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Freshmen #110 Bastian & Fabien


Kevin – or rather his absence – seems to be a theme for this week’s Freshmen. First, we had Andre performing a quality check on his protégé, now we have Bastian taking advantage of Kevin’s tardiness. This is our fourth scene with Fabien and his ratings indicate you like him well enough. Thus far he has been teamed with lovers that would fall into the “romantic” style. So, we’re interested in what you think when we pair him with the wilder style of Bastian.
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CockyBoys – Damian Black Fucks Dillon Rossi!


Dillon Rossi loves to play — he beams with positive energy both inside and outside the bed sheets. So when he first met Damian Black, still a relatively new CockyBoy, you know he had all sorts of games and activities lined up for them as the summer winded down. They had a raft race in the pool, skipped rocks, and played a rather intense game of paddle ball. Something about their competitive nature was just so fucking sexy for some reason… so when Dillon abruptly leaned in and kissed Damian in the pool, it was smooth and effortless.
Just as sensual as he is playful, Dillon suggested he and Damian suck each other off while balancing on a pool raft. It took them a couple tries, but before long they were giving each long, deep blowjobs on a wayward inflatable flamingo. At one point, Damian was actually able to get on his knees and face-fuck Dillon for a bit! With things heating up, they moved back into the water where Dillon leaned over the edge and let Damian slide his thick cock inside and fuck him doggy-style.Continue Reading: CockyBoys – Damian Black Fucks Dillon Rossi!

Belami Online – Luca Carrera, Sven Basquiat – 12100


12100-Luca-Carrera-Sven-Basquiat-00112100-Luca-Carrera-Sven-Basquiat-00212100-Luca-Carrera-Sven-Basquiat-00312100-Luca-Carrera-Sven-Basquiat-00412100-Luca-Carrera-Sven-Basquiat-00512100-Luca-Carrera-Sven-Basquiat-006Another Freshmen special for you today as we give you Sven Basquiat and newcomer Luca Carrera in this training scene. This is not Luca’s first fuck on camera, but it is his first time out topping. Kevin is the cameraman here, but as he turned up quite a bit late, and the boys could not wait, the first few minutes are filmed as a selfie.
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Freshmen #120 Pip & Justin


Fifty shades of Pip. Last week featured Pip in an animalistic, al fresco scene partnered with the big-dicked Magyar Joel Birkin. Today he is back indoors for a romantic and tender scene with another Peter Pan Czech- Justin Saradon. At the time this scene was filmed, Pip had only been with us a month and Justin was a two year veteran thus acting as Pip’s “coach”.
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CockyBoys – Justin Matthews Fucks Liam Riley!


Justin Matthews and Liam Riley clicked right from the beginning. And you can immediately see why — Justin is a more simple-minded country guy while Liam’s a bubbly big city boy, a walking exclamation point! Even physically, Justin’s a taller, tan blond Adonis while Liam is a slightly shorter, brown-haired pup in training. A perfect Yin and Yang is what you could call their chemistry, and that always leads to some explosively hot sex.
The guys were visiting Fire Island this summer, and all Justin could think about was sex. He was very vocal about it, too, but Liam reigned him in a little bit at first. They explored the beach, checked out the docks, and then took a lazy summer nap back at their cabin. Continue Reading: CockyBoys – Justin Matthews Fucks Liam Riley!

CockyBoys – Damian Black Fucks Frankie V!



Frankie V. is really coming into his own — his sweet personality, angelic face, his bad boy tats. Something about him is just so strikingly… masculine. All the guys love Frankie, and it was studly Damian Black’s turn to spend a sweltering summer day with him. The guys started making lemonade at first and eating watermelon, and then they went to go lay out by the pool and show off their impeccable bodies.Continue Reading: CockyBoys – Damian Black Fucks Frankie V!

CockyBoys – Coast2Coast: Levi Karter & Kody Stewart!


Shortly after we wrapped production on our Boy Band parody, "One Erection," Kody and Levi came to me with an ambitious plan. Kody needed to drive his car cross country from New York to Los Angeles where he was going to be starting school in the new year. Both Kody and Levi had been working nonstop and they were excited for a break, a change of scenery AND they wanted to make a video Road Trip Diary along the way.
I was all for it — I’m a firm believer that one should travel as much as possible when you are young — having once driven cross country from New Orleans to LA when I was their age. It was truly a defining moment of my life. So I was excited for them, and absolutely blown away once I saw the film they created.
Once again, Levi Karter directs one of his signature POV Erotic Docs that won him both awards and acclaim (Fuck Yeah Levi Karter and Meeting Jasper). And I’m excited to say this will not be the last — in fact this will be the first in a new series of PRIVATE LIVES Erotic Docs shot and directed by Levi taking us behind the scenes and into the authentic everyday lives of some of your favorite CockyBoys and Porn Pups.

Belami Online – Kris Evans, Nino Valens – 12095


12095-Kris-Evans-Nino-Valens-01012095-Kris-Evans-Nino-Valens-02512095-Kris-Evans-Nino-Valens-03012095-Kris-Evans-Nino-Valens-04012095-Kris-Evans-Nino-Valens-04312095-Kris-Evans-Nino-Valens-060We’re going ‘all Hungarian’ for you today with 2 of your favorite guys from Budapest, hunky Kris Evans and twinky Nino Valens. Luke has taken a few liberties here with the storyline, pretending that Nino is in for his casting, whereas in fact the scene was filmed in the middle (so far) of Nino’s time with us. Regardless of this bit of trivia, we have a nice twist to the usual ‘body worship’ theme, with Kris being obviously enamored of Nino’s lithe frame and youthful good looks.
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Belami Online – Justin Saradon, Jason Bacall – 12065


bel-ami-online-jason-bacall-bottoms-for-justin-saradon-raw-003bel-ami-online-jason-bacall-bottoms-for-justin-saradon-raw-004bel-ami-online-jason-bacall-bottoms-for-justin-saradon-raw-005bel-ami-online-jason-bacall-bottoms-for-justin-saradon-raw-006bel-ami-online-jason-bacall-bottoms-for-justin-saradon-raw-007bel-ami-online-jason-bacall-bottoms-for-justin-saradon-raw-008bel-ami-online-jason-bacall-bottoms-for-justin-saradon-raw-009bel-ami-online-jason-bacall-bottoms-for-justin-saradon-raw-010We know that our Freshmen members have been getting to see Jason Bacall throughout our Viva Colombia series, but we thought it only fair to share him around a bit more, so today we have him here on BelAmiOnline together with Justin Saradon. If you thought that this pair would be a good match, you were certainly right. Physically they make a great couple, but it is the chemistry between the 2 of them that really shines here as Jason expresses his desire to be fucked by Justin in every way possible.
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