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Outdoor Cock-Action For Four Spunky Mates


Lucas Drake is out on a nature walk, enjoying the delights of the Czech countryside. He fantasizes about getting an oily massage from three very eager helping hands! Cue a fantastic jerk-off courtesy of Clyde Walton, Mike Branco and Ray Mannix, who having helped the boy cum; promptly decide to turn their attention on each other. Mannix is the first boy down on his knees enjoying the taste of hard cock; while Branco and Walton passionately kiss. Mannix who soon becomes the centre of attention, with Walton burying his thick, uncut shaft deep into the boy’s ass while Branco slurps on his cock. New boy Branco then plonks himself down on Mannix’s cock and gives it a wild ride. The scene ends in three of the spunkiest climaxes imaginable, leaving a trio of mouths dripping with jizz!

Gym Bunnies Hop Off Home For A Hot Suck & Fuck!



Outdoor gyms are all the rage these days – but it’s not long before young lads Johnathan Strake and Noah Matous have decided to abandon their fitness routine for something a little kinkier. They head back to their apartment, where they engage in a little bit of destressing foot-massaging. It’s not long, however, before other parts of their bodies are screaming out for attention – as Strake discovers when his hand reaches down into Matous’s crotch! (more…)

Kinky Toy-Play Gets Spanish Boy Creaming


Joshua Levy and new boy, Mike Cole, clearly prefer to while away their free time playing with toys that stimulate their meaty, uncut cocks! They start this terrific little duo working masturbators up and down their dicks; soon giving the said toys a good old-fashioned christening inside! Its not long before Levy is thrusting his now-throbbing shaft deep inside his buddy’s ass. Cole takes every inch that Levy can muster with breathtaking ease. Then Cole is soon enjoying an even deeper penetration, this time reverse cowboy-style. All nicely topped off by Levy taking the youngster from behind, resulting in him creaming the lad’s ass. Finally, Cole’s climax gets propelled so far that it actually splatters the wall!

Big dicked three-way


Shane Hirch is serving drinks and Noah Matous and Victor Diamond are his customers. These horny lads begin feasting on all the hard, uncut cock that’s on offer. Matous is like a kid in a sweet-shop when presented with his buddies’ big fat shafts to suck on.
Having rimmed Matous’s hole in preparation, Hirch is soon pounding away for all that he’s worth. His performance is quickly mirrored by Diamond, who thrusts that monster salami right up to the balls! Seeing Matous skewered cowboy-style on Diamond’s love-pole inspires Hirch to indulge his own ass, plonking himself down on the cute twink’s dick in a three-way pile-up! Now Diamond’s fucking Matous who’s fucking Hirch; and it’s only natural that Diamond and Hirch are soon creaming their pal’s ass before Matous jerks off!

Sailor Scouts Fuck Flip-Flop Like Whores


While playing together at the lake, Angel Lopez and Mike Branco break for some some much-needed cock-sucking. Branco takes the opportunity to rim his mate’s ass while they 69 on the side of the inflatable! The contrast between Lopez’s tanned skin and Branco’s lilywhite physique adds even more allure to the experience; and by the time Lopez plonks himself down on his pal’s cock you’ll be pretty much in love with both boys. Before you know it Branco is enjoying his own hard ass-pounding courtesy of his mate’s big schlong! What makes this encounter unforgettable are the final few moments, with Lopez exploding like a volcano and Branco whitewashing Lopez’s face!

Uber-Twink Brad Fitt Loves Manly Dick

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Forget the crap that models sometimes spout about being straight and only doing what they do for the money – you only have to watch the way that Brad Fitt and Dick Casey look at each other at the beginning of this fabulous duo to realise that these two boys have a natural attraction that both are only too willing and eager to explore. What’s more, the energetic and extremely sweaty romp that ensues only underlines those first suspicions.
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Dirty blond gets blindfolded


Young blond Tom Nutt has a hard-on in his pants like a fucking tent. Edward Fox and Troy Vara understand that their pal is well up for action; and it’s no more than a minute before Nutt has is devouring every meaty, uncut inch that his mates thrust in his direction!
Before long, Nutt has positioned himself on the bed with his legs almost wrapped behind his ears, so that Fox and Vara can take turns to rim his ass. Vara finally plunges his joystick into the boy’s hungry ass-hole, mercilessly pummelling the kid’s man-cunt. Fox takes a somewhat more gentile approach, allowing Nutt to ride his dick cowboy-style, a method that Vara replicates shortly afterwards. Nutt doesn’t care how he’s being fucked, so long as he is! The copious stream of jizz that he takes in the face only underlines his total-slut credentials!

Sleeping Blond Gets Woken For A Big Dick Ride


Sexy twink Julian Fox interrupts his roommate Mike Branco’s study by climbing into his bed and giving him an early morning blowjob. In a few moments Branco is returning the favor, before Fox directs his aim at the blond boy’s sweet, hairless ass. After playfully rimming and fingering his roommate’s ass, Fox plows his big dick balls-deep in Branco’s tight young ass. Fox is clearly in ecstasy as his ass gets the stretching it craves.
After bouncing up and down on Fox’s ramrod whilst clinging desperately to the headboard behind him, both boys finish with a multi-shot eruption that literally sops the bed!

Flip-Flopping Footballers Get Their Balls Emptied


Ray Mannix is a boy who quite literally lives for cock, and Jacob Waterhouse is just as horned-up for dick as his pal! Waterhouse starts out by sniffing the hot, sweaty jockstrap Mannix is wearing, before unleashing the thick, meaty shaft of meat that’s straining within. Mannix quickly returns the favor by gobbling away on his mate’s ramrod with gusto! Soon Mannix is riding the handsome phallus reverse-cowboy style like a bitch in heat. After taking every inch that Waterhouse can muster, Mannix promptly buries his own shaft inside his pal’s hungry little ass! Cue a fantastic, no-holds-barred fuck that culminates in both boys sraying cum all over each other!