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YoungPerps – Case No. 1801015-02


In case 1801015-02, two buddies head to the electronics store hoping to check out the post-holiday sales. But apparently, the only deal one of them is interested in is a five-finger discount. He doesn’t know his friend has already had a run-in with the pervy Loss Prevention Officer and tries to swipe a tiny camera for himself. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re caught on camera stealing cameras! Not wanting to end up in jail, the two agree to the officer’s own special deal: take his big, raw cock and avoid the slammer!

JapanBoyz – Buddy Fuck


JapanBoyz.com sets up Maya to top Tomohisa. They show up and realize that they already know one another; can these two enjoy more than one another’s conversations? Seems Tomohisa has no problem sucking a nice big fat cock like Maya’s and in return, the bottom stands and is stiffened happily. Put on all fours, Maya then rims his partner and readies the bottom’s hole. (more…)

Freshmen.net – Nino Valens & Justin Saradon


freshmen.net-nino-valens-justin-saradon-001freshmen.net-nino-valens-justin-saradon-002freshmen.net-nino-valens-justin-saradon-003freshmen.net-nino-valens-justin-saradon-004We have chosen 2 of your favourite models from 2017 here with Justin Saradon and Nino Valens. Since the only common language spoken here is English, it is one of few clips we have that didn’t require translation. The sexual intensity in this clip is high and both boys reach climax together with Justin holing on just long enough to let Nino cum with Justin still inside him. (more…)

TXXXM – Like A Twink In A Candy Shop


Cute little twink customer Jonny has some questions about one of the sexiest products – a candy cock ring. Of course, being the professional shop assistant Reece is he’s more than happy to give the young man a personal demonstration. His huge erection is soon out for the young man to suck, and the boy’s uncut dick gets the same in return too before his ass gets pummelled right there on the floor!

Jambo Africa – Justin Saradon, Steve Skarsgaard – 11904


jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_015jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_018jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_019jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_021jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_023jambo-africa-justins-steves-belami-1_026Some of our boys naturally have bodies like gods, some achieve them through working out, and then there are some, like Justin, who can work out forever and still retain his youthful, even twinky physique. Since arriving in Cape Town, he has been working out every day, to try and match the chest size of the other boys, but when he goes to show them the results, they only seem interested in making fun of him, until he finds Steve, who offers to help him out…. and all he needs in return is a good fuck. (more…)

Bare Twinks – Casey Gives Jasper Two Cum Loads!


Gorgeous boys Jasper and Casey have real chemistry, they’re a perfect team when they hook up in the bedroom. Making out and stripping naked the passion and lust between them builds and builds, with both young men hard and throbbing the moment their cocks are revealed. Mutual sucking is a perfect appetizer, but soon enough Jasper’s pale ass is taking every inch of naked cock his friend can offer! Fucked all over the bed and ready to get a tasty treat Jasper takes a messy flood of cum all over his ass, but there’s more to come from Casey as he strokes out another load in Jasper’s face!

YoungPerps – Case No. 1710003-21


A teenage boy walks into a sex shop on a dare, hoping to steal something and score some cred for his bravery. Instead, his criminal behavior is sniffed out and he’s caught by the watchful loss prevention officer. He denies wrongdoing, but after a thorough search, the truth of his crime is quickly revealed. The young man is presented with a tough choice: suck off the officer or have the cops and his parents find out.

Eurocreme – How To Ace An Interview


If only we all had an interview like this! Eager to join the DreamBoy Hotel, sexy Scouse Milo meets up with manager JP Dubois for his job interview, and from the moment he claps eyes on him, he’s lovestruck. Or at the very least, struck by lust! Unable to focus on anything JP says to him, all Milo seems capable of doing is getting harder and harder in his pants, and JP is keen to make a mention of it! Feeling the same way about his wannabe employee, JP strips himself slowly, leaving Milo in no doubt of where this meeting is going! After some damn hot cock sucking, JP pushes Milo down over his glass desk, letting us have a great view of this virgin twink getting fucked, leaving his hot young hole worn and wet, covered in jets of spunk from JP, pulling out just in time to spray all over Milo!

JapanBoyz – Takumi & Takero Take Turns


Adding to the New Year, JapanBoyz has a new model, Takeru. He’s a 22 year old bartender who’s Bi. Takumi is back; this hottie has such a cute face and fat cock, he’s be-cumming a fan favorite. As the boys get comfy, in each other’s mouth, you can see why we paired them. Takumi slides his face down; damn, Takeru is fit and sexy. Pulling out his partner’s big cock, Takumi seems pleased to serve. Relishing the feeling, Takeru encourages his boy to, swallow more before he reciprocates. On the receiving end of Takeru’s lips, Takumi is out of his clothes quickly and stretching those undies. Plumping Takumi’s sizeable cock, Takeru licks and laps up the flavor; the two 69 and both get a mouthful. With a bit more hard work, Takeru grabs his cock and goes to town; his mouth is still stuffed. Lying side by side, some lube is added as each gives a hand to the other. Takumi shoots first; Takeru is surprised by the distance. Hand still dirty, Takeru reaches over, taking his own cock, and jerks fast. Oozing out onto his groin, the newbie adds a nice pool to the fun.