him to try it.
The two boys start undressing and kissing languorously. While Baptiste begins to jack off, Alexis titillates his anus before licking it. Once Baptiste is excited and well lubricated with saliva, Alexis introduces the plug in his ass. Alexis is then sucked deeply by Baptiste still playing with the plug. Alexis cannot resist and puts Baptiste on all fours to fuck him vigorously. Baptiste finishes by exploding while still being fucked, just before getting a thick facial cum-shot!

FrenchTwinks – A Big Cock for a Greedy Twink


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Abel Lacourt is as cute as he is naughty and today Alexis Tivoli gives him a small gift of penis shaped chocolates. While the delicious twink enjoys his sweets with a charming smile, Alexis takes the opportunity to tease him and to satisfy his sexual appetite. In a few seconds, Abel finds himself with the stiff cock of Alexis in his mouth and starts to suck it greedily.
Our lovely little twink licks and swallows the cock of his partner with passion before Alexis undresses him to eat his ass. Abel’s tight hole squirms under the licks of his partner. The pleasurable groans of Abel excite Alexis and very quickly Abel is impaled on Alexis’s cock. The twink rides Alexis and moans loudly during this passionate fuck session. Then Alexis continues to fuck Abel with all his energy until he cums on his smooth balls.

TXXXM – James Lewis Is Hungry For Cock!


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Pretty little James Lewis looks so innocent, but his sweet appearance perfectly masks the fact that this young man is a cock-starved twink who can’t get enough dick! The boy feasts on that solid uncut tool, worshiping it the way it should be, licking the head and sliding his mouth all the way down, working that shaft until the cum is splashing out over his cute face! You’ll wish you could experience that talented mouth when you see him going at it!
James is a gorgeous young British twink who knows what he likes, and he likes cock! The boy can’t get enough dick, forever looking for another shaft to stroke and suck. He loves big boners, long and solid, with foreskins to pleasure and plenty of precum oozing out. He’s a talented boy you’ll wish you knew personally!

Smoking Hot Recruits In A Ball-Busting Tryst


Army recruits, Johny Cherry and Johnathan Strake, strip down to enjoy the pleasures of carnality. After both lads take it in turns to slurp on one another’s dicks, Strake is soon riding Cherry’s handsome cock like the complete and utter cock-whore he is! Cherry is soon fingering the boy’s ass before thrusting every inch of his knob deep inside. What ensues is a full-on ass-banging romp, topped off by Strake literally exploding as he rides his mate cowboy style; before Cherry erupts in return!

FrenchTwinks – Camille: Apprentice Hairdresser


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In this scene, hairdresser Camille Kenzo plays with combs and scissors to take care of his model of the day, the beautiful Paul. Even if he’s very focused on the task, it will be impossible for Camille to go through with his cut without jumping wildly on his client!
In a flurry the hairdresser chair goes down and Camille who’s already hard puts his thick cock in Paul’s mouth to get sucked deeply. A short 69 style blowjob later and then Camille deploys all his energy to fuck Paul’s ass deeply. The twink stifles the cries of his partner by putting his hand over the boy’s mouth. Camille fucks Paul the most wildly we have ever seen. The boys really take pleasure in the scene and it shows as they end with an almost simultaneous ejaculation, including an explosive facial cumshot on Paul’s face.

Introducing Landon Vega – hx117 scene85



Blake Mitchell adores meeting new people, especially hot young twinks with great asses. Fresh from North Carolina & only 18, Landon Vega settles in to Cali with one of our top tops! Sitting in a sunny field, Blake gets to the “bottom” of all Landon’s lusty fantasies; his coming out story, high school experience and the fact that he likes aggressive tops, hence this perfect pairing. Throwing caution to the wind, Blake gets the lovely latin up against a tree for an old fashioned park make out session. (more…)