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FrenchTwinks – Alexis Brings the House Down


Alexis Tivoli and Gabriel Lambert meet fortuitously in the toilets of a bar “The Red Kafé”. The two boys jostle and exchange a look full of passion. Alexis then kisses Gabriel who was just waiting for that. We find the handsome Gabriel on his knees in the W.C. sucking Alexis passionately. The big cock of Alexis comes and goes in the greedy mouth of the twink and excitement rises up. The two twinks cannot wait anymore to fuck and go back home to continue their affair. Alexis and Gabriel undress, caress, kiss and masturbate each other. Their two beautiful cocks are hard and Gabriel offers a deep throat blowjob to his partner who moans with pleasure…
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FrenchTwinks – I want your Joystick



While Alexis Tivoli is totally focused in his video game, his roommate Celian Meyer gets bored while waiting for his turn. The young twink tries several times to distract Alexis and catch the joystick but nothing works. To try to take Alexis from his game console Celian begins a striptease and when his buttocks is naked he jumps on Alexis to kiss him. It’s impossible to resist the pretty little ass of Celian and the two boys begin to kiss and undress each other. Celian then grabs the big cock of Alexis to lick and suck it passionately…
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FrenchTwinks – A New Toyboy for Jules


Since his recent debut at French Twinks, Jules Laroche is eager to test all our twinks! We offer him the adorable Celian Meyer to complete his role of top. The two boys have a lot of affinities and Celian, who likes to be particularly submissive, is going to serve as an escape valve to our powerful and well endowed top. The two twinks jump into the bed and kiss, Jules is hard immediately and Celian begins to play with the big bulge that formed in the boxer of his partner. Jules islong being he releases his monster cock, hard as ever and to pushes it into the mouth of Celian who sucks him passionately. Jules then returns to Celian to eat his ass in a sixty-nine position while he continues to get sucked…
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FrenchTwinks – Paul and Enzo Reunion


If Enzo Lemercier and Paul Delay are two of the most popular models of our studios they have so far only shared threesome and fourway including in our series “Slutty HighSchool Boys”. So, we decided to bring them together for a face to face drink and Enzo, like Paul, doesn’t resist temptation for long. The two twinks begin to kiss and Paul slips a hand in the pants of Enzo in the bar before moving to the toilets. Excited as hell they are quick to come back home to realize their fantasies in the privacy of their living room. The two beautiful twinks undress each other while kissing and caressing, the complicity is perfect and their stiff cocks inflate their underwear ready to explode…
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FrenchTwinks – A Young XXL Cock for Paul


Paul Delay discovered Jules Laroche and his generous attributes by watching his scene with Gabriel during a previous shooting. Since that day our twink star has fantasized about this huge cock and we have naturally gathered the two boys for this explosive scene. Paul and Jules begins to kiss and undress gradually. Jules is hard as wood and Paul plays with his cock through his boxers. The excitement is rising and Paul then begins to suck this nice long thick cock. Jules delights in the expert mouth of Paul who then comes to sit on Jules…
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FrenchTwinks – Fusion and Passion


Since their meeting on the set of our series “Slutty High School Boys”, Enzo Lemercier and Jonathan Garnier had a crazy desire to fuck together and today it is done! The sex is passionate and without taboo between these two beautiful French twinks who start with hot tongues games before undressing and releasing their cocks ready to explode. Enzo pushes his cock into Jonathan’s greedy mouth who’s sucking him while jacking off…
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FrenchTwinks – Sex Before Exams


Gabriel Lambert is an applied student and he spends a lot of time studying. This zeal of work isto the taste of his friend Jules Laroche and even less on a Sunday. Jules knows the weak point of Gabriel and throws himself on him to tickle him. The twink laughs loudly trying to fight but the fun takes over his seriousness and he lets Jules kissing him. The two boys lie on the couch and undress gradually while kissing. Jules’s huge dick is already hard when Gabriel takes off his boxer’s and the beautiful ephebe begins to suck it…
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FrenchTwinks – Give me your Body



To welcome our newbie Bastien Leray, our lovely Paul Delay offers him a relaxing massage. Paul’s soft hands glide over Bastien’s smooth body and touch every part of his anatomy. When Paul returns Bastien on the back to massage his belly, he takes the opportunity to caress his crotch and the bump in the underwear of Bastien visibly grows. Bastien’s breathing accelerates and his erection is impossible to hide. Paul then removes Bastien’s underwear and gets naked also to continue his body to body massage, before being carried away by desire and slip his mouth to the huge cock of Bastien.Continue Reading: FrenchTwinks – Give me your Body

FrenchTwinks – EP4 One Hour Detention


During their hour of detention, Paul, Enzo and Gabriel expect to copy lines but their biology teacher, more perverse than ever, improvises a practical course of anatomy before inflicting them a punishment from another time. The innocent Gabriel Lambert is called to undress in front of his hilarious classmates to be used as an anatomical model in a true feat of exhibition. The high school student embarrassed by this unexpected situation shyly takes off his shirt but his teacher expects more. Gabriel blushes again and tries to argue when Mr. Marguet joining the gesture to the word drops down his pants and his underwear. The young man is now completely naked in front of his class and his teacher begins to describe his anatomy. For the Rest of the Story (at FrenchTwinks.com)…Click Here