Sexy Nude Boys Beating-Off, Sucking Cocks, and Fucking (often Bareback)!

8teenBoy – Give & Take – hx126-scene39


Overcome with teenage lust, Adam Hunt and Miles Pike hurry home after school to explore their budding young boymance. After kissing Pike’s pretty lips, Adam heads down south and gobbles down the dude’s oversized staff. Miles returns the favor, deep throating Adam’s meaty muscle as Hunt hammers his mouth down deeper with a hand to the head. Still randy and ravenous, Pike tongues the towhead’s tight twink pucker, before plugging the pretty boy with his bareback beast. Adam takes it like a pro, inhaling every thick inch Miles plows into him as he beats his big, blond bone. The teen thrust machines switch places and Pike gets piped doggie style. After Adam nearly breaks the bed with his hard butt banging, Pike slips behind the blond to bring this after school special to a splashy good climax. Pike pumps piece into Adam’s ass till he pushes pure, white hot pleasure to the surface. Hunt’s hog heaves a fresh batch of heavy cream onto his perfect complexion. The sight of his after school ass partner covered in guy glaze sends Miles over the edge; and, his thick thruster goes off like a summertime sprinkler, splattering sex seed absolutely everywhere! The secret sex partners finish this fuck with a delicious, breath heavy kiss, covered in cum.

Freshmen #148: Jeff Mirren & Jens Christensen – Part 1


mirren_christensen_p1-002mirren_christensen_p1-003mirren_christensen_p1-004mirren_christensen_p1-006mirren_christensen_p1-007mirren_christensen_p1-008Our two-part scenes have been lacking lately so here is a playful scene between Jens Christensen and Jeff Mirren. Director Luke Hamill employs the tired porn trope of “cheating boyfriend and jealous lover”. Those who scroll past the “plot” will be thankful that it doesn’t go on too long. Soon Jeff is both proving how much he still loves Jens and asking for forgiveness by bouncing up and down on Jen’s dick. While it may be a tired porn trope, it certainly seems to beat flowers and chocolate as Jens winds up cumming twice- first in Jeff’s hungry mouth and a second time into his greedy ass.

Jizz Addiction – Covet Thy Brother’s Cock


Cameron Fine And Poul Von Trier get a bit hammered at the local pool hall and Cam has to help Poul get back to the room. Once the boys get to the room Poul decides he needs to bust a nut and Cam is only to willing to help him out with his dilemma. Cam starts stroking Poul’s hard, thick cock and after a few minutes he’s got Cam’s throbbing cock sliding down his hot, wet throat. Not wanting to leave his friend high and dry, Paul returns the favor and starts stroking and sucking Cam’s hard dick. After a bit of sucking the boys lay back and stroke each other off until they’re both blasting their loads all over each other!

BoyCrush – Bisexual Boy With An Awesome Dick


Bisexual Portland boy Felix is one of those chilled out and confident guys who just knows what he likes and doesn’t let anything faze him. He’s just starting out in the gay porn business but he’s willing and able and really can’t wait to share his cock with plenty of boys. We get to find out a little about him in his interview, from what turns him on to what he likes in the bedroom, then it’s time for him to get that big cock out and enjoy himself! He’s smooth, fit and packing a slender and swollen dick that gets so hard too, stroked in his fist until his cream is gushing. We can’t wait to see one of the other boys enjoying that dong.

FrenchTwinks – US Road Dick Episode 2



After their adventures in the California desert and their providential encounter with Luke Allen, Doryann, Paul, Chris and Enzo take the road back to Las Vegas.
Our four French boys excited as hell arrive to the city of vice at dusk and they intend to enjoy their evening with no limit. As the local motto says: “Everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. The merry band wanders into the mythical streets and places of Las Vegas by chaining cocktails and shots in a friendly atmosphere. (more…)

Belami Online – Danny Defoe – Dean Cooper


Before we get to our more muscled guys later in the week, we have a pair of younger guys here for you today. Danny Defoe is back to take on Dean Cooper.
While Danny is familiar to all of us by now, young Dean only has a couple of scenes under his belt, one here with Jeroen and one over on with Jason Bacall. (more…)

DoggyBoys – Leisurely twink masturbation


After a long day in class all young Ivo Kraus wants to do is please his raging erection. We join him on the couch, his incredible cock already starting to throb in his pink shorts. He reveals his length through the leg hole, an immense length of teen dick which is soon rigid in his pumping hand. With his body on full display and his shorts slipped off the boy gets to work, soon showing us perhaps why he’s so horny. He kneels to show his virginal ass, a green stone glinting to indicate the toy deeply wedged inside. We don’t know how long he’s been enjoying the sensation, but his cock is so hard and ready to unload we imagine it’s been a while. Laying back to focus his attention on his engorged teen cock both hands get to work, sliding up and down, easing his foreskin over the damp tip and back again. The pleasure is so intense he has to take his time, this is no quick wank for a boy in such desperate demand of release, he’s really enjoying it and savoring the quickly burgeoning pleasure rushing through him. Finally sitting back and preparing for the final moments the gorgeous teen gives his length a few more rubs to take himself to climax. Semen erupts from his red tip, streaks of cum firing off into the air to splash down over his smooth young body, pump after pump of warm juice spewing out to decorate his chest and stomach.

Staxus – Courier Loads His Client’s Arse With A Sticky Wad!



The life of a courier isn’t always easier – as young Connor Rex discovers when he quite literally has to pedal up hill and down dale during the sun-filled opening moments of this energetic fuck-fest. Indeed, it’s little wonder that he’s only too happy to sit down and take a break whilst he waits for Bjorn Nykvist to check the contents of his delivery – given all the cycling he’s done it’s a wonder he’s not totally exhausted! If the young lad thinks this is going to be your average kind of house-call, however, he’s in for a big surprise. Examining the parcel, the recipient quickly discovers that there’s a problem – the contents (a bottle of the finest lube) having oozed out all over the place. (more…)

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