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LatinBoyz – Fine Fuckable Fernie


19 year old Fernie looked like a cute innocent 19 year old twink when we first met him. And from everything he TOLD us he is. But we’re not so sure. He told us he has never had sex with a guy and that no guy has even hit on him before. We have no way of knowing whether he had sex with a guy or not but we KNOW there is no way that no guys have ever hit on him. He’s just too fucking cute.Continue Reading: LatinBoyz – Fine Fuckable Fernie

LatinBoyz – Jess


We first saw Jess the way you see him in these photos, with no shirt on and wearing basketball shorts, while walking down the street on a hot winter day Decembers in LA are like that lol. His tight toned body was really sexy but we liked his curly hair and cute face, too. We won’t bother you with the details but obviously he likes to show off and he also turned out to dave a big uncut dick and hot ass, just the way we like ’em.latinboyz-horizontal-banner-2018

LatinBoyz – Fausto


latin-boyz-fausto-001latin-boyz-fausto-002latin-boyz-fausto-003latin-boyz-fausto-004latin-boyz-fausto-005Fausto is from a beautiful city in Southern Brazil named Porto Alegre. He loves hanging out at the beach and body surfing every chance he can get.
His dick is uncut and nine inches long. He always thought he had a normal size dick until his last couple of years in high school when he would catch other guys gawking at his big manhood. He soon learned how to take advantage of his big dick and had three separate guys giving him regular blow jobs in his senior year.
Continue Reading: LatinBoyz – Fausto

Latin Boyz – Maximo


latinboyz-Maximo-001latinboyz-Maximo-002latinboyz-Maximo-003latinboyz-Maximo-004We don’t mean to sound like a broken record but now we’re convinced that most cute skinny Latinos have HUGE uncut cocks. Our latest evidence: This week’s model Maximo! In the fine tradition of cute thin LatinBoyz with huge cocks like Myke, Chico Valle, Andres, DBoi, Legend, Taz, and Raptor just to name some recent examples along comes this sexy Puerto Rican papi. He was born and raised in Puerto Rico and has lived in the U.S. for about two years now. His life long dream has been to do porn and as you can see he has all the necessary requirements. Now we just have to find another model that can handle that monster cock.

Latin Boyz – Diez


latinboyz-diez-001latinboyz-diez-002latinboyz-diez-003latinboyz-diez-004latinboyz-diez-005latinboyz-diez-006Age 18 – Height 5′ 9″ – Weight 145 lbs. – Mexican-American
It’s been a while since we met any cute skaters outside our offices, so we were glad when we recently saw 18 year old Diez skating past us with his shirt off. He stopped at the plaza next door and started doing crunches and push ups which gave us the perfect opportunity to find out more about him.Continue Reading: Latin Boyz – Diez