HMT – In Bed With Bareback Boys


Gorgeous little James and his big dicked pal Aiden know how to create something horny and hardcore themselves. They’ve got a static cam set up and a hand-held one too, getting us right into the action with them while they suck those delicious hard young cocks. You can almost smell the youthful precum while they pleasure each other, but you’ll feel like you’re right in there with them when Aiden slides in to fuck his gorgeous little friend with his raw rod. Aiden Palm & James Stirling

Staxus – Boy Scouting Fuckers Sc.3



Jake and Ray are clearly lovers in this scout devision, as both are just as eager to get into each others pants, and between all the kissing and stripping these boys both end up naked next to their tent where Ray is the first to show of his quick reaction skills by going down to jakes cock, kissing, licking and sucking it in the process, Jake to gets his fair share of cock, as he sucks Rays cock, and they even get into a 69 position where Jake shows off all of his sucking skills, leaving Ray groaning in pleasure! Needless to say we can all see where this is going when Jake starts rimming Rays ass which later will be filled by Jake’s rock hard cock making him moan and almost scream of the pleasure Jake causes him. Jake Stark, Ray Rio

Helix Studios – Double Stuffed Boy


Flanked by fuck stars, Travis Stevens and Johnny Hands, Aiden Garcia enjoys erotic attention at every angle. Hungry for some deep throating thrupple action, the three stone hard studs circle suck with some tasty teamwork, before Garcia gets got at each end. Travis watches Hands’ hard, hole hitting talent tenderizing Aiden’s ass; and, he knows he can take even more. Anxious to see how much Travis can take. Our tasty team players group their groins together…. Then, Stevens saddles up, and slides down, taking both big, beefy bones deep into his butt hole. He grinds up and dow on the dicknamic duo till the double dose pushes pure pleasure from his piece. But, our boy is not Done, not by a long shot! The talented taker shoves his handsome mug at the thick dicked double barrels, and receives all the gooey glory he deserves.

Hung Twink Gets Fucked Outside


Blond boy Justin arrives to play with Benjamin, and boy do they do just that! Soon the two are gobbling on those big meaty uncut cocks, so long and throbbing, leaking precum for each other as they slurp in the sun. With a little playing with that tight hole Justin is soon ready to get fucked, taking Benjamin’s big cock up his hole in some great positions. He loves it, laying back and getting his cum fucked out of him, finishing off with Benjamin splashing his load out over him too! Justin Conway & Benjamin Dunn

Freshmen: Jarrod Lanvin & Bruce Querrelle


querelle_lanvin-001querelle_lanvin-003querelle_lanvin-005querelle_lanvin-006querelle_lanvin-009querelle_lanvin-010 For those of you who don’t click on this site to watch the boys discuss long-term investment strategy, we return to a more familiar scene opening: playfighting with Liam, Jason and Kevin. We invest a lot decorating the boy’s apartments. We wonder why we bother as they’re amused by the simplest things. Of course, their favorite “hobby” is fucking. So, when the hijinks our over, and the adrenaline is still high they need to expend their energy somehow.

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Adam sucks a huge twink cock


What’s the best birthday present a horny young guy can get from a friend? Probably a huge twink cock to play with! Sweet little Leo Alfano has exactly that for his friend Adam Holub when he arrives to celebrate his friend’s birthday, but only after already giving him two normal gifts to throw him off the horny scent. With a gift of socks and a dessert treat out of the way it’s time for the real present as Leo has his friend close his eyes while he prepares. Adam has no idea what it could be, but when he sees that engorged length of gorgeous young cock in front of him he can’t wait to get sucking! It’s the best present ever between two good friends, sharing the celebration as Adam slides that wet and delicious cock into his mouth and starts sucking.

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Belami Online: Koons & Ekberg


ekberg_koons-008ekberg_koons-001ekberg_koons-003ekberg_koons-004ekberg_koons-006ekberg_koons-007 As most of you know, we like to present our flip-flop scenes over 2 days, but sometimes it happens… Today’s scene with Raf and Roald is one of those times. The scene was actually filmed like normal but since both parts were a bit on the short side, we decided to edit them together into 1 scene for you.
It’s always a pleasure to watch a guy with a huge dick like Raf getting fucked, but it is even better to watch him putting his massive member to good use on his buddy. Luckily today we get the best of both worlds.

Staxus – Sliding In Scene 1

sliding -in-sc-1-10-eb

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Daniel is very happy to see Joel after a while since seeing each other, and Joel with an awkward call from his mum steps out of the room, Daniel notices another type of vibration coming from the bedside table, and to no surprise it’s one of Joel’s dildos! Joel to avoid hearing more about it, he starts kissing Daniel to try and forget about the dildo, and these two start getting intimate quite quickly as they both remove their clothes and remain in their underwear.
It’s not long now before both boys are sucking each others dicks and Joel is using the dildo to help with Daniel’s erection. After playing with Daniel’s hole for a while with the dildo and getting him to open up, it’s normal that this could only end up with Daniel riding Joel’s dick, making both boys moan in pleasure, and only wanting more!