Daily Archive: 07/18/2020

Bare Twinks – Raw Criminal Cock Riding


Justin is a common criminal, entering homes and snooping around for something valuable. He’s picked the right house in this case, soon discovered hiding in the pantry by slim and sexy Dylan who proceeds to treat him like a healthy snack! The boy doesn’t hesitate, grabbing the blond intruder and planting his lips on his, quickly working down to his fast growing cock and servicing the unexpected guest. Justin might just be glad that the boy hasn’t called the cops yet, but he’s soon greedily slurping that boner in return and being led to the bedroom. As clothes come off Justin’s criminal hole gets quickly stuffed with the big dick of the boy he was about to rob, fucked against the wall, riding those inches on the bed, rammed from behind and made to shoot his cream before being finally punished with a cum load right to the face! And they say crime doesn’t pay!

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