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Raunchy Runners Suck, Rim & Fuck!

75626 Raunchy Runners-13

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Andy Scott, Camil Chaton and Simon Caress are exercising together but their workout is not intense enough for their trainer, Kris Blent. Their feelings hurt, the young trainees launch a full-on sexual assault on Blent. Any fatigue these hairless beauties may have been feeling is quickly forgotten, as Blent teams up with Scott, whilst Chaton and Caress slurp on cock nearby. (more…)

Cocktail Fun Leads To A Spunk Soaked Fuck-Fest



Ever the excitable young pup, Chad Johnstone decides to make a pass at his friend, Alessandro Katz, by whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Before you know it Katz is down on his knees, reaching into Johnstone’s shorts, and giving his mate’s hairless dick a nice sucking. Johnstone promptly returns the favor, gobbling on Katz’s knob for all he’s worth. (more…)

Two divine cuties


Arthur Kral and Noah Matous, are both into each other big-time; and having quickly stripped down, floppy-haired Matous is eagerly consuming what appears to be the finest Czech sausage he’s ever seen! Matous is soon being pleasured by Kral courtesy of a very tasty tonguing of his ass-crack; before the top finally plunges that meaty, uncut ramrod deep between Matous’s butt-cheeks. Matous climbs up onto Kral’s lap and plunges his ass down onto that thick, meaty dick; signalling the start of a truly terrific cowboy-style fuck. These two lads aren’t finished until Matous has been fucked down on the floor with Kral banging the jizz out of his young pal! Kral then unleashes a rope of ball-juice into the youngster’s gaping hole!

Angel Gets Two Cocks Shoved Up His Hole!

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Angel Lopez is being massaged by horny boys Milan Sharp and Julian Fox. They oil his sweet, Latino flesh and very slowly make a move on that gorgeous, uncut cock nestling in his crotch. It isn’t long before any pretence of a normal massage is abandoned; with Sharp producing a big black dildo, which he unmercifully prods into the youngster’s all-too-eager ass-hole. (more…)

Basement Fantasy Leaves New Boy Buggered


Johny Cherry and STAXUS new boy, Leo Jenkins are engaged in what appears to be a face-to-face jerk-off; which quickly transforms itself into a full-on anal romp, with Cherry thrusting his meaty, aching shaft into his buddy’s jock-strapped ass! After one of the quickest fucks we’ve ever seen, the two lads are back to kissing and fondling their cocks in foreplay. This time, Jenkins feasts on Cherry’s handsome ramrod, before riding it cowboy-style. Just seeing the novice riding that gorgeous beaut, as his own cock bounces happily in rhythm, is possibly more than enough to get a good many of you reaching for the tissues! So will the sight of Jenkins laid out on his back, legs akimbo, as his pal pummels his hungry little crack! All of which soon results in both guys taking it in turns to unload their cum loads on each others lips; before they exchange a sloppy, sensual, open-mouthed kiss!

A flip-flopping frenzy


Erik Franke finds Pyotr Tomek loitering in a corridor and invites him back to his room. The two immediately begin stripping off each other’s clothes and sucking on each other’s dicks. Both lads slurp away on cock, positioning themselves top-and-tail so that they suck, rim and finger simultaneously! Time To Fuck! First Franke takes a ride, cowboy-style, on his dark-haired buddy’s cock; then Tomek gets shafted from behind, taking every raw inch of Franke’s thick, meaty shaft. The highlight of the action comes in the final few moments when Tomek fires off a fantastic volley of jizz all over himself, whilst being buggered; before Franke returns fire all over his buddy’s ass, then pushes his joystick deep inside as if to cement the deal.

Smoking Hot Recruits In A Ball-Busting Tryst


Army recruits, Johny Cherry and Johnathan Strake, strip down to enjoy the pleasures of carnality. After both lads take it in turns to slurp on one another’s dicks, Strake is soon riding Cherry’s handsome cock like the complete and utter cock-whore he is! Cherry is soon fingering the boy’s ass before thrusting every inch of his knob deep inside. What ensues is a full-on ass-banging romp, topped off by Strake literally exploding as he rides his mate cowboy style; before Cherry erupts in return!

Connor Rex & Martin Rivers – Rookie Dives In..!

75831 Rookie Dives Straight In-a-14

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Martin Rivers has encountered a soulmate in new boy, Connor Rex. Neither of these buddies hesitate when they get the chance to suck each other’s dicks, taking turns feasting on one another. Both buddies are as cute as the day is long, and both have definitely been blessed by mother nature with big dicks! (more…)

Three Cock-Crazy Firemen Hose-Down With Spunk


For some reason, firefighter Chad Johnstone is in the shower with his pants on!? Finding this, his mate, Johny Cherry, quickly responds by getting down on his knees in order to remove the offending item! As soon as Johnstone’s big, uncut cock bobs into view Cherry starts a terrific cocksucking session.
When Jeffrey Lloyd, catches them, he quickly attempts to get both Johnstone and Cherry’s dicks down his throat at the same time! Cue a ball-busting suck-fest, with all three lads taking turns to greedily gobble on all the meat on offer; before Cherry gets his tight little ass-hole pounded that dirty of his. The young bottom is banged to the max by his hyped-up colleagues in a succession of cum-inducing positions.