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FrenchTwinks – Two Parisians Guys in Nice



Paul Delay and Alexis Tivoli, our two young Parisians are spending their weekend in Nice (French Riviera). You must believe that the beach, the sun (and the cries of the gulls?) excite them because barely back to the hotel they jump on each other! Alexis and Paul kiss and caress while undressing. Paul unpacks Alexis’ pants and releases his big cock already hard as wood. (more…)

FrenchTwinks – Let Me Drive


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While blindfolded and hands handcuffed Anthony Sollis will have to submit himself to the perverted wishes of Vincent Tyle. The two beautiful 18 year old boys kiss sensually and caress each others bodies until they both become hard. Vincent then moves down along Anthony’s hairless body and starts sucking him. The twink shivers with pleasure and in turn grabs Vincent’s big cock who’s groaning loudly. The excitement is at its highest and now nothing can stop Vincent who’s determined to fuck his friend with all his power.
Anthony, still tied and blindfolded groans loudly as Vincent gives it his all, using all his energy to pleasure his submissive partner. Anthony ends by cumming with Vincent’s cock still in him, just before to receiving a fat cum-shot on his face.

FrenchTwinks – Alexis Tivoli Challenges Baptiste Garcia


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Alexis shows Baptiste the gifts he got for his birthday and drew his attention to a grenade shaped dildo which he doesn’t know what to do with. Alexis thinks this wide plug is only good for decoration, for his part, Baptiste seems very interested in this sex toy and then Alexis challenges him to try it.
The two boys start undressing and kissing languorously. While Baptiste begins to jack off, Alexis titillates his anus before licking it. Once Baptiste is excited and well lubricated with saliva, Alexis introduces the plug in his ass. Alexis is then sucked deeply by Baptiste still playing with the plug. Alexis cannot resist and puts Baptiste on all fours to fuck him vigorously. Baptiste finishes by exploding while still being fucked, just before getting a thick facial cum-shot!

FrenchTwinks – Sensual Submissive Experience


While Yoan Desanges is innocently jacking off in his room, Alexis Tivoli appears behind him and blindfolds him. Alexis has prepared a little surprise for the 18 year old blond, he will initiate him into the world of bondage. The two boys kiss and Alexis brings Yoan to the bed and begins to massage him, especially his bubble butt. Yoan is ecstatic and lets himself be guided by the expert hands of Alexis who then handcuffs him and gives him his stiff cock to suck.
After some hot foreplay and ass eating, Alexis penetrates the tight ass of Yoan and starts to fuck him passionately. The twink is still blindfolded and handcuffed and Alexis returns him to his back to fuck his smooth bottom harder. Yoan will push a final groan before cumming on the sheets and to give his angelic face Alexis to receive a nice facial cum shot.
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FrenchTwinks – Three horny students


Already very late to get to class, Vincent Tyle wakes Alexis Tivoli vigorously and stresses to him to dress quickly, but today Alexis really does not want to wake up and kisses his roommate tenderly. Both twinks then fall in bed, Alexis unbuttons Vincent’s shirt and kisses him passionately before starting to sucking his cock. Vincent is moaning loudly and then sucks in his turn Alexis dick while licking and fingering his ass.
While the two boys began to be super excited, Yoan Desanges, enters the room and surprises them naked. Very enterprising, Alexis invites Yoan to join them in bed.
Alexis and Vincent fuck in turn the tight ass of Yoan who’s crying under the onslaught of these two very well endowed twinks. While one is getting sucked in deep throat, the other one is fucking strong the blond boy. Alexis and Vincent will end by squirting on Yoan’s angelic face, covering him with their thick cum.
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FrenchTwinks – Camille Kenzo’s private solos


Here as a little bonus from our “American Tour” we bring you “The best of Camille’s solos”.
Our twink star offers private and sensual moments and three superb abundant ejaculations… Who was he thinking about while masturbating ? Maybe Andy Taylor, Sean Duran, Theo Ford or a stranger he met at a party in Las Vegas… We will never know.
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FrenchTwinks – Skyler Dallon’s Holiday in Paris



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After following Theo Ford to his bed, Skyler Dallon, our young Canadian boy on holiday in Paris, comes to visit Anthony Sollis. Curious, Anthony asked him how was the night with Theo, despite the language barrier which results a funny exchange between the two boys in a kind of “Frenglish”, Anthony understands that Skyler is always horny and adores sex… So he jumps on him! (more…)

FrenchTwinks – Anthony Sollis’ jock strapped ass fucked


Baptiste’s birthday is coming and Xavier Sibley invites him to celebrate his 18th birthday at home with some friends. Before the birthday party, Anthony Sollis arrives with Xavier. Anthony is very interested in the gift Xavier has for Baptiste: a sexy jock-strap!
When Anthony models the jock-strap for Baptiste, Xavier jumps on him. The two twinks kiss and caress before the wicked Anthony sucks Xavier’s dick, teasingly poking out his sexy jock-strapped ass. Xavier licks Anthony’s ass to prepare him before plunging in his thick dick. Xavier is also comfortable in bottoming and takes a deep ass pounding. Just turned 18 Anthony is with us for the very first time! The boys finish this sexy scene with two beautiful big cum-shots across the twink’s cute face!
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FrenchTwinks – Cute boy blindfolded and fucked


In a romantic and mysterious atmosphere lit only by the glow of candles, Camille finds himself blindfolded, lying naked on the sofa. The twink is at the mercy of Samuel who decides to tease and play with every part of the boy’s body before entering it.
This is the first time that Camille lends himself to this kind of naughty game and his sensations are heightened by the unfamiliar situation. After being sucked, licked and his ass opened wide with a dildo, Samuel begins to fuck the handsome young man with passion. But beware, this is a spiced up scene and Camille will turn to our beautiful Samuel kissing and caressing, enjoying every moment before ending with a wonderful facial cum shot.
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FrenchTwinks – Young offenders


Due to being caught repeatedly for exposing themselves in public, the three twinks have to spend their time in custody in a cold and wet cell. Although the warden is watching and the atmosphere in the prison is hardly suitable, Camille, Elias and Alex cannot help but to give in to their sexual instincts and have a threesome.
Even if the warden does come with the authority to have them separated, the two bravest are too hot to stop and continue to fuck in their cell.
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