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FrenchTwinks – The Sport Shorts


In this new episode of our mini series “Boarding School Secrets”, Paul Delay goes to Justin Leroy’s room hoping to find his friend Lucas who was supposed to lend him shorts for the sports class. Justin is happy to rummage in his closet to help Paul but he especially encourages the twink to try the shorts to be sure that the size suits him. Paul, who’sshy undresses in front of Justin who observes him and gives him a look full of innuendos.
Justin enjoys being alone in his room with the handsome Paul to jump on him. The two boys kiss and touch each other undressing, Justin is hard as wood and Paul delights sucking this nice cock. Justin starts playing with Paul’s ass and fingers him deeply enjoying the view of this little hole that expands incredibly.
Justin then begins to fuck…
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FrenchTwinks – Vice Kitchen Episode 1


Chef Chris Loan comes to the help Jules and Corentin to try to save their restaurant which is on the brink of bankruptcy. The young couple are in crisis and their waiter Gabriel is completely lost in the middle of permanent disputes.
Jules, the jealous and unscathed cook spends his time arguing with his friend and partner Corentin who is an ominous lazy liar. The kitchen is sinful and the restaurant is empty.
In this first episode the Chef asks to talk one-on-one with Gabriel the adorable waiter. After a hectic day Chris has only one desire: to empty his balls to relax. This will be the opportunity for Gabriel to receive a first well deserved tip.

FrenchTwinks – French Fuck Lesson



Enzo Lemercier welcomes in his room Clark Lewis a young British eager to learn the basics of the French language. Always so naughty and mischievous Enzo will give Clark totally fanciful translations and make him repeat very explicit sentences. The blond will for example translate “Hello how are you?” By “Hello, I’m a fucking bitch”… and he laughs to see poor Clark applying to pronounce these words with his English accent. (more…)

FrenchTwinks – Memories and Reunion


Baptiste Garcia and Enzo Lemercier, two stars of French Twinks, return to their filming memories by browsing through the studio’s collectors photo book. All these delicious partners and these hot moments of sex naturally excite Baptiste and Enzo who hadseen each other for almost two years.
The two buddies begin to kiss and undress. They are quickly hard in their boxers and their beautiful cocks are soon out of their underwear. Baptiste and Enzo jack off each other then Baptiste sucks Enzo with all his know-how. Then it’s up to the blond to return the favor to Baptiste and offer him a long blowjob in deep throat…
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FrenchTwinks – Roommate in Love


After having each got a lesson from the Principal, Justin Leroy and Lucas Bouvier have an interest in sticking to the rules, but they willstay wise for long. The two boys are doing their homework in the room they share, but when Lucas calls Justin for help in solving a physics problem, it’s finally the physical relationships that take precedence over science!
Justin and Lucas kiss and their hands slip into their boxers to masturbate each other. The excitement rises and the two boys are now naked and their cocks hard as fuck. Lucas then invites Justin to suck him and tries to make him swallow his big cock to the end. The blonde miss to choke but the pleasure pushes him to exceed his limits. After a good blowjob Lucas turns Justin on the belly and start to eat his ass. The expert mouth and hands of Lucas make his buddy moan with pleasure and his little pink hole opens gradually.
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FrenchTwinks – Happy New Year 2020


To end 2019 in style and open the festivities for 2019 we offer you the very first “Gang Bang” in the history of French Twinks Studios! No less than 5 of our models will share in turn the delicious little ass of Ethan Duval to celebrate the new year.
In a cozy atmosphere, our six handsome boys kiss and play sensually with ice cubes and champagne. The eroticism of the situation and the voyeur – exhib games excite them to the highest point and they are quickly hard as wood. The bodies are mixed, hands are wandering and Enzo, Doryann, Lucas, Justin, Alexis and Ethan are soon naked, wearing a simple bow tie. The six boys are interacting in hot foreplays sucking and jacking off mutually.
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FrenchTwinks – Two Cute Newbies for Baptiste


Corentin Tessier and Erwan Lamour kiss passionately and throw themselves in bed to make lustful intercourse. Their tongues intertwine and their hands slip into their swim shorts. The two young twinks are naked and begin to masturbate each other… But Erwan and Corentin have forgotten that they shared the apartment with the very naughty Baptiste Garcia who observes them discreetly hidden behind the screen. Suddenly Baptiste jumps into the bed and surprises the two boys in action! Impossible to resist this beautiful surprise, since Baptiste is naked and already hard as wood…
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FrenchTwinks – Sexual Impact



Jules jogs by the sea side when he bumps into Ryan who is focused on his phone. The young twink falls and hurts his back. Ryan, who has more ideas, naturally invites Jules to his home to be forgiven by offering him a back massage. Ryan’s hands glide over the smooth body of Jules lying in bed and a bump forms in his shorts. Ryan, who was just waiting for it turns Jules on his back and when their eyes meet, the two boys are irresistibly attracted to each other. Ryan then kisses his guest and the two twinks, already hard begin to caress and suck each other… (more…)

FrenchTwinks – Hotter than Soccer


During the 2018 Soccer World Cup, on a hot summer afternoon Jules Laroche invited Gabriel Lambert and Erwan Lamour to watch a match. To avoid getting too hot, the three boys are wearing just underwear and while Jules seems passionate about football Gabriel and Erwan are terribly bored. Gabriel tries to steal the remote from Jules’s hands to turn off the TV and a fight breaks out. It does not matter if Jules wants to watch his match, Gabriel and Erwan will not be discouraged by him! The two beautiful twinks begin to kiss on the sofa and quickly their cocks harden in their boxers. At first Jules remains impassive to the foreplay of his two friends but when they start to jack off he cannot resist joining them…
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FrenchTwinks – Truth or Dare


Three young twinks Gabriel Lambert, Delay Paul, Enzo Lemercier and our muscular star Chris Loan are gathered to play “Truth or Dare”. Between porn actors, the questions quickly give way to action and the four beautiful boys kiss, suck, masturbate, eat ass and fuck in an intense orgy.
There are the two accomplices Chris and Enzo who lead the dance with their submissive partners that they exchange to fuck them in turn…
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