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FrenchTwinks – Young wanker fucked as a toy


Young Loïc Miller is alone at home testing out several sex toys and jacking off in the living room when Chris Loan comes home earlier than expected and surprises the twink naked on the sofa, Loïc is embarrassed but Chris is very excited by the situation and begins to kiss him. Loïc cannot resist to the big cock of Chris standing in front of his mouth. For the Rest of the Story (at FrenchTwinks.com)…Click Here

FrenchTwinks – Twinks New Years Eve


Matteo sucks Enzo’s erect cock while the blonde begins to finger him. The two twinks groan and get more and more excited. Matteo’s ass is gradually expanding and he doesn’t take long to impale himself on Enzo. Matteo rides the beautiful blonde and the sexual intensity climbs again between the two young slender ephebe’s who’re fucking face to face. For the Rest of the Story (at FrenchTwinks.com)…Click Here

FrenchTwinks – Hot Milk for Breakfast


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Luke Allen is relaxing in his hotel room watching porn and jacking off when the room service waiter Alexis Tivoli arrives in his room. Both guys are surprised by this unusual situation, but Alexis is really helpful and offers his assistance to the young American who accepts with a naughty look.
Luke sucks Alexis’s stiff dick while the French twink starts to tongue his ass. The blond groans under the licks, he is now ready to get fucked on all fours. Alexis gives all his power and passionately pounds Luke Allen in different positions until he makes him cum mightily. For the grand finale Alexis squirts a huge load of cum on the tight hot ass of Luke.

French Twinks – Tickle Me, Tongue Me, Fuck Me!


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Baptiste Garcia decides to wake Angel Diaz from his nap by tickling him. The little game amuses our two twinks who then begin to lose their clothes. If Angel pretends to give up, it’s only to better jump on Baptiste to kiss him passionately. The two 18 year old boys are soon lying naked in bed and Angel moves down Baptiste’s body to suck his stiff cock.
Baptiste pushes anal beads ball by ball into Angel’s tight hole causing him to moan in pleasure. While jacking off, Baptiste fingers and licks his young partner’s ass then fucks him in various positions before cumming on his pretty face!

FrenchTwinks – A Night of Ecstasy


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During a romantic trip to Paris, Matteo Lavigne and Abel Lacourt share a hotel room getting ready to go out, but Matteo cannot decide on his choice of underwear. The twink asks Abel’s advice, but his roommate seems more interested in the content of his underwear than the way it looks on him. Abel seizes the bulging package of Matteo and draws him close to kiss him.
The two 18 year old boys kiss and caress while undressing slowly. Matteo runs his tongue along Abel’s hairless body before heading down to his thick and hard cock. The blowjob quickly turns into a hot 69. Abel is licking and fingering the tight hole of Matteo, while he’s sucking. Once the ass is prepared Abel begins to fuck him vigorously. On all fours, standing at the edge of the bed, on the back, on the side, Abel is unleashed and uses all his energy to satisfy Matteo making him cum profusely.

French Twinks – Champagne Romance


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Alexis Tivoli celebrates slightly late the 18th birthday of his friend Angel Diaz. These two handsome twinks are preparing to spend an unforgettable night together.
Angel licks sensually the Champagne flowing on the body of Alexis, before dropping his boxers. Angel begins to suck Alexis’s dick with an ice cube in his mouth. Alexis shivers with pleasure and starts to play with the tight ass of the smooth twink.
A passionate 69 ensues, alternating mutual blowjob and rimming begins between the two boys before Alexis, who’s now very excited starts to penetrate his young partner. Angel is moaning loudly and relishes on the thick dick of Alexis as evidenced by the growing bulge in his jock-strap. Alexis then moves Angel on his back to fuck him harder and to be able to watch his expanding hole that he will pound until to get close to cumming. Alexis ends with a plentiful and powerful cum-shot on Angel’s face.

French Twinks – Punished By His Sport Trainer


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Our star athlete Chris Loan decided to give sport training in the garden to Abel Lacourt, Matteo Lavigne, Paul Delay and Nolan Lacroix. The four twinks somehow follow the pace of their coach under a blazing sun but Matteo seems more interested in fiddling with Abel than to do any sport. Chris also has some ideas in mind and takes this opportunity to give a little lesson in discipline and demands respect from Matteo inviting him to suck his big cock.
The 18-year-old twink, as surprised as he is excited by the situation submits and his comrades didmiss out on the situation. Paul, Nolan and Abel began to jack of in their sports shorts then join the action to start a “bukkake” in which Matteo’s mouth will go from dick to dick in a frantic rhythm. The twink is going to suck, lick and masturbate these four beautiful juicy cocks until he receives, full face, an explosion of cum.

FrenchTwinks – Big Tool for a Young Apprentice


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Angel Diaz is a new workshop apprentice who is apparently not very gifted in “DIY”. Chris Loan gets angry at the incompetence of his trainee and tells him he’s “good for nothing”… until he decides to have the boy suck on his stiff cock.
Chris hardens quickly under the skillful lashing of the boy’s tongue. Chris then undresses Angel and lays him on the workbench to taste his ass. Chris’s rimming makes the cute boy moan with pleasure, which intensely excites our virile male. Chris then fucks Angel again and again until Chris ends up blowing a ton of cum on the boy’s face.

French Twinks – Timothe Interrupts Abel’s Morning Wank


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Abel Lacourt just finished jerking off in his room when his roommate Timothe Besse surprises him, still with cock in hand and belly covered with cum. Timothe discovers that Abel was watching a gay porn instead of studying and the situation excites him a lot. Timothy licks the hot boy juice off the hairless body of Abel and the two cute twinks start kissing and caressing. Timothe is jacking off the beautiful cock of Abel and then he starts to suck it.
The twink moans with pleasure getting his dick and balls licked and Abel is now interested in the bottom of his friend. The 18 twink starts eating the ass of Timothe and plays with his tight little hole. Timothe groaned under the hits of the guys tongue and fingers penetrating him. At the sight of his sweet ass that, Abel who’s usually a bottom, has to fuck it. Abel starts to move back and forth in Timothe’s ass. The pace quickens and Abel then turns Timothe on his back to fuck him deeper and harder until he ejaculates on his face.