BoyFun – Jacob Dolce & Alec Loob


I guess we’ve established by now that the Spanish sun is an aphrodisiac. The boys have been hooking up and having fun all over the villa, and elsewhere too, but the BoyFun certainly shows no sign of stopping. Fit young Jacob Dolce has been sunning himself out by the pool when playful Jake Olsen sends him scarpering inside with a severe splashing, and not the kind either might have secretly wanted. The boy was just teasing, but although he might have been hoping to get his lips around the bulging shape between Jacob’s legs he’s inadvertently sent him straight into the waiting arms of horny boy Alec Loob. It seems the boys are very much on the same wavelength, their lips meeting and their bulges revealed for sucking. As clothes come off and the two handsome young guys suck and slurp those rigid cocks Alec misdirects us with his tongue, probing between Jacob’s cheeks and lapping at his tight little hole.

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