Maxim Gets Two Tight Boy Holes


Handsome Maxim doesn’t have to try too hard to get the cocks of his two horny friends Justin and Lukas. The three find themselves in the woodshed swapping their dicks and slurping all those delicious inches between them, but soon enough Lukas is taking it further and sliding his ass down on Maxim’s thick meat. Taking it for a ride and being wanked off he’s soon on the edge and it’s Justin’s turn to take that cock while Lukas wanks himself off to the live show and edges himself closer to cumming. Justin gets the jizz splashing started as he gets his cream fucked out of him and decorates Lukas’ chest, and that soon has Lukas joining in with his own milky goo! Maxim isn’t far behind, pulling out and wanking off to launch his load over his buddy’s back and bringing their threesome to a sticky finish. Maxim Moira, Justin Conway & Lukas Pribyl

Freshmen: Joaquin Arrenas & Riff Dornan


arrenas_dornan-003arrenas_dornan-004arrenas_dornan-005arrenas_dornan-006arrenas_dornan-008arrenas_dornan-011 Riff needed minimal charm and no savoir faire to seduce Joaquin. In fact, he didn’t even need to say anything at all. As Joaquin observes, “I really like huge cocks and you have a really huge cock”. Joaquin then sets about milking every moment of pleasure he can from Riff’s rock-hard dick.
Aside from huge cocks, Joaquin also likes to be fucked hard and fast and he gets that as well. Soon Riff manages to work a gigantic load out of his horny friend. freshmennet-danny-defoe-horizontal-banner