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Scandal at Helix Academy: Chapter III – hx105 scene10


Evan Parker is joined by Jessie Montgomery and Zayne Donovan in the classroom for a hot three way. As Evan gets his cock sucked by both Jessie and Zayne, Ryker Madison hears some moaning from outside and peeks into the window. Ryker gets a peek of what Evan is up to and sees him pound both Jessie and Zayne’s tight teen holes. As the new kid, Zayne gets tested on his skills, having both Evan and Jessie fuck him on the desk. After making both guys cum all over him, it seems like Zayne is going to fit in just fine at Helix Academy. And Ryker might have something to use against Evan.

Czech Hunter 362


Zdenek was a boy who let me fuck him recently because he needed money to take care of his newborn son. It didn’t take him too long to spend all I gave him. That’s why he offered me his friend. The idea intrigued me. Zdenek was a good looking 18 years old boy and I expected his friend to be a cutie as well. He didn’t disappoint and was in financial problems, too. The boy didn’t know what our little meeting was ultimately about. It took him some time to digest my proposition but I guess he needed money really badly. I didn’t want to rush this encounter, I wanted to savor it. Watching those two friends gently showering each other was so incredibly hot!

Sucks like a hoover & fucks like a whore

130-Sucks like a hoover & fucks like a whore

One minute young, adorable Yuri Adamov is chatting with his new-found buddy, Marcelo Da Silva. The next, Adamov is pulling Da Silva’s dick from the lad’s trousers and eagerly feasting on the handsome piece of meat for all he’s worth.
Adamov plonks himself down on Da Silva’s knob-head, allowing the top to fuck his ass-hole in a whole series of positions. All this high-jinxed action is going to have just the one result – and so it proves, with Da Silva spewing generously over cute Adamov’s face, before Adamov himself jerks a fine wad over his own stomach
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Mega-Slut Matous Gets His Horny Hole Massaged!

75776 Mega-Slut Matous-12


Bjorn Nykvist can’t keep his eyes off the bulge in Noah Matous pants and with a suggestive squeeze of the lad’s crotch, Nykvist soon gets this coupling up and running. Not that a cock-fiend like Matous needs much encouragement, of course; so when Nykvist proceeds to dribble massage oil on his buddy’s back the sexual tension begins to rise, with Matous arching his arse to serve as an open invitation for further investigation. (more…)

Czech Hunter 365


I met this crazy guy at a subway station. He loved sweets and that was the reason why he was there. He was looking for a sweet shop. Well, that was a good enough reason for me so I joined him in his quest. The boy came to Prague to find a job and he was doing very poorly. Still, he seemed to be a funny one who was always in a good mood. We couldn’t find any sweet shop anywhere so I started probing his sexuality and moral standards. He was firmly against any naughty stuff, at least with a strange guy and in public. But as my offers pilled up, he started to crack. He needed money, I could tell that. The boy wasn’t going to eat any cakes today, only my dick was on the menu. We went his rented place and there the fun started.

Young gym boys suck dick & fuck ass

129-Young gym boys persuaded to suck dick & fuck ass-001

Marcel Lavrov abandons his aerobics so he can persuade Ariel Varga to engage in a one-to-one session that neither lad (or you!) are likely to forget in a hurry.
Lavrov is nothing if not persuasive, and before long he’s stripping his buddy of his clothes and inviting him to suck on the thick, meaty poleaxe that he’s got stuffed in his shorts. The lad then proceeds to suck the hell out of his buddy’s big dick! Then he and Lavrov engage in some kinky toy-play to spice up the encounter even further.
Of course the pinnacle of this top-notch encounter comes when Lavrov finally goes the whole hog and thrusts his by-now over-swollen shaft deep inside Varga’s ass-hole
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