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Joy Sticks – hx118 scene87



Chillin’ on their bunk beds for a sleep over, Alan Davis and Jay Thompson are locked into what seems to be an intensely competitive video game! It looks like Jay must’ve lost this round because he jumps off the top bunk and onto Alan down below, eager to enact his revenge! An innocent wrestling match ensues before some not so innocent bunk bed boners sprout up! These guns are way more enticing to the young gamers and they start firing away, jacking one another’s joy sticks, each determined to win this round! (more…)

TeachTwinks – Straight Friends Get Sticky

24 Straight Friends Get Sticky

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Straight friends Gabriel and Cain are always watching porn and jerking their dicks together, but curiosity gets the better of them in this cummy session. When Cain shows off his self sucking skills Gabriel just has to offer his own cock for some sucking, which Cain eagerly accepts. One good sucking deserves some reciprocation, and soon both straight boys are hungrily sucking on each other and shooting their loads!

TeachTwinks – Teen Cock Lovers Eat Jizz!

21 Teen Cock Lovers Eat Jizz

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Big-dicked Dylan is looking for some action, and his friend Jacob is ready and willing to get every inch inside his hot little ass for this intense cum loving fuck! The sucking is awesome, but the sight of Jacob being stretched by that cock and shooting off his load while he takes it is not to be missed. And you won’t miss it either, because you’ll be holding back to see Dylan emptying his cum out of the condom at the end for the boys to share in a jizz eating finish! Dylan Chambers and Jacob Marteny

Young & Horny – hx118 scene85


Torrid hot twosome Alan Davis and Dawson Grant make sure no one is home before sneaking into Alan’s bedroom for some play time fun. Once safely inside, Grant grabs Alan’s ass and rips off his clothes hungry for whats underneath. Alan’s already pointing north by the time Dawson makes his way to his thick young dick. Grant gazes up at his buddy as he throats his dong down deep. With his baseball cap to the back as to not obstruct his work area, Alan returns the favor on Grant’s engorged middle leg. He cups the kid’s smooth ass, spreading the tender cheeks open to give us a nice view of the smooth surface about to be eaten. Davis dives in, tongue fucking the boy’s button with an expertise well beyond his years. (more…)

TeachTwinks – Bribing The Teacher With Hot Ass

14 Bribing The Teacher With Hot Ass

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Nick needs some help real bad, and thankfully he knows just how to get it. Kinky Mitch can’t resist some hot twink sucking and a tight little ass around his always solid cock, and when Nick gets on that thing he’s determined to become a star student! Fucked hard in the back office (pun intended) the twink gets a shower of jizz to seal the deal! But wait, there’s more. See Mitch start a new enterprise we would all sign up for! Mitch Vaughn and Nick Simpson

TeachTwinks – Schoolboy Fantasy In Study Hall

11 Schoolboy Fantasy In Study Hall

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Just like so many other young boys, Ryker Madison is always getting hard in school and thinking about sharing his cock and ass with the other cute boys. He’s playing with his cock in Study Hall as he thinks about getting fucked by tall twink Jordan Thomas, and we share in his fantasy as he gets a load fucked out of him and takes a hot facial from the boy!