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Czech-boy fingering & fucking


Shane Hirch is down on his knees giving Ruben Bart’s stiff dick a good old-fashioned tongue-lashing! Soon our home-boy is eagerly fingering Bart’s fuck-hole in readiness for a serious ass-banging! The dick-loving Spaniard rapidly finds himself pinned down on the information desk with eight inches of hard cock up his ass. This surprise encounter is nicely rounded off by Hirch spurting cum into Bart’s mouth.

Cute Twink Gets Jaro’s Spunky Cock

75642 Cute Twink-09

75642 Cute Twink-0475642 Cute Twink-08

Lucas Drake has just encountered Jaro Stone doing his daily workout in the park; so he wants to snap a few shots of the legend. Finally meeting Stone face-to-face, he promptly invites the athlete back to his apartment for a shoot of a very different kind.
He persuades Stone to take off some of his clothes – then promptly steals a kiss. It’s no surprise that the eager sportsman is only too willing to respond exactly as Drake hoped – stripping out of his training clothes, and allowing the horned-up pup to slurp on his already half-swollen shaft. (more…)

Gym Buddy Gets His Pert Twink Ass Pounded


Johnathan Strake is working out at the gym, but would much rather be imagining his dream date, Seb Priestley, than exercising. Once the dream starts to become a reality; with the two lads enjoying an early smooch, before Priestley launches an attack on Strake’s beautiful ramrod. Strake lies back to enjoy Priestley’s tongue on his shaft, before the roles are reversed. Finally, the two mates enjoy a 69-ing session – feasting on hard cock like a couple of over-sexed whores. Matters only intensify once Strake submits to Priestley, getting on his back and allowing him to fuck his tight little twink ass. The young bottom is enjoying this session as his tight butt gets pounded; culminating in him spewing over his own belly. Priestley then blasts his hot wad into Strake’s mouth!

Blond-haired beauties fuck


If you’re a fan of smooth, puppy-eyed, big-dicked blonds then you really are in for a treat with this terrific pairing of new-boys Dylan Day and Erik Franke! These delicious beauties gobble cock like a pair of prize turkeys, laid out in 69-position.
Soon both these young cherubs are taking dick up the ass like their young lives depend on it; starting with Franke, who takes every inch of his buddy’s uncut ramrod before Day surrenders his cherry. Having savored the sight of Franke riding his mate’s dick cowboy-style, we’re then treated to seeing Day pounded from behind; his rigid cock bouncing underneath him, as Franke thrusts balls-deep into his ass! As a finale, boys cream the contents of their barely-legal cum-sacs all over each other’s faces!

Cute Blond Gets His Ass-Hole Worked Over


Ruben Bart and Nick Vargas, engage in a tremendous session of animalistic 69-ing; before Vargas takes aim at his buddy’s ass with his thick, meaty dick, thrusting every generous inch deep inside the hairless hole. Bart rides Vargas’s shaft like the filthy little whore he has always been. By the time Bart has creamed himself mid-fuck and Vargas has knocked out his thick, pent-up load onto the fresh-faced pup’s lips, we’re pretty sure you’ll be very well drained!

Horny Twinks Find Bliss In A Hard Fuck-Fest!

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Many a young priest, often struggle between the wishes for spiritual purity and the desire for pleasures of the flesh. Julian Fox and Lucas Drake, would clearly rather be having carnal fun than reading the Bible and meditating. It’s not long before both these two boys are smooching away in a private room, before promptly stripping away their priestly attire. Young Drake’s face is soon buried in Fox’s crotch – giving his buddy’s handsome cock some much-needed worship. (more…)

Fucked by Jace’s monster cock


It would take a serious porn-addict to recognise Jace Reed in this Point-Of-View style scene given that the only parts of his body that we see throughout the action are his hands and cock.
Noah Matous arrives outside Reed’s room (where he is fully clothed), before Reed very helps his visitor out of his shirt and presents the lad with his thick, meaty, uncut cock.
The young, doe-eyed beauty takes the big dick into his mouth like he’s tasting an ice-cream; after which he’s stripped of his trousers and Reed takes a few moments to play with Matous’s dick. Before you know it, Reed is turning his attention on the youngster’s ass-hole; and soon Matous is taking every inch of dick in his butt like a bitch on heat! He rides it cowboy-style, he takes it from behind, he takes it on his back! Reed cream the lad’s belly, before sticking his dick back into his ass, then Matous ruptures his nads Vesuvius-style!

Soccer Twink Gets A Monster Cock Pounding


Xavier Sibley is feeling mega-horny when his team-mate, Jace Reed, walks in on him feeling playing with his cock in the changing room. Reed immediately makes a beeline for his co-star’s cock, whilst exposing his own oversized ramrod. These gorgeous boys are soon
stark naked and feasting on hard dick; with Sibley making the most of the generous shaft that Reed has stashed between his legs. Down on the floor, both boys engage in a hot and sweaty 69-ing session. Then Sibley parts his legs to take the full length of Reed’s big dick in his ass!
After a pounding that Sibley will remember for a long, long time, the lad has the jizz literally pounded out of him.

Raunchy Runners Suck, Rim & Fuck!

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Andy Scott, Camil Chaton and Simon Caress are exercising together but their workout is not intense enough for their trainer, Kris Blent. Their feelings hurt, the young trainees launch a full-on sexual assault on Blent. Any fatigue these hairless beauties may have been feeling is quickly forgotten, as Blent teams up with Scott, whilst Chaton and Caress slurp on cock nearby. (more…)