Daily Archive: 05/12/2019

BoyFun – Jake Olsen – Lucian Fair


Lucian Fair has picked the right spot by a lovely pond in town to just quietly enjoy the scenery. He might not have been expecting to make a new friend but when gorgeous local boy Jake Olsen appears on the scene the two are soon making out. They haven’t even exchanged names before they’re heading back to Jake’s place for some BoyFun.
Heading straight to the bedroom the two are quickly making out and groping for hard inches of youthful dick, discovering exactly what they desire most. With their smooth and fit young bodies quickly pressed together, flesh on flesh, their urgency only grows.
It’s clear the lust is real when their stiff young erections are revealed, the boys taking turns to lick and suck each other with obvious greed.
With some licking of Lucian’s very willing pucker Jake offers his rampant length, pushing his naked swollen tip inside, following it up with slick inches of throbbing young dick.
Lucian is loving the ride he takes, his own erection swinging and bouncing while he rises and sinks down on the offered appendage, his cum load growing by the second.
On his back and being pumped with rapid thrusts Lucian strokes his load from his pink meat, splashing hot goo up his tight body. Jake is ready quickly after, pulling out to add some thick cream before easing his cock right back in, but the boy isn’t done yet. Moments later he’s jerking out another cum shot for young Lucian to taste.

DoggyBoys – Splashing Twink Cum In The Bathroom


When you look as gorgeous as Marek Svoboda you can get action any hour of the day or night, but even boys as popular as he is need to enjoy themselves solo now and then. He’s not technically alone, we’re here to enjoy his pleasures with him as he teases and tempts us, revealing his smooth twink body and playfully hiding his big uncut cock from us. He can’t be coy for long, soon he’s in the shower and glistening under the water, his impressive dick throbbing and swinging, getting harder when he explores his ass and invites us to get a closer look. His smooth little ass cheeks part to reveal his pucker, a tempting invitation if ever there was one. Not a man watching this could resist the opportunity to slide inside, given the chance. Perhaps Marek is thinking about just that when he takes his place at the end of the tub, his stiff long cock in his hand, the pleasure rising and washing through him in exciting waves as his balls become tighter. The first splash of twink cum is quickly chased by another, bigger splash, leaping from his cock to decorate his chest! His rewarding load pumps out in impressive spurts, coating his abs with cream and making us all wish were were there to add our own to the mess he’s made.

Broke Straight Boys – Ryan Fields Fucks Tyler White


Tyler White may seem like a pretty tough guy, and we have no doubts that he can hold his own in a fight like he claims he can, but when it comes to taking a dick up the ass…that’s a whole different story! Ryan Fields isn’t a fighter like Tyler, but we definitely think he’s about to have the upper hand in this scene as he tops Tyler and fucks him hard.
But before that, these two get warmed up with some oral as Ryan sucks Tyler’s dick, getting it good and wet and adding some rimming while he’s at it, licking that ass before moving back up to his cock. Tyler gives Ryan head next, getting sloppy with that dick as he spits on it and licks up and down Ryan’s long shaft before bending over and spreading his ass, ready to accept Ryan’s cock. Ryan slides his meat in slow, letting Tyler’s hole stretch before he starts going a little deeper and faster while Tyler moans in pain.
They go from doggy style to side by side as Ryan tops Tyler bareback, fucking him slow and steady, pulling that cock in and out so that Tyler can feel every thrust. One more position change and some more raw ass-pounding makes Tyler bust a nut, followed by Ryan, who pulls out of Tyler’s ass and strokes one out! For being a guy who hates to bottom, Tyler took that cock pretty damn well!

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