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Enigmatic Boys – EB – Glenn: Shower – Pt. 2


enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-001 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-002 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-003 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-004 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-005 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-006 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-007 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-008 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-009 enigmatic-boys-eb-glenn-shower-pt-2-010
(Here are some more pics of Glenn, as promised). Glenn is one of the new crop of boys brought to us by Enigmatic Boys. With his soft pouty lips, slim beautiful body, and stiff thick dick, I think he may become one of their most popular boys. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do. (more…)

Horny Morning Sex – Brad Fitt + Tim Law

94 HornyMorningSexBradFittampTimLaw


Online Video Clip: MP4
Fans of Tim Law know that this boy is one of the greediest bottoms we have in the studio. He’s always having his ass filled by one of the other guys, but when it comes to him being paired up with another greedy bottom like Brad Fitt it can only lead to one thing – a hardcore flip-flop fuck with both boys taking their turn to slide his cock into his new friend! (more…)

Introducing Trevor Grant – hx108 – scene52


Trevor Grant is new to the Helix roster. In his interview with Tyler Hill, the sexy heartland boy opens up about his high school experiences, coming out, and the best sex he’s ever had. At the end of the Q and A, Trevor says he likes to jerkoff to Helix porn, and he’d really like to see Tyler’s sexy bubble butt in the flesh. Soon he’s getting way more than just a look, with his face pressed deep between Tyler’s smooth ass cheeks, then fucking his hard cock into Tyler’s sweet hole.

Eager To Fuck – hx108 – scene59


Jessie and Blake can’t wait to get behind closed doors and get naked. Blake squeezes his big cock into Jessie’s bubble butt. Then Blake spins Jessie around and sits him down on his big hard cock for some intense reverse cowboy fucking. Finally, Jessie succumbs to Blake’s hard fucking and shoots a thick load of cum, then Blake pulls out and paints Jessie’s face with his own creamy mess.

Tyler Rides Dalton – hx107 – scene93


Tyler and his perfect bubble butt are about to get the fucking of a lifetime. Mounting a big dick stallion like Dalton is sure to fill Tyler’s sweet ass to capacity. As these two gay boys grind their ripped bodies together, it's only a matter of time before Dalton's stiff, uncut cock brings Tyler to an intense orgasm!

Kody Bangs Bastian – hx108 – scene26


The boys decide to get it on at Kody's downtown loft. Bastian sucks Kody's big dick swallowing every inch until it's hard enough to fuck his tight ass. Kody thrusts his stiff cock deep inside Bastian's big bubble butt, making him moan with pleasure before shooting a hot load of cum on his own stomach.

VideoBoys – Dominic + Jimmy: The Balcony Scene


“Why is my best sex always with guys who have girlfriends?” That’s what Dominic Couture had to say after he finished getting fucked by Jimmy Little. Yes, Jimmy does have a girlfriend now but that just makes him all the more excited to get a little variety into his sex life. And he seemed particularly interested in Dominic’s little bubble butt.
It all started with a cigarette. They were sitting out on the balcony sharing a smoke and some conversation when the topic turned to Jimmy’s juicy cock. Something about being outside and almost visible to people passing by got Dominic excited and he just had to reach over and suck Jimmy’s cock right there under the sunshine. The sound of the traffic and people passing just below was just as exciting for Jimmy so he pushed Dominic to the balcony floor and sucked cock like he was eating a popsicle.
The space was a bit too cramped to go all the way so the boys came back inside so that Jimmy could use the extra space (and privacy) to bury his face in Dominic’s ass. Once Dominic’s hole was all wet and slippery, Jimmy shoved his big cock in and Dominic got one of the best fuckings he’s had in years.
So how do we answer Dominic’s initial question, “Why is my best sex always with guys who have girlfriends?” Considering that they say straight women don’t dress to impress men but rather to impress (or compete with) other women, well just maybe when a guy who usually fucks women is with another guy he fucks his heart out to prove himself to his peers. Sex is just like another Xbox game. Watch The Video at VideoBoys.com!