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Two Good to be True – hx117 scene47



Big dick buddies Corbin Colby and Blake Mitchell are at an outdoor cafe exchanging war stories when they spy Helix cutie Kyle Ross across the street. Having enjoyed his videos on a molecular level it goes without saying the guys are super fans. The dynamic duo invite Kyle to their table and probe the kid with porn questions. Next thing he knows, Kyle is bent over getting probed with more than questions by two of the biggest dicks in the biz! (more…)

Two divine cuties


Arthur Kral and Noah Matous, are both into each other big-time; and having quickly stripped down, floppy-haired Matous is eagerly consuming what appears to be the finest Czech sausage he’s ever seen! Matous is soon being pleasured by Kral courtesy of a very tasty tonguing of his ass-crack; before the top finally plunges that meaty, uncut ramrod deep between Matous’s butt-cheeks. Matous climbs up onto Kral’s lap and plunges his ass down onto that thick, meaty dick; signalling the start of a truly terrific cowboy-style fuck. These two lads aren’t finished until Matous has been fucked down on the floor with Kral banging the jizz out of his young pal! Kral then unleashes a rope of ball-juice into the youngster’s gaping hole!

Bowling Bottoms – hx117 scene53


Nothing gets our gorgeous boys horned up like a fun night out handling some big heavy balls! Bowling beauties Grayson Lange and Sean Ford have been at the alley fingering balls and tossing them at giant phalluses all night. When the pair finally get some alone time, all that pent up sexual energy releases like wildfire! Sean wraps his full lips around Grayson’s perfect piece. Picking up the spare, Grayson gives Ford’s knob a shine and waxes his alley till it glistens and gleams. Ford’s fanny is just begging to be fucked! (more…)

Basement Fantasy Leaves New Boy Buggered


Johny Cherry and STAXUS new boy, Leo Jenkins are engaged in what appears to be a face-to-face jerk-off; which quickly transforms itself into a full-on anal romp, with Cherry thrusting his meaty, aching shaft into his buddy’s jock-strapped ass! After one of the quickest fucks we’ve ever seen, the two lads are back to kissing and fondling their cocks in foreplay. This time, Jenkins feasts on Cherry’s handsome ramrod, before riding it cowboy-style. Just seeing the novice riding that gorgeous beaut, as his own cock bounces happily in rhythm, is possibly more than enough to get a good many of you reaching for the tissues! So will the sight of Jenkins laid out on his back, legs akimbo, as his pal pummels his hungry little crack! All of which soon results in both guys taking it in turns to unload their cum loads on each others lips; before they exchange a sloppy, sensual, open-mouthed kiss!