BoyCrush – Meet Cute 19-Year-Old Deven


Boys get into porn for three reasons – either they need the money, they’re a show off and like being on display, or they just want to have a lot of great sex with other great boys. Often it’s a mix of these three. Devin is mostly the latter, he just loves sex and can’t wait to meet some of our other boys. We find out more about the 19-year-old in his interview, from his love of music and art to his appreciation for Japanese Anime. He’s never bottomed, a total top. Will we see him taking it? I guess we’ll find out. Check out his interview and enjoy a great jerk off as he plays with his big dick and squirts for the boys!
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devenlions_interview_11devenlions_interview_12devenlions_interview_13devenlions_interview_15devenlions_interview_16devenlions_interview_17devenlions_interview_18devenlions_interview_19devenlions_interview_20 Cute Deven loves hot and steamy sex, which is why he's appearing in porn. He's into all kinds of music, loves to draw in his spare time and enjoys Japanese anime. He's kind of bi, but mostly gay. He's an absolute top and has never bottomed for anyone. Will we get to see him try? Stick around and we'll find out!