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Eurocreme – Bruno Fox and Lyle Boyce


So its Sunday and not wanting to stay in Lyle goes of to the local museum to be by himself and wander around some old masters. We see him later walking out with Spanish god Bruno fox. Lyle says that he has met Bruno in the gallery and he has invited him to come back to his place to check out the art he has on display. All 8 inches of it! Lyle gets savaged by Bruno in front of some impressive paintings and that concludes “A Weekend With Lyle Boyce,” a roller coaster of sex from start to finish!

Freshmen.net Online Photo-Video Galleries – 13


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121-freshmen-14195Issue 59 Scene 1
Freshmen.net – Serge Cavalli & Enrique Vera part 1
122-freshmen-14322Issue 59 Scene 2
Freshmen.net – Serge Cavalli & Enrique Vera part 2
123-freshmen-13700Issue 60 Scene 1
Freshmen.net – Joel Birkin & Christian Lundgren
124-freshmen-14196Issue 60 Scene 2
Freshmen.net – Pip Caulfield & Andre Boleyn
125-freshmen-13705Issue 61 Scene 1
Freshmen.net – Benoit Ulliel & Andre Boleyn
126-freshmen-14198Issue 61 Scene 2
Freshmen.net – Luca Carrera & Liam Efron
127-freshmen-14199Issue 62 Scene 1
Freshmen.net – Felix Gaul & Dylan Maguire
128-freshmen-14200Issue 62 Scene 2
Freshmen.net – Nino Valens & Justin Saradon
129-freshmen-14201Issue 63 Scene 1
Freshmen.net – Kirk Gauguin & Jason Bacall
130-freshmen-14202Issue 63 Scene 2
Freshmen.net – Sven Basquiat & Pip Caulfield
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Eight Inches Below: Skyler’s an Energetic Bottom

03 Eight Inches Below Skyler's an Energetic Bottom For Jimmy

Online MP4 Video Clip
It might be cold outside but all that playful fun in the snow soon has Jimmy Little and Skyler Dallon heading inside to warm up in the best way possible! Making out on the couch has them all worked up in moments, their stiff dicks revealed for some mutual wanking and sucking. When Skyler offers his ass for rimming and fingering you know it’s on! The boy rides that dick and takes it hard on the coffee table before getting his cum fucked out of him and getting a taste of Jimmy’s load when he’s splashed his cream out over himself! We would all love a weekend break with these boys!

Eurocreme – Jordan Jacobs and Alfie Bee


Going deeper into Lyle’s private life we find that he has a female friend and that the two of them have come up with an ingenious scheme to get two of their hot friends Jordan Jacobs and Alfie Bee hooked up. How will they do this? “Film Night” Lyle has cunningly picked out a romantic film turned down the light and put out some bowls of popcorn. Now all Lyle and his girl friend have to do is sit and wait for cupid to shoot his arrow. As planned Jordan and Alfie start feeling the power of this cunning plan and edge close and closer till they get contact. Sneaking off to another room, they can’t wait to get into each other’s pants and fuck furiously on Lyle’s bed leaving only the smell of sweat on the sheets for Lyle.

Connor Levi Humps Kai Alexander

11 Connor Levi Humps Kai Alexander

Kai Alexander has an amazing partner in Connor Levi for this anal pounding! The lad is quickly on the tall boys cock, sucking on the head and working his lips down the hard shaft.
Connor gives as good as he gets too, showing his oral gymnastics as he licks and laps on the wet bell end of Kai’s cock. But the anal action is what the boys really want, and Kai takes a humping before they’re both wanking out their thick loads together!

Freshmen.net Online Photo-Video Galleries – 12


111-freshmen-12824Issue 54 Scene 1
Freshmen.net – Kirk Gauguin & Christian Lundgren
112-freshmen-12825Issue 54 Scene 2
Freshmen.net – Serge Cavalli & Andre Boleyn
113-freshmen-12822Issue 55 Scene 1
Freshmen.net – Sven Basquiat & Kevin Warhol
114-freshmen-12823Issue 55 Scene 2
Freshmen.net – Jordan Farris & Damian Chapelle
115-freshmen-13683Issue 56 Scene 1
Freshmen.net – Dylan Maguire & Shane Sanders
116-freshmen-13693Issue 56 Scene 2
Freshmen.net – Jean-Luc Bisset & Bastian Dufy
117-freshmen-13692Issue 57 Scene 1
Freshmen.net – Mael Gauthier & Jordan Faris
118-freshmen-13684Issue 57 Scene 2
Freshmen.net – Mario Texeira & Adam Archuleta
119-freshmen-13694Issue 58 Scene 1
Freshmen.net – Jarrod Lanvin & Nils Tatum
120-freshmen-13696Issue 58 Scene 2
Freshmen.net – Daan Jeffries & Nate Donaghy
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Freshmen.net – Issue 8 – Models of the week


Lars Norgaard & Kevin Warhol: Lars Norgaard’s first scene was with Kevin Warhol as was his first photo session. To divide the material justly, the scene will be shown here on Freshmen at Christmas time, and the photo session a week earlier on BelAmiOnline. Today’s images are from the hardcore photo shoot taken at the same time as the scene. I guess if you still don’t like Lars by now it may be the time to cancel the subscription! (more…)