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ThugBoy – Day Day + Tyler Trenton in Locker Fuck


“Day Day and his homie Tyler chillin in that locker room hot as fuck after the game, so they gon have to take their clothes off and get their fuck on. Day Day whips out his big fat cock and commands Tyler to get on his knees and suck dat shit. Tyler takes all dat dick in and then begs Day Day to fuck his ass real good and he does. He just pounds that hole so fuckin hard all over the place til he can’t hold it in no mo and busts a fat one all over that sexy ass brotha!” FlavaWorks

ThugBoy – Avery Alexander + Gabriel Grant


“Alexander and Gabriel are in serious need of some green but have to chill for a bit in the meantime. These young fuckin thugs are so damn horny they can’t ever keep their dicks in their pants so you know what they’re gonna do while they wait. Gabriel’s a skinny brutha but ain’t nothin small about his fat piece and there’s nothing he loves more than being balls deep in a tight ass. Alexander rides that shit like a champ and is in heaven bouncing up and down on it. Gabriel mounts him and drills that smooth hole relentlessly determined to get his nut. When he’s about to bust he pulls out and makes sure Alexander opens up nice and wide to swallow that juice that was building up.” FlavaWorks

ThugBoy – Detention Fuck Fest


“Day Day gettin his dick sucked in the corner of tha class room when instructor Kemancho busts in and yells at them bitches to knock dat shit off. Ain’t got no discipline and Kemancheo is pissed and makes them brothas do some bullshit busy work. He steps out and once again the boys start fuckin again. This time when Kemancheo comes back he’s like fuck it, I can’t fix these motherfuckas might as well join the orgy and get ma dick wet. This four some is of the hook, gettin real busy and dirty. Tons of action and some mega monster nuts!” FlavaWorks

ThugBoy – Antonio Alvarez + Gabriel Grant + Theo Rush


“Gabriel and Theo are two punk ass brothas who got themselves in detention again. Antonio stops in to do some cleaning and finds them there with no teacher around. Once he starts grabbin his dick these two thugs know what’s up and waste no time dropping trou. They take turns suckin on Antonio’s dick then get him bent over so Gabriel can eat out that tight ass. Theo goes first and opens that hole up, stuffing it full of dick, then Gabriel has a go at it with his huge fat pipe. Gabriel busts his nut all over Antonio’s ass, and Antonio works out a load on the teachers desk. Theo surprises everyone when he leans down and licks all that nut up cause that’s just how he do. Hot fuckin shit right there!” FlavaWorks

ThugBoy – Dejuan Diamond + Toxik Johnson


“Dejuan is kickin it with Toxik tryin to get to know him a lil better since he aint never met this brotha before. He suggests they play a lil game to see what he’s workin’ with. Toxik drops trou and shows Dejuan his big tool and Dejuan ends up gettin all of it in his mouth. Shit gets so hot Toxik decides he needs to get in dat ass and he drills it until Dejuan cant stop moaning. He busts an impressive nut all over Dejuans face and they decide to definitely play some more of this lil game again soon.” FlavaWorks

ThugBoy – Gabriel Grant + Virgil Valentine


“Gabriel and Virgil are kickin it in the locker room just shooting the shit and changing. Virgil happened to be commando today and when Gabriel saw him drop trou he was ready to take some of that. Gabe follows suit and strips while Virgil gets down to eat out that hot tight slim round ass. Virgil’s feelin all top today and Gabe takes it in every position. After a long session of fucking Gabriel is ready to unleash what’s in his nuts and he busts it all over Gabriel. Virgil quickly follows suit and unloads all over himself making a big sticky mess. Only thing to do after getting that messy is hit the showers.” FlavaWorks

ThugBoy – Dejuan Diamond + Koriss


“Korris is spendin the night over at Dejuans crib, gettin a little break from his girlfriend. Dejuan sets up the bed for him but Korris is horny as hell. He gets Dejuan down on his dick and tells him he sucks it better than his girl. You know Korris isn’t just happy with some head tho and he stuffs Dejuans tight ass and gets him backing it up on it. They bust dat nut and Dejuan lets Korris know to stop by again anytime his girl gets mad.” FlavaWorks