8teenBoy – Horny Shower Buddies


Sexy Sebastian Fox strips off his undies, allowing that big dick to swing as he heads towards the shower. Just when this dirty boy starts to get clean, Riley Finch joins him and the two twinks get down right filthy! Warm water flows over all over our fella’s flawless flesh as Sebastian welcomes Riley with roaming hands and hot kisses. Their cocks cram together, caressing one another before Finch gets a face full of Fox’s big fat dick. Horny as hell, Sebastian grabs the gorgeous twink by the back of his hair and hammers his pretty head down on his D, hard! When Finch finally resurfaces, he’s hard as a rock, and Sebastian isn’t about to let that thick dick go unlicked. In a nice surprise move, the normally passive Riley gets randy, spins Sebastian around, then rims his shower fresh fuck hole!

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Gabe Isaac, Devin Lewis & Nick Danner


There are countless ways to celebrate your relationship with a significant other when your anniversary comes around. A nice meal at a fancy restaurant, a luxurious weekend in the countryside, a raucous night out with friends on a bar crawl… they’re all popular options. Devin isn’t the kind of boy to deliver something predictable, and he knows how horny his sexy little lover Gabe is, so of course he had make the boy’s dream come true and invite another friend into the bedroom for some awesome threesome BoyFun! Nick is happy to help out, of course, he’ll do anything for a good friend, especially if it involves sharing his hard uncut cock and his tight little twink ass. He’s come prepared, dressed up as a cute little bunny with sweet little ears on his head, but they’re soon abandoned, as are every piece of clothing the three have to remove while they kiss and explore on the bed. Very soon all three slim young guys are naked and rigid with pleasure, their cocks leaking precum as they lick and suck each other, murmurs of delight escaping their lips around the swollen wet tip being serviced.

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French Twinks – Enzo my Hero


Our two twinks are at the gym and Enzo Lemercier watches out of the corner of the eye the young Mathis Weber who’s doing bench presses. When Mathis, exhausted, finds himself trapped under his bar Enzo jumps to his rescue with some naughty ideas in mind. The two blondes exchange a mischievous look and Mathis puts his hand on Enzo’s thigh who hastens to press it on his cock. Enzo and Mathis start to caress each other through their sports shorts and their dicks swell quickly in their underwear. The two boys sucks in turn, then Enzo begins to play with Mathis’ little ass who moans with pleasure under the blows of expert tongues and grits his teeth when he feels Enzo’s fingers entering his narrow hole . Once Mathis’ asshole is well prepared, Enzo penetrates it gently before smashing him wildly on the gym bench and then on the ground. Nothing can stop the ardor of the two twinks who definitely put a lot more energy into fucking than doing sport! The complicity between Enzo and Mathis is total and this passionate intercourse will naturally lead them both to cum.

80 Gays – Joseph & Teddy Fuck


Joseph and Teddy are a couple of horny black African boys who decide to fool around in the bathroom. We join them already naked and playing with each other, before a hot oral exchange begins. Once both have had a taste of the other’s cock, the boys quickly transition to anal and bareback fuck all over the small room. Finally, the two take turns stroking their cum load out onto the other.

Freshmen: Daan Jeffries & Enrique Vera


The theme of this week seems to be “proper introductions”. Poor Kevin has the difficult job of introducing our new boys to Bel Ami and is the first face they see and first impression of the company. Of course, the antics of our “old hands” makes every task more difficult as Daan and Enrique decide to use the front entrance of our hall as their preferred new place to make love.
Fortunately, Kevin manages to get them into the living room before the casting boys arrived and our permanently scared off. We follow the horny duo into the living room where their passion goes from hot to scorching. Their libidos are obviously at maximum temperature as evidenced by the long and deep rimming Enrique gives Daan to prepare him for his vigorous fucking. freshmennet-danny-defoe-horizontal-banner

Staxus – Lockdown Lovers Scene 2


After 21 days in lockdown, Danny is tired of jerking off, so to spice things up a bit why not jerk off together? But of course Danny won’t just want to jerk off, and soon they’re both jerking each other off before Danny leans in to kiss Timmy. It’s no surprise that moments later Danny is sucking off Timmy’s cock, before leaning back and enjoying Timmy’s lips wrapped around his own cock! Soon Danny is laying on his back, leaving his pink hole on display for Timmy to lick out, and with some natural lube it slides right in! – Danny Jones & Timmy Williams


BoyFun – Casper Ivarsson & Gregor Gilead


After spending a little while contemplating the busy streets outside his window cute skateboarder Gregor Gilead decides to brave the crowds and head for the park with his board, and it’s a good thing he does too because within moments of his stroll in the sun he’s encountering handsome and fit young Casper Ivarsson, quickly seeing an opportunity for some BoyFun. They already have a sport in common, both carrying similar boards and seemingly both on their way to the same skate park, but of course they never make it. Casper slips down a slight hill, which makes you wonder how he manages to move on wheels if his feet give him so much trouble. It’s a good thing Gregor is there to offer a little assistance and few words are needed to persuade the boy to come back to his apartment and take his weight off his potentially bruised knee.

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