BoyFun – Casper Ivarsson & Alan Caine

There are those of us who are always looking for the silver lining in any situation, the optimists who work hard to find the good in every bad situation. Then there are boys like Casper Ivarsson, guys who just have awesome opportunities falling into their lap, quite literally! The slender lad has locked himself out and has been sitting on the stairs presumably just waiting for things to turn around and work out well when his sexy neighbor Alan Caine arrives to assist. Casper takes it as an invitation when the handsome young man takes him to “wait” in his bedroom, a seemingly obvious offer of some BoyFun which the horny young man quickly accepts, dragging his dark-haired pal to the bed with him and kissing his sexy lips. Within a few moments their shirts are off and Casper is lapping at a nipple, quickly becoming great friends with his neighbor, but soon progressing to the large mound of cock in his pants. With their dicks out and damp with precum Casper shows his appreciation to the good Samaritan, slurping his gorgeous uncut cock into his mouth and working it with his lips and tongue, exploring the young man’s balls and taint with his oral experience.
It’s a pleasure young Alan is soon returning the moment he gets the opportunity to taste some stiff boner for himself, starting out slow and tentative but quickly becoming greedy, his mouth slipping further down the raging wet length of cock bobbing in and out of his face. The straight boy might not be very experienced but it’s clear the taste of cock is something he loves while the two swap their dicks back and forth, but the feel of his naked cock buried deep in Casper’s raw hole is even more enjoyable. The blond boy slides down, his ass greedily accepting the length inside, his pucker easing up and down on that dick to deliver waves of orgasmic pleasure while their moans and grunts escape their lips. Taking his new friend from behind allows Alan to take full control, his cute little butt pumping while his shaft slides in and out, but it’s the spooning while Alan pistons his dick in and out of the boy’s hole and wanks his stiff length that gets Casper’s load gushing from his swollen tip, spilling seed out in an impressive display and encouraging Alan to pull out and splash his own cream over Casper’s taint! When he slides his cummy cock right back in again it’s clear these neighbors will be doing more than just borrowing cups of sugar from now on.