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Enigmatic Boys – Eugene – Soft & Uncut


I don’t know about you but I’ve always found the sight of a boy’s soft uncut cock to be sort of magical! Of course, the real magic happens when that thing between the boy’s legs begins to stiffen and grow. In Eugene’s case, I’d kinda like to magically make his stiff dick disappear…in my mouth! (more…)

Enigmatic Boys – Dakota – A Sneak Peek At Bathtime


Sweet innocent Dakota is so busy playing around in the bathroom, I doubt he’ll notice if we decide to take a peek (or two) at his slender naked body. As we watch, you’ll notice his small, soft, uncut cock begins to grow and stiffen…(is it possible Dakota KNOWS we’re watching?) Maybe he’s not quite as ‘innocent’ as we thought?
Enigmatic Boys: Handsome, beautiful, barely legal teen boys (18 to 22 y.o.) from Europe and the Mediterranean in high quality photos and videos.