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Skyping Pals Meet Up For A Hard Session Of Sodomy



Isn’t modern communication a wonderful thing? Thanks to services like Skype we can literally talk to our friends anytime, anywhere – and, as Jake Stark and Vitali Kutcher are eager to demonstrate here, you can then arrange to meet up at a moment’s notice. As it happens, of course, these buddies literally live on the same side of town; so no sooner has Stark demonstrated his hot and horny credentials on Kutcher’s tablet – showing off his cock in the process – than he’s popping round to his mate’s apartment for some one-on-one action. And suffice it to say that it doesn’t take many minutes before he’s got his dick back out in the open; with Kutcher taking full advantage by diving straight onto that thick, uncut schlong for some energetic fellatio…
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Avid Readers Flip-Flop To A Fuck-&-Spunk-Fest!



Reading in bed is not exactly an unusual pastime, but in the case of a couple of horny lads like Joel Tamir and Bjorn Nykvist it’s not exactly the first nocturnal activity you would probably associate them with. Indeed, it really comes as little surprise when animalistic urges appear to take over, their books are abandoned, and the two buddies proceed to enjoy the sort of carnality that we’ve long since come to expect from them both. Beginning with Tamir feasting on Nykvist’s now badly swollen shaft; before the roles are reversed, and then both buddies slurp away 69-style for all they’re worth.

Sporting Buddies Take A Flip-Flopping Fuck Break!


This delightful set-piece between Ron Negba and new recruit, Michal Tovi, is one of classic gay porn’s scenarios – a young man with muscular strain that needs some attention. Negba blatantly encourages his mate to rub his aching thigh; before the two buddies fall into an open-mouthed smooch, and Tovi removes his shirt prior to taking a distinct dive into Negba’s shorts. Not to be outdone, Negba is soon replicating the favor on his teammate’s handsome joystick…
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Jizz-loaded bareback threesome

172-Jizz-loaded bareback threesome

Is there anything more enjoyable than a good oily rubdown courtesy of a horny handsome stud? Certainly young Tim Walker doesn’t seem to be able to think of anything, that’s for sure – indeed, the tent in his towel appears to suggest that he’s more than impressed with John Parker’s efforts on the massage front. Then again, how many masseurs are prepared to be quite as hands-on as Parker is here? Or who have sexy mates like Kevin Ateah, who are only too willing and eager to join in the fun …?Continue Reading: Jizz-loaded bareback threesome

Slutty Tenant Gets A Two Cocked Contract



Does young Jake Stark know what’s in store for him when he rents a room from the ever-horny Ron Negba? Maybe, maybe not. One thing’s for sure, however – it’s not long before he’s introduced himself to Negba’s boyfriend, Vittorio Vega, and is providing his landlord’s beau with the same kind of sexual favours that Vega usually only gets from Negba himself. A threeway between the assembled crew seems nigh on inevitable; and before you know it we find the trio making out in Negba’s room like the sexed-up sluts we always knew they were.
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Gangbang gets horny beauties fucked & spurting cum

151-Gangbang gets horny beauties fucked & spurting cum

Benjamin Dunn are the dominant parties in this five-guy fuck-fest, but in the course of events it’s not just Brad Fitt, Connor Levi and Milo Milis who surrender their ass-holes for your entertainment. Young Wallace can’t resist the idea of getting his pucker stretched by Dunn’s handsomely-sized ramrod – and who the fuck can blame him? Seeing the likes of Levi and Fitt getting pummelled by all the hard dick on offer clearly leaves the fellow aching for some stiff attention of his own, and before you know it he’s sitting on Dunn’s lap and getting stuffed cowboy-style.Continue Reading: Gangbang gets horny beauties fucked & spurting cum

Brit Red-Head Makes The Cut With A Hard Double-Dicking



First things first: if you like red-heads then you are definitely in for a fucking mega-time treat with the appearance of Jasper Roberts as Vittorio Vega and Ron Negba’s flat-mate. This handsome British ginger is not only deliciously pale-skinned, blue-eyed and sporty, but he’s also as horny as fuck – so much so, in fact, that whilst Vega and Negba make out on the sofa in the adjoining room, he reaches for a dildo and literally plonks his arse down on it to give his guts a damned good stretching…
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Brit Lad Cops An Eyeful Of Czech Cock & Oodles Of Jizz!



Brit boy, Drew Brooks, is like a pig in clover – savouring the sexual sights and sounds of the Czech capital, and clearly making the most of every opportunity that cums his way. Which in this instance involves watching the mega-armoured Joel Tamir enjoying a heavy session with STAXUS rookie, Marcin Wawer. It’s at this point that we should comment that the new lad is almost as equally well-equipped as Tamir; and given the amount of inches that are quickly on display it’s little wonder that both lads are soon gobbling furiously away in turn, before 69-ing each other like a couple of old-time whores.

Cute Beaut Gets His Ass Stretched By A Real Pro!



Having declared his retirement from porn a few months back, the allure of hot sex with a handsome cutie like Orri Gaul was too much for Connor Rex to resist; and before you know it he was on the phone to director, John Smith, to set up a spunk-laden session with everyone’s favourite new boy. The result is this sensuous, foreskin-teasing escapade that will appeal to pretty much anyone who likes cute twinks, uncut dicks and high-octane fornication between boys who clearly have no morals whatsoever, and who literally can’t wait to get inside each other’s trendy-looking underwear…
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Brit boy Aurora rides raw czech cock

171 brit-boy-aurora-rides-czech-cock-13

Brad Fitt and Aaron Aurora are in top-notch form as they kick off with a sexy, romantic clinch that quickly (and not surprisingly!) develops into something much harder. Fact is neither of these boys can wait to get feasting on each other’s dicks – first Fitt, who slurps on Aurora’s dipstick with typical gusto; then Aurora, whose mouth slides up and down his pal’s shaved cock with such ease that you’d think he was born for the job! But the real action begins when Aurora finally sits down on Fitt’s knob, riding that thick length of meat for all he’s worth.
It’s the signal for a stupendous fuck-and-fist session that sees Fitt’s dick eventually replaced first by his clenched hand, then by a sex-toy – much to the Brit boy’s obvious delight! All nicely topped off by a stunning open-mouthed facial that sees Aurora splattered with jizz and looking every inch the total slag!
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