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EastBoys FLV Videos – Set 04


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01-EastBoys-Handjob-Part-02-Casper-IvarssonEastBoys: Handjob – Part 02 – Casper Ivarsson – FLV
Having a gloomy day? Casper Ivarsson is here to brighten it up for you. Lying comfortably on our sofa a.k.a. handjob throne, Casper is relaxed and eagerly receiving attention from our in-house expert, Mr. Hand Jobs. Casper’s cock, sizeable as it is already, is growing bigger every second, as Mr. Hand Jobs is jerking it off quicker and quicker.
02-EastBoys-Casper-Ivarsson-in-Caravan-Boys-Part-01EastBoys: Casper Ivarsson in Caravan Boys – Part 01 – FLV
We have prepared eye candy for you, nice behind the scenes footage and outdoor handjob with Casper Ivarsson, part of our new series 2017 series Caravan Boys! Casper, young and hot looking dude, is happy to show off with a gopro, before arriving to our outdoor filming location, where Mr. Hand Jobs is waiting for him. Who wants to see what happens next?
03-EastBoys-Casper-Ivarsson-in-Caravan-Boys-Part-02EastBoys: Casper Ivarsson in Caravan Boys – Part 02 – FLV
Casper Ivarsson enters our RV, a.k.a. Dungeon of Pleasure, where cocks get hard and cum is plentiful, and Casper will experience pleasures himself, his hard, solid body straining and flexing muscles, his abs rock hard… as Mr. Hand Jobs is working Casper’s cock, until cum explosion, which will require extensive cleanup, no kidding!
04-EastBoys-POV-6-First-Blowjob-Will-Simon-Casper-IvarssonEastBoys: POV vol 6 – First Blowjob – Will Simon & Casper Ivarsson – FLV
And we have yet another super hot POV video for you! Casper Ivarsson, lanky yet ripped and muscular, proud of his new gains, meets with Will Simon in our studio, curious to try it with another dude. Casper sucks off Casper’s cock, and gets taste of his cum as well!
05-EastBoys-Put-your-fingers-in-my-ass-Casper-IvarssonEastBoys: Put your fingers in my ass – Casper Ivarsson – FLV
And we have more eye candy for you! Casper Ivarsson is getting a handjob on our kitchen table, followed by jerkoff by himself, to a nice cumshot. But before that you will see extended finger in the ass exploration Casper enjoys tremendously!
06-EastBoys-Massage-Handjob-Casper-IvarssonEastBoys: Massage – Handjob – Casper Ivarsson – FLV
Casper Ivarsson may not be the biggest guy around, but he has beautiful smooth athletic body and it would be pity not to explore his lean and hard muscles in great detail, and that is exactly what Mr. Hand Jobs will be doing, before moving onto oiling Casper up and tending to his cock and give him proper handjob to remember!
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TeachTwinks – Drake Has His Dreams Come True

29 Drake Has His Dreams Come True

Online MP4 Video Clip
It’s a story we all know well, gay boy falls for straight boy, pines and then eventually moves on. Only in this case, Billy is not so straight after all! Drake comes clean and Billy is more than pleased with his adoration, immediately willing to share his body with him and give the young man exactly what he wants! It’s a sexy and sensual pairing that will have you pining for one or the other – or both! Drake Law and Billy Rubens

