BoyFun – Antony Carter & Jesse Evans

With his boyish good-looks, his swooshing hairstyle and his tight and smooth body, young Antony Carter is a deliciously hot prospect no sane boy could ignore, especially when he’s so horny and in need of some good relief! His friend Jesse Evans runs into him outside the sex shop at just the right moment, giving the boy a perfect opportunity for some BoyFun. Needless to say, Antony accepts the invitation back to his friend’s apartment instantly, and within moments they’re falling onto his bed and revealing their incredible uncut cocks for each other to taste. Perfectly matched in size and hardness, the boys are equally hungry for those boners, licking and sucking each other while soft moans escape their lips.
The lithe young men could worship those wet pink tools with their mouths to get their cum loads splashing, but Jesse promised to assist the boy with his boner and that’s what he plans to do, offering his perfect rump for Antony to slide his naked inches into. The cute top pumps his bareback boner between those cheeks, fucking his pal from behind before flipping him over for some deeper missionary humping, the boy’s cock throbbing and leaking in his wanking hand while he cries out in bliss. Sliding his pucker down on Antony’s raging length only takes Jesse closer to cumming, the pleasure growing as his balls pull up tight, humped from beneath as semen begins to leap from his swollen tip. With his own cream splashed over his smooth body he’s ready to help his top boy get that nut too, licking and sucking Anthony’s balls while his hand works his length to encourage his own load to launch up his tight twink body. From now on Antony won’t need the sex shop so much, he could just stop at Jesse’s place!