BoyFun – Maxxie Rivers & Dennis O’Bryan


American boy Maxxie is in town checking out the sights, but he’s not really prepared without access to a phone. Local boy Dennis might not understand English very well, but it seems the young man understands enough to know when a twink visitor is looking for some action. As soon as Maxxie is alone with his young host he’s making his intentions clear, his lips met with just as much eagerness. The two are both hungry for some BoyFun, with clothes coming off and their slim bare bodies meeting, the shapes of their long cocks bulging in their pants. Smooth boy Dennis presents his gloriously long and rigid uncut cock and Maxxie is quick to start sucking, worshiping the delicious dick with skill until his new friend is offering the same. Dennis is just as experienced when it comes to servicing a horny friend, licking and lapping Maxxie’s rigid inches before getting more of the same.

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