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8teenBoy – Morning After – hx126-scene27


Cute twink, Cody Wilson has been partying a bit too hard lately. Lucky for him, he has true blue buddy Trevor Harris, who lets him sleep it off in his bed so Wilson won’t get into trouble with his parents. The morning after, Trevor wakes the hung over hottie and talks him through last nights festivities, which include pissing his pants, trying to kiss him, and telling Trevor he likes him. Cody comes clean, letting his dick heavy, designated driver know that is in fact true. Then, Wilson asks if they hooked up. Harris lets the boy know, that if they did hook up, he’d STILL be feeling it the morning after! That cured Cody’s hang over right quick! And, he makes a beeline for Harris’ bulge to find out IF in fact, the truth WOULD hurt! (more…)

Boy For Sale: Austin Young – CHAPTER 1: The Merchandise


Breaking a boy in is hard work. Even when they want it – when they know they need it – it’s truly more of a delicate art than a science. You have to study the boy, feel his body, feel his will, find where he’s his strongest – and where he’s his most vulnerable.
eb-boy-for-sale-austin-young-chapter-1-005eb-boy-for-sale-austin-young-chapter-1-006eb-boy-for-sale-austin-young-chapter-1-007When I found little Austin, he was alone and cold on the street. He appeared frail, too small and thin to be a man full grown. It wasn’t until I thoroughly assessed him that I found that this was just his natural way. He would always seem small and frail. And in my experience, that is what many of my clients find the most sexy.

BoyCrush – Thick Dicked New Arrival Dylan


bc932_dylanferrell_interview_15-ebArkansas boy Dylan has arrived, and we have zero doubts that you’re all gonna be falling in lust with this boy. He’s gorgeous, but that’s obvious. He’s also sweet and incredibly sexy, and he’s ready to have fun on video and make lots of new friends. That won’t be hard, he’s got a hot little ass to fuck and a big manly piece of meat to suck and stroke too! Honestly, a lot of our boys have big dicks, but Dylan’s cock is one of those monolithic beasts we’d all love to play with. Find out more about the smooth and sexy new boy and stick around for that first bate session, you’re gonna be desperate to see him back for more after this.

FrenchTwinks – Bath Pleasures


This morning, Ethan decided to take his time and enjoy a moment of relaxation in his bath. Lying in hot water, he caresses his beardless body, plays with his nipples, with his balls, makes the spray of the shower on his hard cock and then begins to jack off. The twink is totally relaxed and sighs with pleasure masturbating when his roommate Doryann Marguet knocks on the door ordering him to hurry. It’s been a long time since Doryann waited to get to the bathroom and he cannot wait anymore, at the risk of being late for work.
Exasperated by his young roommate who asks him to wait a few more minutes, Doryann decides to force the lock of the bathroom. The door opens and Ethan caught out, and jumps before making a naughty smile. Obviously very excited to surprise his roommate jacking off, Doryann plunges a hand in the water and caresses Ethan’s smooth cock before kissing him and inviting him to suck his dick…
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Belami Online – Danny Defoe – Daan Jeffries


Freshman Daan Jeffries is with us today as a partner for our HUNGarian, Danny Defoe. This is a true early morning scene as director Marty Stevens actually has to wake Daan up so that they can start.
This is not a problem for Daan though as he is always super horny early in the morning. After a little chat with Daan we join Danny in the shower as he gets ready to fuck Daan for the very first time. (more…)

Staxus – Little Boy Lost Gets A Hard Fuck & Facial!


It’s difficult to decide who has the more ridiculous attire: Rob Nielsen, who’s exercising in the woods wearing what can only be described as the skimpiest pair of shorts ever designed, or Connor Rex, who’s working for a cycling courier service donning a tight-fitting body-suit that pretty much leaves nothing to the imagination! Either way, their chance encounter in the Czech countryside soon leads to their clothes being promptly abandoned; with Nielsen taking advantage of the fact that Rex is clearly lost to show the young twink exactly the kind of hard-dicked fun can be had in these remote parts. Unsurprisingly, Rex doesn’t take much in the way of persuading. (more…)

Helix Studios – Introducing Sean Ford – hx115-scene27


Introducing, Sean Ford. Sean is a 19 year old Arkansas native and a gorgeous, green eyed boy-god. In this, Sean’s introductory scene, conducting the opening interview is the ever so smooth & precious Evan Parker. The boys discuss Sean’s coming out, his passion for dancing at the club and his fetish for athletic wear and the jocks who sport it. Then, we join twink top, Evan Parker as he takes Sean Ford to a setting that’s a bit more intimate and christens the beautiful young rookie with his cock.

BoyFun – Jake Olsen – Jacob Dolce


The Exchange Student program is great for giving young guys like Jacob Dolce a little adventure in a foreign land, but he probably didn’t know his experience would include getting his raw little ass filled with one of the biggest cocks in town. Being a good friend Jake Olsen is happy to give his roommate a break and take over supervising the young visitor, but you could probably predict that when a young man has BoyFun on his mind 24/7 he’s going to take advantage. Jacob is more than accepting of the sexy young guy’s advances, a little smooching on the couch and their shirts are off, revealing their slightly toned bodies and encouraging them both toward more. Joel is a well-hung young man, but when he reveals the dick his new friend has throbbing in his pants he’s pleased to find a thick and long uncut tool ready for his mouth. Jacob might not be as experienced with boys but he clearly appreciates the loving licking and sucking young Jake provides, his cock quickly glistening with spit and precum. Jake’s own tool is soon released and his new friend doesn’t waste a moment, grabbing the shaft and sucking on the juicy bulbous tip. (more…)

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