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Eurocreme – While Waiting For Daddy

15 While Waiting For Daddy

Little twink Aaron is resting up in his and Mr Dom’s bed all alone. Chilling with some music whilst his man is out and about, he use the time to prep his hungry hole for the hard fuck session he’s sure to get when his master returns! Pulling out some very large dildos, his smooth hole instantly opens up and takes a big black butt plug, his impressive dick standing to attention as he plays with his own hole, getting bigger and bigger toys into his ass, even sticking a giant pink one to the wall and backing his slim, lithe body onto it and taking it all the way to the balls, over and over, showing us the full length of rubber sliding in and out of that smooth hole, his face showing he loves every inch that works into him.

French Twinks – Beautiful boy ass-fucked in a public restroom


Naughty boy Camille Kenzo has invited older man Clement to go clubbing with him. Clement soon learns Camille’s intentions aren’t limited to dancing and drinking. It’s been a while now that this ‘Daddy’ has been fantasizing about this beautiful young boy he met on the internet.
Clement is a handsome guy who is devastatingly charming and is being filmed for the first time. After a short time of rubbing up against young Camille on the dance floor, Clement leads the innocent looking young boy into the bathroom. He soon finds himself getting sucked off greedily by the young twink, and he returns the favor by playing with the boy’s firm round ass. Not caring who might walk in on them, big-dicked ‘Daddy’ Clement brutally ass-fucks Camille and the twink’s cries of pain only serve to make Clement fuck the boy harder!
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Eurocreme – Strip Searched


Conducting a surprise search, uber twink James Lewis is patted down by bearded Logan Moore who finds a suspect package between his legs! Searching out for more, Logan probes James’ ass with his fingers, working them deep! Finding nothing, James is visibly turned on, and Logan takes full advantage of this! Fucking him hard there and then against the wall of the cell, he’s going to teach this lad that he can’t get one over on the officers, not without retribution! After a hard fuck, James is pushed down to suck on the cock that was moment sago slamming his butt, Logan slowly strips off, showing his tanned hairy body and toned muscular torso. The fucks not over yet though as Logan returns to ploughing that delicious asshole, pulling him down on top of him and then doggy-style, the views of deep penetration are amazing and as the sweat starts to glisten on the officer’s body, the cum spurts from Logan and covers James’ pale butt cheek. The job’s done, the lesson is learnt and Logan leaves James to finish himself, shooting all over his body, nearly hitting his own face!

French Twinks – Don’t Break Daddy’s Eggs!


Steph Killer, a gruff ‘Daddy’, gives a very perverse life lesson to his two 18 year old ‘boys’, Julien and Arthur, who had the misfortune to break the fresh eggs. First, he has the boys kneel before him, and they look up adoringly as they worship their ‘Daddy’s’ big dick with their hungry young mouths!
Then, with his huge 8.7 inch dick, Steph fucks them, going from one boy’s tight hole to the other, and the two cute ‘Daddy’s Boys’ squeak like virgins under his onslaught. ‘Daddy’ finishes his punishment with a double facial cum shot. This is a very unique scene, not to be missed!
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Gay Teen Studio – GTS – Taras: Dildo Fuck


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I think Gay Teen Studio’s Taras is absolutely Hot As Fuck! I love everything about him, his pretty face, his naughty smile, his firm round bubble-butt, but most of all, I love that sweet little uncut cock he’s got dangling between his legs. And let me tell you, seeing Taras fuck his sweet ass with his realistic looking rubber dick dildo has this ‘Daddy’ dangerously close to creaming his jeans! (more…)

French Twinks – A boy’s first time with a man


Nicolas is a young, 20 year old twink whose sore lack of sexual experience has left him desperate for cock. Edouard, an ultra-hot older guy, helps him discover all kinds of man on boy pleasure.
The twink is quickly put at ease by Edouard, who first gives him a good lesson in sucking cock before playing with his tight little hole and penetrating him. Nicolas moans with pleasure under the powerful trusts of the ‘Daddy’ and now gets a good squirt before enjoying his own.
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French Twinks – Sexual role reversal


After several days of filming Theo Ford and Camille Kenzo know each other well and it’s a very good ambiance in the house. Sexy young Camille, always horny and full of ideas, is looking for a new sexual challenge. He decides to take his chances with Theo, the muscular top man of the house, by making him a submissive bottom.
Camille surprises Theo in the kitchen and playfully sprays him with whipped cream as a way to get him in the mood. Faced with so much motivation and desire, Theo offers his hungry ass to the young twink … Although he’s a bottom, Theo reminds the boy who the ‘Daddy’ of the group is by shooting a huge facial cumshot on Camille’s sweet young face.
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French Twinks – A Canadian Teen in Paris


Skyler Dallon, a cute young Canadian just 19 years old spent a few days on holiday in Paris. While he explores the french capital for the first time, he gets lost and asks for directions from two handsome strangers… Theo Ford and Anthony Sollis. Theo gets a few ideas in his head on what to do with the boy and offers to accompany him to the Eiffel Tower…
After a day of sightseeing, Skyler is exhausted and accepts Theo’s invitation to have a drink at his place. When Sykler asks if he can shower to cool off, Theo take the opportunity to accompany him! Skyler sucks Theo’s cock under the dripping water and the excitement between them mounts. Theo becomes quite interested in the boy’s tight little asshole and throws him down on the bed to lick his sweet ass. Skyler moans with pleasure from the deep rimming then Theo deeply fucks the boy’s ass with all his power. The boy’s moans only encourage Theo to pick up the pace and give even more power to his thrusts increasing the intensity of the fucking. For the grand finale Theo unload’s his balls fully all over Skyler’s face.
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Gay Teen Studio – GTS – Marat – 3


Sweet Mother Of Fuck, Marat! If this boy was my boy, this ‘Daddy’ would be teaching him a new game ‘Daddy’ just thought up. The game is called ‘Family Food’, and the rules are simple: ‘Daddy’ gets to taste Marat’s dick, eat Marat’s asshole, and swallow Marat’s cum…then its only fair that ‘Daddy’ gets to feed his Baby-Boy some stiff ‘Daddy-Dick’! Best thing about this game? Everybody wins, ’cause everybody cums! (more…)