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Valentine’s Day Sale – Staxus – Fantasy Lovers Sc.1


Staxus.com Valentine’s Day Sale – Feb. 13th, 14th, & 15th
50% – 1 month streaming & downloads – $17.48 / month
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Peter Polloc lost in thought wondering what his valentine will be… who soon is to be awaken by the soft caressing of the tassels from Rob Bisset’s scarf is a hell of a way for these two twinks to get started. Blindfolded Peter, is now to have a explosive mix of sensations on his skin as Rob slowly licks his body, performs some wax pouring over his chest and his rock hard pierced cock whilst licking the tip, all this before giving his slim body a oil massage, goes without saying he will soon be moving to his ass, where after being toy’d with and gaping, Rob is ready to go all in, leaving Peter moaning of pleasure. All before giving Peter a lovely Facial in the end.Staxus-valentines-banner

Recycling Beaut Gets A Hard-Dick From His Dreamy Pal!



Recycling has never looked so much fucking fun as when the perennially divine Jake Stark encounters Adrian Bennet disposing of his plastic bottles outside the young fellow’s apartment – the crack of Bennet’s arse nicely exposed enough to send Stark into a delirious fantasy. Cue some horny jockstrap play between the two buddies; before Stark finally gives into temptation and tumbles to his knees so that he energetically gobble on the length of Bennet’s upcurved shaft…
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Parting Partners Make Up With A Hard, Raw Fuck!



There comes a moment in every sexual relationship where you have to choose whether you’re in it for the long-term or not – and sadly in this instance it looks like young Joel Tamir has decided that it’s the end of the road for him and his handsome beau, Cobe Loewe. Given that all Loewe wants to do is eat cake and watch television that’s probably an understandable conclusion, of course; but just when you think that Tamir is finally going to walk out the door for good – having packed his bag and donned his coat – the fellow decides to give his lover one final chance to prove himself. And boy does it prove to be a good decision! Need more? Click Here To Check Out This Staxus Online Gallery

Brad Fitt: From Venice With Lust

163-Brad Fitt From Venice With Lust

After Tim Walker and Brad Fitt experience the delights of Venice and enjoy the pleasures of a fine Italian wine together, the two boys decide to sign the day off by savoring a little carnal knowledge. And who the fuck can blame them? Beginning with a gentle smooch, that quickly unfolds into something much more passionate, Fitt sucks his mate off over the table! Then the lads engage in a superb session of 69-ing! Fitt finally forces his meaty, uncut shaft deep inside Walker’s tight ass during a very energetic session of open-air fucking.
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Mike James gets two bare dicks up his ass

132-Mike James gets two bare dicks up his ass-005

Jaro Stone, Mike James and Orlando White fuck around (quite literally) in a gym together. Mike James gets double-dicked by his boned-up buddies; then the threesome cavort with some sex-toys. Soon the lads are gleefully sucking each other’s dicks there’s every good chance that you’ll have fully unzipped by now.
It’s not long before White has taken the opportunity to give James’s ass a manly pounding, whilst Stone thrusts his shaft down the bottom’s throat; then the two tops promptly swap roles. The highlight here is James’s subsequent double-penetration – captured in close-up detail for your entertainment and a sure-fire reason to knock out copious quantities of jizz. Something all three mates do in the scene’s final moments, leaving bum-boy James literally plastered in sticky, creamy goo!

Big Cock-Loving Pair Call Their Mate For A Spunk-Laden Fucking!



Horny lovers, Beno Eker and Lior Hod, are in a provocative mood. Not content with the company of each other in the bedroom, they decide to text their mate, Ron Negba, to see whether he would like to join them. Turns out, the well-hung beaut is only a few doors down the road, supping tea in his garden; but it won’t surprise you to learn that he’s soon round at his pals’ house and joining them between the sheets. At which point the action between these three over-excited pups kicks off big time; with a rampant display of fellatio from all quarters, as the trio take turns at giving head in a variety of positions before finally falling into a daisy-chain threeway.
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Black & White Beauts In Stunning Interracial Flip-Flop!



In an industry that is stereotyped by a surfeit of so-called young, dumb blonds, River Wilson stands out from the crowd. Not only is he striking to look at – sat here in nothing more than a pair of jocks, with a grin that stretches from ear to ear! – but he’s also an articulate bastard; and you might almost feel an element of disappointment when Ron Negba enters the fray to bring Wilson’s monopoly to an end. Well, almost! In reality, of course, Negba’s arrival underlines the contrast that serves as the heartbeat to this magnificent encounter; with their ebony and ivory flesh jostling for attention as they take it in turns to splurge on each other’s aching dicks…
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Horse-Hung Twink Gets A Fireman’s Lift Onto Hunky Pal’s Hose!



To be honest, Joel Tamir is the kind of lad who’s horned-up pretty much all of the fucking time; but give him a hunky fellow in uniform to play with, such as the gorgeous Colin Horner, and he’s basically in overdrive. As becomes apparent here, when he encounters firefighter Horner playing with his hose. Okay, smutty inuendoes aside, these two beauties waste no time in getting down and dirty with each other; stripping down to their undies in next to no time, before Tamir falls to his knees and gobbles furiously away at his buddy’s straining shaft…
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Two horny blonds enjoy a bareback flip-flop fuck

131 two-horny-blonds-11

Playing sport can really take it out of you, but the ever-gorgeous Jaxon Radoc is always assured of a warm welcome from Kamyk Walker, whose appetite for cock is always second to none! Walker immediately falls to his knees so that he can start rigorously slurping on the thick meaty dick that pops out of the Aussie demigod’s jocks!
What follows is a full-on display of cock-worship, with the young Polish lad deep-throating his school-mate’s knob right down to the fuzz; before Radoc promptly returns the favour. Radoc first rims his buddy’s ass-hole and then follows on by thrusting his ramrod deep inside!