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MissionaryBoys – Living Sacrifice Part II


Elder Clark and Elder Jones have heard whispers of the Living Sacrifice for a long time, and this week the rumors are confirmed. They stumble upon the masked boy lounging in the back of the temple and proceed to pleasure his muscular body. The two missionaries suck the masked boy’s cock, fuck his sacred hole, and paint each other in his cum!

MissionaryBoys – Elder Clarke – Chapter 6: Second Anointing


MissionaryBoys brings you a hot daddy-son threeway this week, with macho Bishop Doves instructing Elder Jones how to please Elder Clarke. The sweet little twink is stripped naked and worshipped on an altar, and then spit-roasted by the older man and his hung young missionary companion. In an explosive finale, the two boys and the older man take turns shooting big gooey loads on Elder Clarke’s hole and belly.

EnigmaticBoys – Unwin – Sweet As A Cherry – Pt 1


I don’t know what it is about Unwin, but every time I see this boy naked, the instant stiffening of my dick gets me feelin’ kinda ‘Fatherly’, if you know what I mean… (Oh relax, he’s 18, so I can fantasize anything I want with this pretty young boy)!


“You go ahead and play with your dick, Sonny Boy, Daddy’s gonna bury his tongue, then his cock, deep inside your tight young asshole!”


MissionaryBoys – Elder Clarke – Chapter 4: The Calling


Teen angel Elder Clarke submits to hot daddy President Lewis (Joel Someone) this week in The Calling. The boy is just to the older man’s taste: blonde, petite and very young. After an invasive inspection of the boy’s body, the man slides his cock in and pounds his fragile frame. They make love so violently it can be heard throughout the temple, and as the man cums he chokes the boy until his face is red.

Elders Jones, Clarke & Hansen – Chapter 3/2/1: The Jealousy Cure


Elder Jones has formed a strong, new bond with his new companion, Elder Clarke, but he still misses his previous companion, Elder Hansen. Jones hasn’t seen much of Hansen since they were split up, but thanks to bad stomach bug, Elder Hansen has to leave his new companion and join up with Jones and Clarke until he recovers. With the three horny boys stuck in their tiny apartment, it was clear there was going to be some tensions between the old and new boys. Elder Jones doesn’t want to see his companions fights. Instead, he tells them the best way to get over any jealousies is for them to see just how sexy each other are for themselves!

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