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LatinBoyz – Rio




Hot Damn Baby-Boy, Daddy’s Gone Climb Up Between Those Legs and Spend Hours Kissing, Licking, and Sucking Every Inch Of Your Big Beautiful Boy-Cock!

We haven’t had too many Colombians on the site over the years but the few we have had are really hot. Rio is no exception. This sexy 20 year old lives in Florida now and has a big uncut dick and amazingly hot ass. He promised that he knows how to use both and will prove it to us. (more…)

Enigmatic Boys – Glenn: Shower – Pt. 2


enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-001 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-002 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-003 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-004 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-005 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-006 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-007 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-008 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-009 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-010
(Here are some more pics of Glenn, as promised). Glenn is one of the new crop of boys brought to us by Enigmatic Boys. With his soft pouty lips, slim beautiful body, and stiff thick dick, I think he may become one of their most popular boys. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do. (more…)