BoyFun – Roman Capellini & Maksym King


Sexy young Maksym King wants to get to know horny boy Roman Capellini at the start of this new BoyFun video. It’s a new format for us to have a little interview at the start but we think it works well and helps us all know more about them both. We find out plenty, but of course we’re even more excited when the boys start showing off their smooth and tight bodies for each other.
With a little mutual admiration those shorts are coming off to reveal throbbing young cocks begging for attention, which they’ll soon get. A little kissing to ease them in and some mutual masturbation to get their juices flowing and the boys are orally servicing each other in a loving and sensual session of cock swapping. It’s a delicious sight that’s sure to make your mouth water, but when Roman gets his lips between those smooth twinky cheeks we know it’s on.

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