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8teenBoy – Give & Take – hx126-scene39


Overcome with teenage lust, Adam Hunt and Miles Pike hurry home after school to explore their budding young boymance. After kissing Pike’s pretty lips, Adam heads down south and gobbles down the dude’s oversized staff. Miles returns the favor, deep throating Adam’s meaty muscle as Hunt hammers his mouth down deeper with a hand to the head. Still randy and ravenous, Pike tongues the towhead’s tight twink pucker, before plugging the pretty boy with his bareback beast. Adam takes it like a pro, inhaling every thick inch Miles plows into him as he beats his big, blond bone. The teen thrust machines switch places and Pike gets piped doggie style. After Adam nearly breaks the bed with his hard butt banging, Pike slips behind the blond to bring this after school special to a splashy good climax. Pike pumps piece into Adam’s ass till he pushes pure, white hot pleasure to the surface. Hunt’s hog heaves a fresh batch of heavy cream onto his perfect complexion. The sight of his after school ass partner covered in guy glaze sends Miles over the edge; and, his thick thruster goes off like a summertime sprinkler, splattering sex seed absolutely everywhere! The secret sex partners finish this fuck with a delicious, breath heavy kiss, covered in cum.

Freshmen #148: Jeff Mirren & Jens Christensen – Part 1


mirren_christensen_p1-002mirren_christensen_p1-003mirren_christensen_p1-004mirren_christensen_p1-006mirren_christensen_p1-007mirren_christensen_p1-008Our two-part scenes have been lacking lately so here is a playful scene between Jens Christensen and Jeff Mirren. Director Luke Hamill employs the tired porn trope of “cheating boyfriend and jealous lover”. Those who scroll past the “plot” will be thankful that it doesn’t go on too long. Soon Jeff is both proving how much he still loves Jens and asking for forgiveness by bouncing up and down on Jen’s dick. While it may be a tired porn trope, it certainly seems to beat flowers and chocolate as Jens winds up cumming twice- first in Jeff’s hungry mouth and a second time into his greedy ass.

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