EastBoys FLV Videos – Set 03

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07-EastBoys-Casper-Ivarsson-Tommy-Poulain-Part-01EastBoys: Casper Ivarsson & Tommy Poulain – Part 01 – FLV
We have yet another glorious episode of limo boys for you, two some between Tommy Poulain and Casper Ivarsson, two extremely hot dudes, horny AF on back seat of our BMW, kissing, rubbing each other, and finally sucking each other’s cocks, while being driven to our studio. Hot stuff you will enjoy!
08-EastBoys-Casper-Ivarsson-Tommy-Poulain-Part-02EastBoys: Casper Ivarsson & Tommy Poulain – Part 02 – FLV
Warning – this video is so hot you should keep fire extinguisher handy! You will see kissing, cock sucking, ass fucking, ass licking, cumshots, and anything which belongs to hot sex between two hot dudes. You will see, that this is not just a played video, but true boyish love.
09-EastBoys-Handjob-Part-01-Casper-IvarssonEastBoys: Handjob – Part 01 – Casper Ivarsson – FLV
I am sure some of you just could not wait to see yet another episode with Casper Ivarsson! Well, we have it for you. See Casper behind the scenes in a restaurant, before Casper visits our studio and has fun with camera and his body. Mr. Hand Jobs will offer helping hand feeling Casper’s chiseled abs, then cock, which keeps growing and growing – and you can see the rest! All I can say – it will involve wad of CUM.
10-EastBoys-Summer-story-of-two-friends-Casper-Ivarsson-Vitali-KutcherEastBoys: Summer story of two friends – Casper Ivarsson & Vitali Kutcher – FLV
Summer, horny summer and story of two friends. Caspar met up with Vitaly in our offices, Caspar took our go-pro and went for a swim with Vitaly on this hot day. Guys then lock themselves up on our studio, film each other’s jerking off, sucking off with nice cumshot finale.
11-EastBoys-Aston-Twins-Outtake-GoProEastBoys: Aston Twins – Outtake GoPro – FLV
Aston Twins, the one and only, cuteness redefined, finally an update for you! Our gay porn site will cope with extra traffic this new awesome footage will generate. This caravan sex video will grab your attention, 1st fully nude twins play with their dicks and are having great fun doing so. Then this starts jerking off competition, who will cum 1st? Find for yourself!
12-EastBoys-Remastered-Collection-05-BradEastBoys: Remastered Collection 05 – Brad – FLV
Oh Brad, one of our greatest discoveries, remastered for you in one 1hr (yes, one hour) video. Cancel evening plans to watch this youthful beauty with angelic smile, cute face and ripped athletic body few are lucky to have! This video has it all, muscle flex, body worship, night handjob in an RV, naked shower, swim in the river, more flex now oiled up and even more handjobs! This video put czech gay porn videos on the map!
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EastBoys FLV Videos – Set 02


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15-EastBoys-Caravan-Boys-Antony-CarterEastBoys: Caravan Boys – Antony Carter – FLV
Antony is handsome, hot and horny. Watch what he can do with his cock in a public camp, now imagine in your bedroom. Watch him in full nude jerking off right there outside with great cumshot.
16-EastBoys-Handjob-in-the-bath-part-3-Antony-CarterEastBoys: Handjob in the bath part 3 – Antony Carter – FLV
Continuation of Antony episode… see how horny Antony gets in a tub, how he enjoys getting his cock stroked, how his cock gets harder and bigger and finally … well how about you see for yourself what happens next? Will he swallow his cum or not? Great handjob video!
17-EastBoys-Fresh-18-Skater-Boy-Gets-Handjob-Part-1-Eric-BurtonEastBoys: Fresh 18 Skater Boy Gets Handjob – Part 1 – Eric Burton – FLV
Eric Burton is nice smooth blond and sexy boy. This video is all about handjob, and Erick’c nice thick dick. Besides that you will see some flexing, but most of the footage you will see nice hard cock and jerking off. Eye candy!
18-EastBoys-Aston-Twins-Caravan-part-2EastBoys: Aston Twins – Caravan part 2 – FLV
Final HO HO HO from the Aston Twins! This is extended jerking off session, which point is to find out who is going to cum first! Is it going to be left twin? Or right one? Or – Maybe, just maybe the UNTHINKABLE will happen and they will cum at the same time?? Who wants to find out which dick will explode first?
19-EastBoys-Aston-Twins-Caravan-part-1EastBoys: Aston Twins – Caravan part 1 – FLV
HO HO HO from Aston Twins! Watch our very own, the one and only, cute as a button – Aston Twins! First enjoying walk in the countryside, then goofing around in the pool and finally, finally on the bed, where they perform synchronized jerking off, just for you! Watch those massive dicks grow, until – to be continued!
21-EastBoys-Handjob-Part-01-Limo-Jay-SheenEastBoys: Handjob Part 01 – Limo – Jay Sheen – FLV
We have yet another Limo Boys episode for you, this time with Jay Sheen. Jay is being driven to our secret outdoor filming location, while our producer is playing with Jay’s cock… Jay horny as ever keeps his cock hard as a rock, and fun continues at destination, where Mr. Hand Jobs is waiting…
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