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Parting Partners Make Up With A Hard, Raw Fuck – 2



It looks like young Joel Tamir has decided that it’s the end of the road for him and his handsome beau, Cobe Loewe. Given that all Loewe wants to do is eat cake and watch television that’s probably an understandable conclusion, of course; but just when you think that Tamir is finally going to walk out the door for good, the fellow decides to give his lover one final chance to prove himself. And boy does it prove to be a good decision! For it turns out that Loewe isn’t quite as interested in either food or TV as first appeared – especially when confronted with the opportunity to feast on a thick, uncut shaft or to get his own aching schlong gobbled in return…
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Blond Boy Gets Blacked With A Rock Hard Fuck!



A semi-accidental encounter between STAXUS favorite, Jake Stark, and horny black boy, River Wilson, sets off a feverish fantasy that we know is gonna get every interracial fan into a lathered frenzy. And no fucking wonder! Stark, as we all know by now, is a stalwart performer who enhances any scene; whilst Wilson is deliciously hung, as you might expect, with the kind of stamina that sends his new fuck-buddy into stratospheric delirium.

Horny Bud Rips Into Cute New Boy’s Ass!


New boy, Fero Kalo jumps at the chance to give Navon Raffi a massage. There’s not a single inch of the boy’s body that he misses as he works his magic, a fact that his young subject very clearly appreciates given the way Raffi invitingly arches his backside. Kalo teases his mate’s hole with his fingers, before inviting Raffi to turn round onto his back so he can give focused attention to his thick, meaty, uncut shaft…
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Lucas Drake Gets A Raw Double-Dicking



Let’s face it, if you were looking for someone to teach you how to suck cock then a veritable living legend such as Lucas Drake probably wouldn’t be too bad a trainer – as horny newbie, Beno Eker, discovers when his efforts at fellatio prove to be a little disappointing. Not that he’s lacking in enthusiasm, it has to be said. It’s more a question of technique; and beckoning assistance from Joel Tamir – who until this point has been more interested in his mystical sphere than the sexual antics of his friends – Drake is soon able to demonstrate the difference between cock-sucking that’s arguably best forgotten and the kind of deep-throated gymnastics that will quite literally blow your mind!
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Doctor Johnson gets his ass fucked raw

137-Doctor Johnson gets his ass fucked raw-003

Matt Johnson plays the part of a doctor who encounters a larger-than-life dick during the course of his daily routine – courtesy of young Jace Reed. clearly only too eager to get out of his clothes the moment he’s invited to do so by the medic. The apparition from behind the modesty-screen leaves the poor doctor quite literally open-mouthed! The medic then gives the big dick a thorough oral examination. (more…)

Gambling Lads Land A Stiff Penalty



Gambling can be a dangerous pastime – you should only ever gamble what you are prepared to lose. But it can also be wildly exciting, not least of all when the stakes are high and the adrenalin is pumping – something that Navon Raffi, Ron Negba and George Udall discover when they visit their local casino and place all their gambling chips against sexy croupier, Michal Tovi. Playing “all in” on the turn of a card, they quickly discover that the penalty for losing the bet is to join their host for a no-holds-barred suck-and-fuck-fest on a nearby sofa…
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Flower-Power Turns Romantic Duo Into A Jizzy Bareback Romp!



Flowers aren’t always the best way to a man’s heart – or, more importantly, his cock! – but on this occasion they definitely appear to work for Lior Hod when he makes a somewhat subtle pass at Bjorn Nykvist. Not that it ever really takes a great deal to get Nykvist’s juices rising; and so it proves on this occasion as the two lads fall into a hungry snog, before our blond hero dives down into Hod’s lap and slurps on every hard inch now on offer.

Big-Dicked Newbie Gets His Ass Stretched!



Given the two-handed, hairless beauty that new boy, Joel Tamir, has stashed in his pants, it’s probably quite understandable that Lior Hod literally jumped at the opportunity to give the lad a top-to-toe massage. Indeed, there’s no denying the rich mix of anticipation and excitement on Hod’s part when he finally gets to grip with his pal’s uncut beauty; working every inch of hard flesh with undeniable relish, before jumping up onto the table so that he can slurp on the monster whilst Tamir gobbles away on his. Seeing these two beauts 69-ing away like a couple of sluts will almost certainly have you reaching for your own straining zipper..!
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Russian Newbie Tempts Two Studio Faves To A Spunky Threeway



Given the political situation, it’s tempting to think that nothing good ever really comes out of Russia – until, that is, we’re introduced to a lad like Gregor Gilead, whose nervousness almost oozes from the screen as he speaks directly to the camera at the start of this splendidly horny threesome with Beno Eker and Joel Tamir. Any hesitancy he’s feeling, however, only seems to add to this newbie’s appeal; and quickly evaporates once his two companions appear on the scene to literally fight to gobble away at his already badly swollen cock.
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