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A hot fuck & oodles of fresh boy-juice

125 A hot fuck & oodles of fresh boy-juice

Cute twinks Chase Hunt and Mike James are feeling as horny as fuck. They’re both hot guys who are at an age when they’re quite unable to think of anything other than hard cock and tight ass! So it’s no surprise whatsoever to see both these guys stripping out of their briefs in pretty much the first thirty seconds of this stupendous, cock-creamin’ episode. Soon both lads are laid out top-to-toe and engaging in a fine display of mutual fellatio; but it’s James who’s got the real horn for raw dick, and before you know it he’s laid out with his legs akimbo openly inviting his buddy to thrust inside him.
Cue a fantastic show of boy-on-boy ass-fucking that’s almost certainly going to push you to the edge more than once!
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Buff Beauty Savors A Ride On Tattooed Twink’s Joystick!



They can be as horny as fuck, but some scenes have a predictability about them that arguably takes the edge off a fan’s enjoyment. Not this terrific escapade between Beno Eker and Colin Horner, however. For whilst an initial glance might make you think that the stage is all set for another slender twink to get his arse rammed by a handsome, muscled twink, what ensues is somewhat different. In fact, Eker very much holds his own during the first part of the action; as the two buddies take it in turns to devour each other’s meaty, uncut shafts, at one point simultaneously. But it’s during the second half of the performance that matters take an arguably unexpected twist…
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Sucks like a hoover & fucks like a whore

130-Sucks like a hoover & fucks like a whore

One minute young, adorable Yuri Adamov is chatting with his new-found buddy, Marcelo Da Silva. The next, Adamov is pulling Da Silva’s dick from the lad’s trousers and eagerly feasting on the handsome piece of meat for all he’s worth.
Adamov plonks himself down on Da Silva’s knob-head, allowing the top to fuck his ass-hole in a whole series of positions. All this high-jinxed action is going to have just the one result – and so it proves, with Da Silva spewing generously over cute Adamov’s face, before Adamov himself jerks a fine wad over his own stomach
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Sleeping Firefighter Gets A Wake-Up Call!



Sleeping on the job is not to be recommended – especially when you’re working as a firefighter and are relatively new to the role. Unfortunately, neither of those factors seem to bother Ron Negba, who is discovered unconscious by his buddy, Colin Horner, and who receives a deserved berating as a result. Negba’s not one to hold back his charms, however; and it takes no more than a little suggestive swagger and a grope of Horner’s crotch to lighten the atmosphere. As such, the two mates are soon smooching passionately away against the side of the fire-truck…
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Shower Buds Spring Into Bed For a Hard Fuck!



Sexy ass Jarde is the kind of boy you could watch taking a shower for hours, especially when he soaps his sack and crack as provocatively as he does here. When Abir Tevel sees him, he gets his cock out in order to wank off to Jarde’s performance! Unable to resist, Tevel jumps into the shower to exchange a long, lingering kiss with his mate, before dragging the lad out into the bedroom for a cock-sucking and fucking extravaganza…
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Brad Fitt & Connor Levi in Italy

124 Brad Fitt & Connor Levi in Italy

Boys will be boys, as Brad Fitt and Connor Levi demonstrate here in a couple of open-air solos that’ll no doubt have their legion of horny fans reaching for their own dicks in appreciation. As it happens, Fitt has had the foresight to pack a big black dildo in his case and he’s determined to put it to good use.
Levi, meantime, seems content to engage in a rather less unsophisticated wank – but don’t for one minute think that it’s any less stimulating. The young blond English lad is soon rubbing that handsome joystick with typical gusto, and there’s every good chance that you’ll have worked out quite a generous wad of your own.
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Mega-Slut Matous Gets His Horny Hole Massaged!

75776 Mega-Slut Matous-12


Bjorn Nykvist can’t keep his eyes off the bulge in Noah Matous pants and with a suggestive squeeze of the lad’s crotch, Nykvist soon gets this coupling up and running. Not that a cock-fiend like Matous needs much encouragement, of course; so when Nykvist proceeds to dribble massage oil on his buddy’s back the sexual tension begins to rise, with Matous arching his arse to serve as an open invitation for further investigation. (more…)

Puppy Love Turns Into A Hard Teen Fuck!



Is there anything more adorable than a puppy? Joel Tamir doesn’t seem to think so during the somewhat unusual opening of this terrific vignette; but it quickly becomes clear that his fondness for cuteness isn’t just limited to young canines. In fact, he’s rather partial to doe-eyed teenagers as well. So when his furry pal magically morphs into a pretty young beauty by the name of David Mannix, his excitement reaches a brand new crescendo; and needless to say it’s but a few moments before both buddies are out of their pants and are taking it in turns to devour the aching flesh that’s nestling inside…
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Young gym boys suck dick & fuck ass

129-Young gym boys persuaded to suck dick & fuck ass-001

Marcel Lavrov abandons his aerobics so he can persuade Ariel Varga to engage in a one-to-one session that neither lad (or you!) are likely to forget in a hurry.
Lavrov is nothing if not persuasive, and before long he’s stripping his buddy of his clothes and inviting him to suck on the thick, meaty poleaxe that he’s got stuffed in his shorts. The lad then proceeds to suck the hell out of his buddy’s big dick! Then he and Lavrov engage in some kinky toy-play to spice up the encounter even further.
Of course the pinnacle of this top-notch encounter comes when Lavrov finally goes the whole hog and thrusts his by-now over-swollen shaft deep inside Varga’s ass-hole
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