BoyFun – Beno Eker & Marcel Boyle

Some people might think being a teen is simple, you just have to go to school and stay out of trouble, but those same people forget that it’s easy to be distracted from your studies when your cock is always hard and your friends are forever enticing you into some BoyFun.
Hot little Marcel Boyle is trying to keep himself in check, but with his buddy Beno Eker luring him away from his books with the promise of a hard uncut cock to play with he can’t resist the temptation for long. Soon enough he’s giving up and succumbing to the offer, joining his friend on the bed, their lips meeting and young boners bulging as they strip down and start to play.

With his first taste of Beno’s long and rigid cock the blond boy knows he’s not getting back to work until both their needs have been met, and he’s not complaining about the break in his studious activities.
With both gorgeous boys worshiping their aching tools it’s not long before cute Marcel is offering up his naked little hole, the perfectly smooth pucker being stretched and filled by his friend’s naked teen inches. The boy clearly doesn’t need to study much when it comes to getting fucked, he’s quickly bouncing on that naked boner and getting it from behind with skill before laying back and allowing his pal to take control, his smooth and tight body flexing as he wanks his cock and pulls out a splashing cum load over himself.
As the sight and smell of his friend’s fresh teen cream hits him Beno is soon easing his own naked pole out of the welcoming ass he’s been enjoying, heading north and feeding his blond buddy his drizzling cum shot, splashing his wad right into his friends’ waiting mouth.
If only Marcel needed to impress his teacher with his sexy cock-loving moves, he’d be sure to get an A+ and he wouldn’t need to study for it.