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Young gym boys suck dick & fuck ass

129-Young gym boys persuaded to suck dick & fuck ass-001

Marcel Lavrov abandons his aerobics so he can persuade Ariel Varga to engage in a one-to-one session that neither lad (or you!) are likely to forget in a hurry.
Lavrov is nothing if not persuasive, and before long he’s stripping his buddy of his clothes and inviting him to suck on the thick, meaty poleaxe that he’s got stuffed in his shorts. The lad then proceeds to suck the hell out of his buddy’s big dick! Then he and Lavrov engage in some kinky toy-play to spice up the encounter even further.
Of course the pinnacle of this top-notch encounter comes when Lavrov finally goes the whole hog and thrusts his by-now over-swollen shaft deep inside Varga’s ass-hole
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Tattooed Beaut Gets His Ass Smashed & Creamed!



It’s no fucking wonder that Lior Hod looks like the cat that got the cream – after all, his mother has just bought him the most amazing apartment you could ever begin to imagine. But whilst he’s clearly eager to show off his new pad to his best buddy, Beno Eker, he’s also very keen to christen the flat with a splattering of hot jizz – a task that Eker is more than willing and able to assist with. It’s no surprise then that the two mates are soon smooching away on the sofa…
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Foot-Fetish Fucker Oils Blond Buddy Up!



Connor Rex jumps at the chance at giving new STAXUS favorite, Ron Negba, a real good rubdown! After all, Negba is seriously fucking gorgeous – arguably even more so than normal when wearing a sexy jockstrap! Rex can’t wait to get him out of his clothes so that he can concentrate on the young lad’s crotch; and having taken a little time out to oil up Negba’s legs and feet – he’s greasing the boy’s hairless cock and balls into a badly swollen mass.
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Two cock-starved twinks feast on dick

123 Two cock-starved twinks feast on dick

Aaron Aurora is very putty in Owen Jackson’s hands; and, having enjoyed a subsequent blow-job courtesy of Jackson, is soon spreading his legs in order to accommodate his pal’s engorged knob-head deep inside his ass! The randy little vixen is very soon riding every hard inch that Jackson can thrust in his direction like a veritable pro; culminating in him spewing a fine wad of jizz all over his own belly to add to the fine spray of goo that Jackson has dumped seconds before!
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Eight inches of hard cock up his ass

128-Eight inches of hard cock up his ass

Billy Rubens is bored from having his head buried in a book all day, studying. He’s soon pestering Sam Kirby to engage in some less-traditional studies, and before you know it he’s eagerly ripping into his mate’s clothes like a fellow possessed!
Before Kirby knows what’s happened, he’s got Rubens positioned between his legs and sucking his dick like a feckin’ vacuum pump! Kirby is soon busily engaged in returning the compliment; before lying himself prostrate on the sofa and allowing Rubens to thrust his thick, meaty, uncut pole deep inside his hungry little fuck-hole!
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Horny New Boy Gives Blond Buddy A Hard Fuck!



Is Vittorio Vega looking just a little bit nervous at the start of this deliciously hot escapade with Ron Negba – or is he simply as horny as fuck? In truth, it’s quite likely that both factors are playing their part in these opening moments; but if you think the new boy is about to baulk from the opportunity that’s literally laid out before him on the bed then you’d better think again. Before you know it he’s gazing up at Negba as he thrusts his buddy’s dick down his throat.
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Newbie Gets To Fuck Matous To Ecstasy & Back!

75766 Newbie Gets The Green Light-12

75766 Newbie Gets The Green Light-0475766 Newbie Gets The Green Light-0675766 Newbie Gets The Green Light-08

Noah Matous has made a new friend in handsome dude, Jack Ganley – and he can’t keep his hands off him, and no fucking wonder! The stunning newcomer is as desirable as one could ever hope for a boyfriend; and its not long before Matous gets Ganley’s cock out of his trunks so he can gorge on the extremely tasty looking meat. (more…)

Five Boy Suck & Fuck-Fest

126-5 Boy Suck-&-Fuck-Fest

Nicholas Reed and Alex Mendez just can’t wait to head back to their room for an intimate display of their affection!
Beginning with a fine display of top-to-toe fellatio down on the floor, both lads slurping on the rampant rods of meaty, uncut dick that’s now on offer! Before you know it white-boy Reed has positioned his hungry little ass-hole right over his black buddy’s face. The result is a terrific session of unrestrained rimming on the part of Mendez, which very quickly works Reed into quite a sexual frenzy!
Both guys are soon keyed-up for a real flip-flopping fuck, with each dude taking turns to energetically bang the other to within an inch of their lives, with a plethora of spunk sounding the finale!
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