BoyFun – Benny Vasquez & Nick Danner

Nick Danner arrives home and discovers young Benny Vasquez chilling out on the couch, the unexpected guest is certainly a surprise, but young Nick is more than happy to have such sexy company.
Straight guy Benny isn’t looking for any kind of BoyFun but although he’s reluctant at first he can’t deny that the feel of another boy’s hand groping the bulge in his jeans actually isn’t bad. Predictably he long uncut cock is rigid from the moment his new friend wrestles it free from his pants, the first suck of his uncut banana convincing him that he should just go with the flow and see what else Nick might teach him.
He’s clearly not used to sucking cock as he wraps his inexperienced lips around Nick’s pale and pink shaft, but his own throbbing erection maintains its hardness, showing he’s not turned off by the new experience.
His willingness to explore pays off even more when gorgeous little Nick eases his naked pucker down on the offered length of tanned young cock, filling his ass with his new buddy’s erection and riding Benny with skill. If the boy didn’t know how awesome another guy’s ass could be before he soon does, thrusting into his pal from behind and spooning Nick on the couch until Benny is pulling out to shower him with straight boy cream, an instant trigger for Nick to jerk out his own white juice.
Benny won’t need much persuasion to get his big cock out next time.