VideoBoys – Tony Star Takes A Seven-Inch Ride

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In many ways Tony Star is as innocent as he looks. Oh, he’s had boyfriends and for an eighteen year old, he’s really had plenty of sex. But what surprised us about Tony was that, in spite of being a dedicated bottom, he has never even once used a dildo. But he was certainly anxious to try one.
So Tony went down to the local sex shop and carefully chose the perfect dildo for him. Not too big, not too small. A “big seven inches” was his ideal for a device he intended to use on a regular basis. When he got it home and pulled it out of the package he marvelled at the texture and the girth. Once Tony was horned up enough, he was ready and eager, to get that big plastic cock in his ass. And though it took a few minutes for his sphincter to adjust to the thick shaft, once it was in, it seemed as though this dildo was custom designed for Tony’s tight little ass.
Honestly, we were quite surprised at how Tony was able to put that dildo to use. Though he’d never used one before, Tony became a virtuoso of the dildo his first try. He tried it from every direction, every position and at various speeds. All of this action gave Tony a hardon that was more impressive than the dildo that was in his ass. And then when he was ready to cum, Tony put that 7 incher all the way in and just let it sit there comfortably while he cranked out a big load. He assured us that this would not be the last time he would use a dildo. Watch The Video at!

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