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Gay Teen Studio – Taras: Dildo Fuck


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I think Gay Teen Studio’s Taras is absolutely Hot As Fuck! I love everything about him, his pretty face, his naughty smile, his firm round bubble-butt, but most of all, I love that sweet little uncut cock he’s got dangling between his legs. And let me tell you, seeing Taras fuck his sweet ass with his realistic looking rubber dick dildo has this ‘Daddy’ dangerously close to creaming his jeans! (more…)

Gay Teen Studio – Gosha + Valentine: Hot Ass Fuck!




In Daddy’s Dreams…Daddy would have his face buried right there in the middle of his Baby-Boys’ sweet Brotherly Fuck!

As a ‘versatile’ bisexual ‘Daddy’, this photo-set ‘makes my dick twitch’ on several different levels. First, I like to pretend the boys are brothers, and mine, and I’m watching them fuck. To make that scenario even hotter for me, I like to imagine I’m stripping out of my jeans to join them. Other times, I switch back and forth from trading places with Gosha, getting my tight ass deliciously fucked by Valentin; and taking Valentin’s place, fucking the shit out of Gosha’s tight young perfect ass! In any case, I hope you enjoy these beautiful boys as much as I do! (more…)