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French Twinks – Cute Boys Pillow Fight


This evening, before going to bed, Elias Roy and Camille Kenzo wrestle around and have a furious pillow fight. Camille then throws Elias onto the bed and starts to suck his cock. After an incredible blowjob, Camille is hot to fuck Elias’ tight ass. He fingers and rims him out before sticking his stiff cock deep inside his ass.
These two young boys are super hot and Camille loves to be the top.
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VideoBoys – Jo + Dominic: Taster’s Choice


Somehow Jo Diamond is always fucking guys in curious circumstances. A few weeks ago Zac described how Jo fucked him in the front seat of a compact car while their two friends made out in the back seat. And the first time Jo and Dominic Couture met, they ended up sneaking into the tiny bathroom of a friend’s apartment and fucking in silence so as not to wake up the roommates.
Maybe it’s because Jo is turned on by these awkward and sometimes public displays of sexuality, or maybe it’s because he’s too horny to wait until he gets his date back into a private bedroom. Whatever the case may be, this scene was Dominic’s chance to get Jo into an environment where he could spread out and really enjoy Jo’s big cock the way he has been dreaming of, ever since that rushed, cramped experience in the apartment bathroom. And both these boys took advantage of this comfy setting to really explore all their senses, especially taste and touch. Dominic took the time to explore that beautiful, fat cock and Jo savored every moment of Dominic’s smooth, sweet ass.

EuroBoyXXX – Aaron Aurora + Ethan White

28 EuroBoyXXX - Aaron Aurora + Ethan White

Ethan and Aaron do a fantastic job at doing everything but watch the movie that they’ve been gearing up to see. Although, I’m sure you’ll be much happier with what they get up to instead. This home theater is about to turn into a full on casting couch! Aaron Aurora, Ethan White
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French Twinks – Hot roommate awakened with a blowjob


Jules, and Nicolas who would pass for his little brother, are cute 18 year old boys, who have come to spend a weekend with friends in Paris. Tired from the previous evening the two boys are asleep in their hotel room but Nicolas wakes his buddy Jules by sucking on the boy’s quickly stiffening young dick.
Although they are both rather passive, the two youngsters have fun sharing deep blowjobs, fingering, toys, and mutual stroking… Sensuality and discovery of their tight young bodies await you in this softcore 100 young twinks special.
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