Helix Studios – Introducing Richie West


New model Richie West is back in Vegas after celebrating his twenty first birthday in sin city just a few months back. However, this time, Richie is being picked up at the airport by porn prince, Ashton Summers! Ashton is immediately attracted to the raging hot, red head, and the guys get to swapping stories about coming out, Richie’s first boy crush, and of course preferred position. West shares that he just started topping last year, and is eager to keep at it. Always one to lend a helping hole, Ashton invited the newbie back to his place, where clothes melt away in a sea of sultry kisses. Excited to break the boy in, Summers slips the gorgeous ginger’s jeans down, and wraps his pretty Puerto Rican lips around the dude’s dick. After exercising his incredible deep throat skills, Summers receives some red hot reciprocation from Richie’s talented tongue.

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Fucked By A Gorgeous Biker Boy


Biker boy Johan brings back hot little Thomas to see his motorbike, but soon the boys are more interested in the hogs in their pants! The gorgeous young men are soon sucking on those stunning long and uncut cocks, swapping their dicks with each other, but it’s the fucking Thomas really craves. He gets an amazing ride on that handsome shaft, even hanging from the punch bag while Johan pumps his butt! Check out the hot mess of cum the boy gets all over him from that handsome jock cock! Johan Volny & Thomas Fiaty

Freshmen: Helmut Huxley & Michel Seberg


It starts innocently as Helmut and Michel compare scars, “kissing them all better”. It soon occurs to them that the best salve isn’t a kiss, but a good fuck as the innocence gives way to sexual intensity and heat. Michel has gained definition since last we saw him but remains as youthful and lithe as ever. Helmut is, of course, his usual gorgeous self.
The sex – from the kissing, through the oral and rimming and into the fucking- remains hot throughout. Helmut in particular lets loose like we’ve never seen before as he thrusts the complete length of his cock into Michel’s greedy ass till he eventually lets fly one of his best cum shots ever. freshmennet-danny-defoe-horizontal-banner

Shower wanking with sexy boy Bert


18-year-old Bert loves to stroke his cock, but then what boy his age doesn’t? He’s had a long day at work and now he’s home all he can think about is pleasing his dick. He heads to the shower and within moments we’re enjoying the sight of his smooth and pale skin with water and soap sliding over him. We can’t help but imagine what it would be like to be there with him, hands sliding over his wet and smooth skin, sliding down to his butt cheeks, teasing his perfectly tight little hole with slippery fingers before reaching between his thighs to feel those balls and his growing cock.

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Belami Online: Efron & Cavill


Normally it is Liam who can’t wait for the action to begin, but today he has met his match in Paul Cavill, who seemingly can’t even wait for the scene to have an introduction before he devours Liam. Although Liam starts out wanting to record the encounter for his future viewing pleasure, Luke pretty quickly intervenes and takes the camera away (maybe it was because he was getting seasick just watching Liam try and film) and both boys can concentrate on the job at hand.
Liam is the bottom in today’s scene and he seems to relish every inch of Paul’s thick cock pushing deeper and deeper inside his ass, squirming around in ecstacy with every thrust before shooting his load with his buddies dick wedged deep inside him.

80 Gays – Fynn & Addae Fuck


Cute African twink Fynn hooks up with with another sexy black twink named Addae. Fynn loves sucking big black cocks, before getting fucked bareback. Addae wants to pound some Fynn ass, but Fynn decides to fuck his face a little longer. After some more oral pleasuring, Addae slides his stiff cock in and raw fucks Fynn’s ass, and we enjoy some good views of that long black meat sliding in and out of Fynn’s smooth ass. Suddenly, Addae pulls out and, without even touching his big dick, cum starts gushing. After he unloads, Addae rams his black meat back into that Fynn’s hole and breeds him.

Staxus – Young & Horny Scene 2


Adam and Tyler are back for another round to finish off some things they missed out on last time. Both boys kissing and caressing in bed it’s obvious that they’d be rock hard and ready to bang. But these boys take it slow, and Adam sucks Tyler ferociously whilst playing with his balls, and even Tyler attempts to fuck his mouth, but Adam just continues to suck his dick whilst playing with his own, pleasing Tyler’s most basic needs. Of course it’s not going to be about all that Adam wants to do, as soon Tyler has Adam laying on his back and he’s rimming the boys tight looking hole, teasing him with what’s coming next. Tyler Scott, Adam Veller

French Twinks – Twink’s Game


Arthur and Ethan get to know each other through a naughty game of dice, the one who makes the smallest number has to take off an item of clothing. If Arthur is initially a little shy, he will quickly get caught up in the game and exchanges of glances between the two boys say a lot about their intentions. The two twinks are now in underwear and it’s the ultimate roll of dice before getting naked. Ethan is delighted to lose the game and Arthur seems fascinated by this beautiful hairless body. Ethan takes Arthur’s hand and puts it on his thigh then they kiss and start jerking each other before sucking in turn. The two cocks are hard and Ethan starts to eat the balls of Arthur who’s moaning with pleasure.

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Helix Studios – Poolside Pound


Ashton Summers and Jacob Hansen heat up the summer season, lounging around in their swim trunks at a lush, tropical resort. The boys chill by the pool, glistening golden in the sun, and absolutely unable to control their carnal cravings! Since Summers can’t hide the big bulge building in his trunks, he lets his freak flag fly, going full Monty and plunging his massive meat into Jacob’s juicy mouth. Since the train’s already left the station, and the resort staff hasn’t stopped them, Summers is hell bent on giving the other guests (who are SURELY watching from their windows) a downright, dirty good show! He slaps his big slab against Hansen’s handsome face, then kneels to suck some serious cock like the meat hungry man he is!

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BoyFun – Casper Ivarsson & Noah Pierce


Spain is famous for many things, from great food to beautiful beaches, a vibrant culture and wonderful people, but it’s fair to say that millions flock there every year for the nightlife and the rampant sexual energy permeating the tourist hotspots. Alex Faux and Noah Pierce make a new friend in American backpacker Maxxie Rivers after a wild night left them destitute, lucky for them their new friend has a few new pals of his own, with a gorgeous place they can stay for a few days. Casper Ivarsson knows all too well what it’s like for boys visiting the tourist town and he’s more than happy to invite a few tourists to come and enjoy his accommodations, especially if they’re hung and hot!

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