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Eurocreme – Dads Fucking Lads – Father Figure



Indulging ourselves in Misha Dante, this new face is sure to be a hit, and skinny twink Aaron is the first to get fucked by this handsome hunk. Misha’s blonde hair covers him from head to toe, with a hot beard, even hotter chest hair on top of his nicely defined pecs and abs, and of course his ass and legs makes him the perfect young dad to fuck super skinny Aaron. (more…)

NextDoorStudios – Daddy’s Deep Dick



When Xander Brave comes home from school in the middle of the day, he’s not expecting his mom’s boyfriend to be there. Dean Phoenix is equally surprised to see Xander so early, and especially concerned with the pain Xander keeps alluding to. No longer able to ignore the obvious discomfort Xander is in, Dean tells him to lay down for a massage & grabs his oils, only to find Xander naked with a towel over his bare ass. Dean smiles when he sees Xander but laughs it off and begins to massage Xander’s ailing muscles, but when Xander lifts his leg and tells Dean he can take it as deep as he can give it, Dean can no longer pretend he’s not tempted.
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NextDoorStudios – Mom’s Big Dick Boyfriend


Dakota Young has been clashing with his mom’s boyfriend since the beginning, and today it seems to have all finally come to a head. As Dakota rifles though the bags of birthday gifts Dean got for Dakota’s mother, he finds a naughty little gift that he’d like to try out for himself, so he pillages the bag and locks himself in his room to try out the massive new dildo. Dean quickly realizes Dakota’s plan, and picks his lock, only to find Dakota spread eagle on the bed with a dildo up his hole.
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FrenchTwinks – Horny twink for perv handyman



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Julien calls up Steph Killer, a handyman that he knows, to hang some pictures on his wall. Soon after Steph arrived, the twink started having ‘Daddy’s Boy’ fantasies and wondering about the size of the older man’s dick. Julien wanted it, he had to have it, and he wasted little time in letting ‘Daddy’ know exactly what he wanted. (more…)

FrenchTwinks – Beautiful boy ass-fucked in a public restroom


Naughty boy Camille Kenzo has invited older man Clement to go clubbing with him. Clement soon learns Camille’s intentions aren’t limited to dancing and drinking. It’s been a while now that this ‘Daddy’ has been fantasizing about this beautiful young boy he met on the internet.
Clement is a handsome guy who is devastatingly charming and is being filmed for the first time. After a short time of rubbing up against young Camille on the dance floor, Clement leads the innocent looking young boy into the bathroom. He soon finds himself getting sucked off greedily by the young twink, and he returns the favor by playing with the boy’s firm round ass. Not caring who might walk in on them, big-dicked ‘Daddy’ Clement brutally ass-fucks Camille and the twink’s cries of pain only serve to make Clement fuck the boy harder!
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FrenchTwinks – Fucked by my football coach!


After his team lost, the young Xavier Sibley gets yelled at in the locker room by his coach, who is played by Steph Killer. Xavier soon learns he will only be forgiven if he submits to a very hard fucking.
Steph smashes Xavier’s tight little ass with his big stiff ‘Daddy Dick’ until he can’t hold back any longer. The coach squirts his big load on the twink’s sweet young baby face. A hard and intense scene indeed!
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FrenchTwinks – Don’t Break Daddy’s Eggs!


Steph Killer, a gruff ‘Daddy’, gives a very perverse life lesson to his two 18 year old ‘boys’, Julien and Arthur, who had the misfortune to break the fresh eggs. First, he has the boys kneel before him, and they look up adoringly as they worship their ‘Daddy’s’ big dick with their hungry young mouths!
Then, with his huge 8.7 inch dick, Steph fucks them, going from one boy’s tight hole to the other, and the two cute ‘Daddy’s Boys’ squeak like virgins under his onslaught. ‘Daddy’ finishes his punishment with a double facial cum shot. This is a very unique scene, not to be missed!
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FrenchTwinks – A boy’s first time with a man


Nicolas is a young, 20 year old twink whose sore lack of sexual experience has left him desperate for cock. Edouard, an ultra-hot older guy, helps him discover all kinds of man on boy pleasure.
The twink is quickly put at ease by Edouard, who first gives him a good lesson in sucking cock before playing with his tight little hole and penetrating him. Nicolas moans with pleasure under the powerful trusts of the ‘Daddy’ and now gets a good squirt before enjoying his own.
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