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FrenchTwinks – Young wanker fucked as a toy


Young Loïc Miller is alone at home testing out several sex toys and jacking off in the living room when Chris Loan comes home earlier than expected and surprises the twink naked on the sofa, Loïc is embarrassed but Chris is very excited by the situation and begins to kiss him. Loïc cannot resist to the big cock of Chris standing in front of his mouth. For the Rest of the Story (at FrenchTwinks.com)…Click Here

FrenchTwinks – Twinks New Years Eve


Matteo sucks Enzo’s erect cock while the blonde begins to finger him. The two twinks groan and get more and more excited. Matteo’s ass is gradually expanding and he doesn’t take long to impale himself on Enzo. Matteo rides the beautiful blonde and the sexual intensity climbs again between the two young slender ephebe’s who’re fucking face to face. For the Rest of the Story (at FrenchTwinks.com)…Click Here

FrenchTwinks – Hot Milk for Breakfast


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Luke Allen is relaxing in his hotel room watching porn and jacking off when the room service waiter Alexis Tivoli arrives in his room. Both guys are surprised by this unusual situation, but Alexis is really helpful and offers his assistance to the young American who accepts with a naughty look.
Luke sucks Alexis’s stiff dick while the French twink starts to tongue his ass. The blond groans under the licks, he is now ready to get fucked on all fours. Alexis gives all his power and passionately pounds Luke Allen in different positions until he makes him cum mightily. For the grand finale Alexis squirts a huge load of cum on the tight hot ass of Luke.

FrenchTwinks – Big Tool for a Young Apprentice


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Angel Diaz is a new workshop apprentice who is apparently not very gifted in “DIY”. Chris Loan gets angry at the incompetence of his trainee and tells him he’s “good for nothing”… until he decides to have the boy suck on his stiff cock.
Chris hardens quickly under the skillful lashing of the boy’s tongue. Chris then undresses Angel and lays him on the workbench to taste his ass. Chris’s rimming makes the cute boy moan with pleasure, which intensely excites our virile male. Chris then fucks Angel again and again until Chris ends up blowing a ton of cum on the boy’s face.

French Twinks – Cum-Coated Initiation of 18 Year Old Nolan


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Chris Loan, Timothe Besse, Alexis Tivoli and Baptiste Garcia decided to give Nolan Lacroix a good hazing. The four boys blindfold the the 18-year-old twink and kneel him on the living room carpet. Chris, Baptiste, Timothe and Alexis then release their cocks and display them in front of Nolan’s mouth.
Nolan sucks each of the four beautiful dicks in turn, going from one to the other while jacking off. The young pledge is very talented at deep-throating and appreciates this bukkake. The four dominant twinks feast on this relaxing moment, kissing and fondling each other. They encourage Nolan to accelerate the pace until they are all ready to explode. Chris, Timothe, Alexis and Baptiste each sprinkle cum on the angelic face of Nolan with powerful and abundant ejaculations, including one oral.

FrenchTwinks – Camille: Apprentice Hairdresser


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In this scene, hairdresser Camille Kenzo plays with combs and scissors to take care of his model of the day, the beautiful Paul. Even if he’s very focused on the task, it will be impossible for Camille to go through with his cut without jumping wildly on his client!
In a flurry the hairdresser chair goes down and Camille who’s already hard puts his thick cock in Paul’s mouth to get sucked deeply. A short 69 style blowjob later and then Camille deploys all his energy to fuck Paul’s ass deeply. The twink stifles the cries of his partner by putting his hand over the boy’s mouth. Camille fucks Paul the most wildly we have ever seen. The boys really take pleasure in the scene and it shows as they end with an almost simultaneous ejaculation, including an explosive facial cumshot on Paul’s face.

French Twinks – Camille Kenzo Invites Angel Cruz to Paris


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Camille Kenzo has a real crush on Angel Cruz. It’s therefore very exciting that Camille invites Angel to spend a weekend with him in Paris. If Camille is a little shy and impressed by this date at first, Angel quickly does the necessary things to warm up the atmosphere. When Angel says to Camille during cooking that he would start the dinner with dessert the message is clear.
The two boys French kiss in the kitchen when Angel suddenly jumps puts his hard cock in Camille’s mouth. Camille delights at this beautiful cock, licking and sucking deeply. Then Camille enjoys the expert tongue of Angel who eats his ass with incredible passion fucking our young twink’s tight ass. Camille moans, Angel is excited and gives more. We lose control of the situation quickly and we let these two horny guys continue their exploits on the sofa in a hot “doggy style” position before Angel turns Camille on his back to fuck him deeply until he makes him scream with the pleasure of cumming. After Camille cums, Angel is quick to squirt a thick cumshot on the twink’s face.

FrenchTwinks – Sensual Submissive Experience


While Yoan Desanges is innocently jacking off in his room, Alexis Tivoli appears behind him and blindfolds him. Alexis has prepared a little surprise for the 18 year old blond, he will initiate him into the world of bondage. The two boys kiss and Alexis brings Yoan to the bed and begins to massage him, especially his bubble butt. Yoan is ecstatic and lets himself be guided by the expert hands of Alexis who then handcuffs him and gives him his stiff cock to suck.
After some hot foreplay and ass eating, Alexis penetrates the tight ass of Yoan and starts to fuck him passionately. The twink is still blindfolded and handcuffed and Alexis returns him to his back to fuck his smooth bottom harder. Yoan will push a final groan before cumming on the sheets and to give his angelic face Alexis to receive a nice facial cum shot.
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French Twinks – Chris and Baptiste Share Camille Kenzo


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Chris Loan finds Camille Kenzo by chance while jogging in Paris. Chris takes Camille home to his boyfriend Baptiste Garcia. At first Baptiste is jealous of Camille, but he quickly gives in and the boys share a hot threesome.
The three boys begin to suck each other then Chris eats Camille’s, before fucking him wildly. While Baptiste gets sucked by Camille the blonde takes Chris’s big cock! It’s then the turn of Baptiste to get his tight hole licked by Camille before being impaled on his hard cock. Chris takes over for Camille, now pounding his boyfriend deeply. The final act is a festival of powerful and abundant ejaculations.