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8teenBoy – Riley Finch Solo – hx124 scene66


It doesn’t get ANY fresher than Riley Finch! This fine ass, fresh faced, 18 year old is from Colorado Springs. He loves hiking, dogs, older dudes AND, showing off his body! His frame IS absolutely twink-tastic, taut and slender with bouncy, bountiful blessings in both the front and the back! Finch follows Max Carter’s direction, bending over in his boxer briefs to receive a little spanking before letting Carter unwrap that plentiful package in the front. Carter caresses the kid’s colossal cock inside his drawers before unleashing the beautiful beast. The fucktastic, fat phallus flops and sways with hot, hefty weight as Fitch fondles himself. (more…)

Bare Twinks – Caught Stroking His Big Dick


Payton has a very demanding cock, it’s so big and gets so hard he can’t help but get it out for a stroke when it’s demanding attention. Jason was enjoying a snooze on the couch when he wakes up to find his friend stroking his big meat, and of course he’s quick to show his interest. Payton is happy to have some assistance with that big thing, getting his friend naked and seeking out his cock too, sucking on his pal’s juicy boner and then feeding Jason his own engorged meat. A taste just isn’t enough, for a dick that big you just have to take it up the ass. Jason prepares as best he can but soon enough his friend is filling him up and fucking him bareback from behind! Riding it feels even better, wanking his own dick while he impales his hole down on that girthy tool. Things reach boiling point when Jason gets on his back to take a proper pounding from his friend, the pleasure becoming too much and making his cock splash semen out while he double-fists his length. Don’t unload with him just yet, you’ll want to see the massive cum facial Payton spews out all over his buddy, looks like he’s been saving that cum in his big balls for a few days!

FrenchTwinks – Hotter than Soccer


During the 2018 Soccer World Cup, on a hot summer afternoon Jules Laroche invited Gabriel Lambert and Erwan Lamour to watch a match. To avoid getting too hot, the three boys are wearing just underwear and while Jules seems passionate about football Gabriel and Erwan are terribly bored. Gabriel tries to steal the remote from Jules’s hands to turn off the TV and a fight breaks out. It does not matter if Jules wants to watch his match, Gabriel and Erwan will not be discouraged by him! The two beautiful twinks begin to kiss on the sofa and quickly their cocks harden in their boxers. At first Jules remains impassive to the foreplay of his two friends but when they start to jack off he cannot resist joining them…
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DoggyBoys – Toy Boy Bareback Threesome


Marek Kraus might be planning to enjoy some alone time with a new toy for his wanton hole, but his friends Leo Alfano and Arthur Vink have other ideas. The boys arrive to find him ready to play with his new gadget, but within moments the three are making out and exploring their smooth young bodies. The teens are understandably hard and damp with precum in no time, something Marek clearly loves to taste, sucking on both his friend’s urgent boners. With their erections rigid and wanting more Arthur takes aim at the boy’s tight little pucker, easing the toy into him, opening his hole and preparing him for naked young dick with his thrusting movements. Leo’s gorgeous long dick gets a thorough sucking from Marek while Arthur slides inside, barebacking his buddy with clear skill until Leo wants his turn. It’s not a competition between the two, but if it were then their topping skills would result in a draw, even as Arthur comes in for a second helping of that tight ass around his juicy dong. The best bareback threesome can’t last indefinitely, and with a shared wank of blissful climax Leo and Arthur splash their seed all over their sexy bottom buddy’s chest, leaving Marek to finally enjoy his solo pleasures and stroke himself to his own gooey end.

Jambo Africa – Jack Harrer, Liam Efron – 12345


12345-Jack-Harrer-Liam-Efron-00812345-Jack-Harrer-Liam-Efron-00912345-Jack-Harrer-Liam-Efron-01212345-Jack-Harrer-Liam-Efron-01312345-Jack-Harrer-Liam-Efron-01512345-Jack-Harrer-Liam-Efron-01912345-Jack-Harrer-Liam-Efron-02012345-Jack-Harrer-Liam-Efron-021It is a pretty hard job to change the mood of Jack Harrer. Therefore, when he tells Bel Ami that he is feeling a bit miserable, most of the boys know its time to back off and find an easier conquest. Of course, Liam Efron does not fall into the ‘most boys’ category. Liam decides to take the confrontational route with Jack Harrer here. It was a very brave move, but one that certainly paid dividends. Ultimately, Liam is rewarded with Jack’s big, fat dick and load of creamy cum.

Broke Straight Boys – Carter Blane & Kyler Benz



How can you not fall for Carter Blane? He’s always ready to play when he’s on the BSB bed. Notice how he rubs himself during the entire interview with the cameraman? Today Carter will be bedding down Kyler Benz. Mr. Kyler shares Carter’s body type (no tan), and his hair cut resembles Kodi’s coif. “Word on the street is Kyler is a pretty good bottom,” the cameraman says. Carter gives a sly grin and Kyler blushes. No need sweetie! Enjoy your well earned reputation. LOL! Clothes are removed and stroking begins. Released: 2012-09-10 (more…)

Young Fucker Has A Whale Of A Time In A Double-Dicked Ride



The thought of a colonoscopy is not something that fills the average guy with a great deal of excitement – having a camera stuck up your arse is not exactly most people’s idea of fun, after all. But for mega-hung, Alex Whale – who is arguably the most aptly named model we’ve ever had given the oversized cock he stashes in his pants – it seems that the experience proved to be almost life-changing. For having headed to the hospital with trepidation, he returned from his appointment with an almost inane desire to see how much cock he could get stuffed into his guts in one sitting.
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Helix Studios – Boy Stuffed – hx117-scene48


Little Logan Cross has THE cutest laugh ever; which is why his buddies Blake Mitchell and Wes Campbell have him pinned to the bed in a rip roaring tickle fight! Pretty soon the guys are tickling each other’s pickles and lil’ Logan is serviced at either end by his more experienced friends. It’s definitely service with a smile as Blake’s big beast dangles at Logan’s lips while Wes is buried in the back end eating Logan’s little hole. (more…)

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