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LatinBoyz – Fine Fuckable Fernie


19 year old Fernie looked like a cute innocent 19 year old twink when we first met him. And from everything he TOLD us he is. But we’re not so sure. He told us he has never had sex with a guy and that no guy has even hit on him before. We have no way of knowing whether he had sex with a guy or not but we KNOW there is no way that no guys have ever hit on him. He’s just too fucking cute.Continue Reading: LatinBoyz – Fine Fuckable Fernie

Freshmen #106 – Tommy & Benoit


Tommy is topping for the first time and is extremely excited over the prospect. He can’t wait to get Benoit naked with legs up in the air. We were careful in choosing an accommodating partner for him. We were afraid someone with the enthusiasm of Pip or Liam may have overwhelmed him.
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LatinBoyz – Jess


We first saw Jess the way you see him in these photos, with no shirt on and wearing basketball shorts, while walking down the street on a hot winter day Decembers in LA are like that lol. His tight toned body was really sexy but we liked his curly hair and cute face, too. We won’t bother you with the details but obviously he likes to show off and he also turned out to dave a big uncut dick and hot ass, just the way we like ’em.latinboyz-horizontal-banner-2018

Freshmen #102 Luca & Fabien


This scene is as real as we can make it with the cameras on. The setting- the dorm room attached to the BelAmiChat Studio- isn’t pretty. But, you can be sure variations of this scene have been repeated when the cameras aren’t rolling. Before entering the room, newcomer Luca Carerra is getting himself camera ready with his first “Kevin Supervised” haircut. Unfortunately, Fabien, his scene partner, can’t wait- literally- and starts beating-off before the arrival of Luca or the cameraman. Kevin proves that the spontaneous and playful qualities that make him a great BA model also make him an exceptional cameraman.
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Freshmen #105 Jake & Jeff


Jake Gheisa is our Flirting with Freshmen boy this week. He is paired with the sweet and charming Jeff Mirren. Jake is a scruffy skater type who is nervous before his first video shoot. Jeff generously offers to help ease his nerves before the scene begins. Jeff is a more “twinkish” model.
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Freshmen #126 Liam & Benoit


The simplest things bring our boys the most happiness. Here, Liam is content to spend the day on the beach with a drum. Benoit likes nothing more than a day on the beach with a beer.
In exchange for Lukas Ridgeston escorting them on this perfect day of surf and sand, they agree to let Lukas film their fucking.
Click HERE to WATCH these BEAUTIFUL BOYS FUCK at FRESHMEN.NET!Continue Reading: Freshmen #126 Liam & Benoit